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Return to Origins

Return to Origins

This month, I’m guided to share this reprise of a previous post about re-connecting with our origins:

During a lovely vacation in Hawaii, I asked my Soul what primary resonances and energies I should focus on while I was there. The phrase “original source” immediately came to me. I thought about how the land itself feels particularly connected to its origins because of the lava flows coming directly from the Earth’s core in magnificent, fiery fountains and then hardening into solid landmass that can support life. I also connected with the soft, gentleness of the Divine Feminine energy which is so prevalent there, both in the fluidity of the ocean and in the more easeful and welcoming lifestyle of the traditional culture. And then I asked, “What does original source mean for my spiritual evolution?”

In Standing in the Light®, we teach that we are all in the process of coming back into alignment with Source and fully experiencing our Oneness with All That Is. We have never been separate from Source, but we have believed in the illusion of separation for so long that it feels real to us. My ‘original source” feels like my original spark as an individual consciousness, before all the stories and emotions I created about who I think I am. So, by focusing on that origin energy, I was bringing myself back to that basic remembrance.

In the Fall season, we have many rituals that lend themselves to “taking stock” of where we are and where we’re going. We have the energy of going back to school, reviewing what we know and what we will be learning in the coming year. There is also the energy of the harvest and gathering up what we’ve grown to see what we now have to sustain us into the next year. We process the fruits of the harvest and store the seeds for the next growing cycle. These activities have in common the questions of “Where are we now and what is our next step going forward?”

We can make use of the natural energies of this coming season by taking stock of where we are spiritually and bringing awareness to the spiritual basics. What are my priorities? What is my divine truth? If I strip my self-perception down to its essence, who do I believe myself to be? How can I simplify my life back to the basics? Retreats, cleanses and even special meditation techniques can all be useful tools at the right time, but they are still just ways to take us back to the simple remembrance of who we truly are. Who am I in the stillness and what do I know to be true? It really is just that simple when we take a quiet moment and listen.

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You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful

In a 2017 episode of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday (1), she featured an experiment on self-perception conducted by BuzzFeed. A group of volunteers each stood for a few minutes in front of a two-way mirror sharing their perceptions of themselves while other volunteers secretly hidden behind the mirror were taped sharing how they perceived that person. Then, the participants were shown their particular video with the other volunteers’ comments. Time and again, those features which the participants disliked or doubted about themselves were the ones that others found particularly striking or beautiful.

One volunteer shared that he was self-conscious of his round face, especially his cheeks, yet his nice cheek bones was one of the features that the secret observers said they liked. Another admitted that he didn’t feel particularly manly, yet one observer saw him as definitely masculine and another as a “cool guy”. One volunteer said that she was self-conscious of her dimples, yet one of the observers commented that he really liked her smile, especially her “cute dimples”.

Upon seeing the strangers’ comments about themselves, many of the participants were blown away by the differences between their self-perceptions and the impressions of others. One participant said, “You’re better than who you think you are. And… you’re enough just the way you are. So be kinder to yourself.” This could be a message directly from each person’s Soul.

Marsha Hankins has twice posted a wonderful blog called The Parable of the Cracked Pot about the beauty of a cracked pot that thought it was lesser than others because it was broken. Then the water bearer pointed out that the water it leaked along the path had helped beautiful flowers to grow for others to enjoy. It is the illusion that we are lesser than, wrong or broken. What we perceive as flaws are hidden strengths that are still lost in the illusion. All we need to do is shine our light of awareness to see the truth and beauty of the perfection underneath. What beauty within are you still hiding from yourself and the world?

1 “Geneen Roth.” Super Soul Sunday, created by Oprah Winfrey, OWN, originally aired April 30, 2017.

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Be Like Ted Lasso

Be Like Ted Lasso

Many of you may have seen or heard about the Apple TV® show Ted Lasso that has created such a huge buzz. It’s a creative and well-written show so it’s easy to see why it has won multiple awards, but have you figured out the deeper reason for its widespread popularity?

I’ve only just started watching the series and am greatly enjoying it. The story immediately drew me in. If you don’t know the premise, Ted Lasso is a folksy American football coach from Kansas played by Jason Sudekis who is hired to coach a British soccer team (also called football in England). His sunny nature, casual style and lack of experience with British football makes him an instant laughing-stock among the team and fans. But Lasso has a secret weapon: his heart-centered approach to leadership begins to chip away at their walls to win them over, which in turn starts to help them work better as a team in order to be more successful on and off the field (or “pitch” as they call it).

In the same way that the character Ted Lasso helps others to reach down and bring out their best selves, the entire show holds the energy of breaking down walls with an uplifting theme and humor. As we’ve all experienced, it’s much harder to hold ourselves apart and focus only on ourselves when we are laughing and opening our hearts.
Ted Lasso doesn’t have a complicated plan for success- he quite simply cares and takes the time to get to know each person he meets, most especially the ones who hold him at a distance or even are actively hostile. This warm and direct style disarms people and helps them to help themselves be their best. He doesn’t aggressively push them to change or give authoritative directives for how to change. He simply holds the door open to their own hearts and invites them to step through. The rest is up to them.

We all have a Ted Lasso inside of us waiting to come out and connect with others. We all have a Ted Lasso inside of us who sees the best in everyone and everything. It doesn’t require a complicated life philosophy or set of practices. It only requires heart. And that is definitely something we all have inside of us.

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We Are Proud of You Already

We Are Proud of You Already

Just after Simone Biles announced her withdrawal from the USA women’s gymnastics team competition, NBC journalist Cynthia McFadden broadcast a piece on the pressures and expectations at Olympic competitions. She offered some points to ponder on the recent conversations around everyone’s right and need to nurture their all-around health and well-being. And this is how she closed her story:

These young athletes are all too human. And that makes what they accomplish all the sweeter. Perhaps our message should not be “Win gold!” but “Enjoy this moment. We are proud of you already.”

I immediately thought of the metaphor of each of us as Olympians in this grand game called the Experiment in duality where we have all chosen to play. We put pressure on ourselves to compete and perform and meet all manner of expectations, both internally and from the outside world.

What these brave athletes such as Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles are modeling for all of us is the truth that they are much more than their external accomplishments in a specific area, no matter how phenomenal those may be. They are reminding us that we are all whole beings with many facets and aspects which are equally important for our self-expression and total wellbeing.

What if we each took this opportunity to ask ourselves where we might still be competing for some elusive “gold medal”, some sort of seal of approval that we measure up? What if we started believing that we can be proud of who we are just for showing up?

Maybe it’s time to take a few moments connecting with your Soul and the spiritual hierarchy and ask to feel the unconditional love and acceptance just for being you, a beautiful and whole aspect of Source.

~ quote from Cynthia McFadden, NBC Nightly News broadcast aired on 7/27/21 at 7pm ET

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Sowing Our Creative Seeds

Sowing Our Creative Seeds

The other day, my neighbor and I were standing by some common green space as we talked. She pointed out a mountain rose bush that was valiantly pushing up through another very dense, more established bush. I told her that I’d noticed it and couldn’t figure out where it came from since there were no mountain roses nearby. She said simply, “Birds”, and I was reminded of the power and efficiency of nature in being fruitful and multiplying. It inspired me to ask myself the question: Am I allowing myself to sow my own creative seeds?

When nature sows seeds, it is free of expectations about where those seeds will plant themselves and free of judgments about how those plants will grow. It may not look elegant by some standards, but the mountain rose poking up through the yew bush near my home is bursting with life and some very pretty blooms. If I were choosing, I never would have planted it in that location, but it landed there just the same and still gives me great joy to look at.

We can all be as wildly abundant as nature if we truly detach and allow our creative seeds to land and flourish as they may. When we try to control the outcome, we cut ourselves off from any number of options for how a creation might come into form or flourish. We are not responsible for what others may do once our words, ideas or resources float out into the world. We are responsible for the energy of our intentions in spreading them. When we give freely in loving service, possibilities are limitless, for ourselves and others. But we have to trust in the creative flow of Source.

This is not a principle I’ve mastered, yet, but I’m enjoying continuing to work with it. The more I let go, the more gratitude I feel for the unexpected joys I receive when my creations return results that I didn’t consciously anticipate. I am learning to love the divine mystery of being in the Awe and Wonder of creation.

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