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Divine Self Love: A Path to Unity and Oneness

Divine Self Love: A Path to Unity and Oneness

In our recent July class exploring Divine Self Love, Rebecca Cribelli shared her insight into giving and receiving love when she was feeding her cat, Primrose. She felt her deep connection with Prim and felt great joy in being able to show her love for Prim by caring for her. That simple act of service was both a gift to Prim and a gift to herself. In that moment, Rebecca had the realization that this unconditional love and joy in giving is what Source feels for all of us, as aspects of All That Is. She was tapping into the unlimited love that Source has for Source. If only we could allow ourselves to feel that same great love!

We’ve all heard how important it is for those in long-term caregiver roles to make sure that they are taking care of themselves. It is sometimes hard to give to yourself when you’re helping someone who seems to be in much greater need, but it is equally important, like the advice in the airplane safety guidelines to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist others with theirs. It feels selfish on the surface, especially if you are with someone who may genuinely need special help to get their mask on. And intellectually we understand the logic: if you pass out from lack of oxygen then you really cannot be of any assistance to anyone else and also could end up requiring others to now spend energy assisting you. But still we feel that filling ourselves up first is selfish because we’ve been told so many times that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

But when you start to look at acts of self-love, from the perspective of Unity, you understand that loving yourself is loving all. It is only selfish when the intention is to take control, take over or take from others. That’s not Divine Love in any form: it’s fear. It is fear from a belief in lack and limitation. But self-love from the divine perspective is all-inclusive, not exclusive. In those moments of self-care, you may be focusing on that aspect of Oneness that is you, but if you are holding the awareness and the intention that you are part of the One, then what you do to support yourself becomes something that ultimately benefits everyone. You are keeping the infinity flow open and balanced, being both the giver and receiver. It is not more blessed to give than to receive: it is essential to allow both.

That infinity flow of giving and receiving must always be in balance. In our Eminent Reiki™ circles, we spend time receiving the Reiki energy and then sharing it long-distance with others. In some circles, we choose an ascended master to send energy to and then take a moment to receive from that master. At New Moon ceremonies, we have a time to be in the circle to receive energetic support for our personal manifestations and we also spend time giving to others and to the planet. We do this to honor the principle of keeping that infinite flow in motion with the understanding that whether you’re receiving or giving, it is always a universal act of self-love and love for all.

*This blog contains excerpts from a class taught in July 18, 2020. If you are interested in purchasing the full recording, contact us at our Standing the Light contact page

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Shake It Off

Shake It Off

My former cat companion, Xena, was a true priestess who navigated life with grace, poise and detachment. She was every bit the elegant lady, but even she had moments of being frazzled. What she modeled so well was her ability to regain her composure easily and effortlessly after a moment of imbalance.

I remember one particular morning, as I was getting ready for work, I opened the linen closet to get something and didn’t see her sneak in. In a rush to get to work, I shut the linen closet and left. When, I came home that evening, I soon heard a mournful, bleating meow coming from somewhere in the house. I searched and searched and finally identified the sound as coming through the linen closet door. When I opened it, she came frantically rushing out of the very disheveled closet where everything on the lowest shelf and floor was over-turned and jumbled together. I looked at the chaos and immediately realized what had happened. I felt terribly guilty that she had been stuck in there all day. How could I not have seen her go in? What kind of cat mom was I?

Xena, in her mastery, trotted into my bedroom, gave one last exasperated meow, then literally shook it off and went about her usual business. I could feel her energy shift, even though mine hadn’t because I’d yet to forgive myself. I checked in with guidance about whether there was anything I could do for her and heard that she had been annoyed at the experience but was already over and done with it. She had completely let go of the entire event. I heard from my Soul to do the same.

I share this bit of feline wisdom for all of us during these sometimes stressful and uncertain times. Animals are often great models of being so in the moment that once a stressful situation has passed, they are able to re-focus their attention immediately to whatever is happening in that next moment. Since most stress comes from our negative beliefs about the past or fear of the future, the greatest peace comes from allowing ourselves to fully relax into the Divine Now. I know that it’s sometimes easier said than done, but what a great opportunity to work with our own version of shaking it off as we bring ourselves back to this present moment.

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Keep Pedaling

Keep Pedaling

Recently, while walking on an open space trail, a young family on bicycles turned onto the trail just ahead of me. They immediately turned up a short, steep hill. The parents and the older child made it fine. The younger child, trailing behind, didn’t have enough muscle power to make it easily up the hill. She was a little mite, probably about 4 years old, wearing brightly colored, striped tights on short legs. Her little legs kept pumping furiously as she gradually slowed down. Finally, she began to chant encouragement to herself in a small, sing-song voice, “Keep pedaling, keep moving, keep pedaling, keep going, keep pedaling…” and she made it over the hill to join her waiting family.

Sometimes, the simplest reminders can be quite powerful. Keep pedaling. Keep moving. Just keep going and you’ll continue to move forward. Each pump of the pedal, each small step takes us further down the trail and closer to our destination. It doesn’t have to be done with great fanfare or all at once. Slow and steady still wins the race.

So, when you find yourself feeling a little weary or weighed down, remember that little girl, who found a way to just keep going, one pump at a time. We are all that little girl sometimes, not quite sure if we’ll make it over the hill, not quite sure of our own power. But we’ll never make it if we get off the bicycle and sit down. There is a magical alchemy that happens when we hold a clear and conscious intention and simply keep moving forward. We may just ourselves accomplishing seemingly difficult or even impossible things.

There are a lot of challenges coming up for many in these changing times. But we’ll all get where we’re going. Keep pedaling, everyone, and enjoy the ride!

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Eye of the Needle

Eye of the Needle

“I assure you: it will be very hard for rich people to enter the Kingdom of heaven. I repeat: it is much harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”
~ Mathew 19:23-24

Jesus, the Buddha and other masters have spoken of the evils of too many riches. They were not speaking of wealth itself (abundance is our birthright) but of our unwillingness to let go of worldly things which cause our pain and suffering. Attachments to money or possessions or status or power are all versions of that metaphorical camel that hold us back from passing through the doorway to the truth of who we are.

Our world is rapidly changing and shifting into a new paradigm that we cannot clearly see just yet. It is happening whether we think we want it to or not. While we cannot see exactly what shape it will take, we can certainly open ourselves up to feel it, to know it from within. Now is a time to shift your focus from the trappings of the illusion, the false truths of the material world, and embrace what is true from the perspective of your divine self. This can be a joyful experience when we freely release what is already crumbling away from us.

When we listen to what we know to be true, rather than what we think we see, then paradoxically we slide easily through the eye of that needle, no matter how small it appears. When we let go of our attachments, which seem so large and solid, we are actually letting go of the illusion. The moment we are willing to set aside the baggage of false beliefs we have been dragging along with us is the moment when our experiences become the rich abundance of heaven on earth. We must let go of it all in order to gain it all.

Take the time to meditate on this: Which aspect of the illusion are you holding onto most tightly right now? What is blocking you from gliding effortlessly through the doorway to spiritual freedom?

Loaves and Fishes: A Modern Parable

Loaves and Fishes: A Modern Parable

Many are familiar with the miracle of the loaves and fishes that Master Jesus performed when a large group gathered to hear him speak.  There were five loaves of bread and 2 fish but thousands to feed.  The disciples were concerned, but Jesus invited them to trust and believe so that every time they handed out more, there was more available to distribute until everyone was fed.  This is such an old story that it may seem like something close to myth that is hard to hold onto.  How do we, as creators in our mastery, create such miracles in our everyday lives?

We are living in a challenging time right now, with fears of safety high and basic supplies low.  I was at the grocery store when the concern over coronavirus was just hitting, and the shelves of toilet paper were already low in stock.  I order my toilet paper in bulk, and it was a bit sooner than I would normally replenish.  I wanted to buy more to stock up because I could see that it was flying off the shelves.  My perception at the time was that I would go through my remaining stash very quickly.  Surely, I didn’t have enough!  I reasoned with myself that I would probably be ordering more in the next couple of weeks anyway, so why not plan ahead and buy more now?  But I heard from my Soul not to buy what I didn’t need and to trust. If I bought more now, I would be coming from fear.  So, I left without extra toilet paper.  I was really putting myself to the test!

As my supplies got lower, I began to wonder what I would do if I ran out.  It seemed I didn’t have enough after all, and the grocery shelves remained completely empty of this item.  Yet, what I discovered is that when I was mindful and remained in trust, a single roll lasted me far longer than I had ever imagined.  Suddenly, what had seemed to be dwindling supplies was actually an abundance of this essential commodity!

I continued checking in about what supplies to buy at the grocery store and did not stock up any more than I was guided each trip.  Food and other household supplies continued to last me quite well so that I never felt like I had to buy anything in great bulk or in a rush of panic.  In other words, my shopping cart looked much like it normally did every week.  When I truly needed something, it would be available.

I share this story with humor because of the importance that’s been placed on something so mundane as toilet paper.  It has become a symbol of the normalcy and security many are craving.  But I also share this story in genuine seriousness and humility.  It doesn’t matter whether this was literally a manifestation of extra toilet paper rolls in my bathroom cabinet or whether it was simply a shift in my perception that allowed me to experience such calm because the key is always the experience we’re creating, not the actual situation or event itself.  I was thankfully able to maintain my trust, and so I was able to create the experience of deep peace and healing during a time of great uncertainty.

We are faced with this choice in every moment of our lives: “What am I creating right now?  What is my state of being right now?”  We don’t need to wait for a crisis or a challenging time to touch in with ourselves.  Small moments create big ones.  If I focus on remaining in absolute trust and abundance every time I use up more of my precious toilet paper, not knowing when I will be able to replenish, then I am that much closer to remaining in absolute trust in all of the other, seemingly bigger moments.  We each have the capacity within us to create our own personal miracle of the loaves and fishes (or toilet paper!)  Let this be your experience in each and every moment.


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