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Being the Spiritual Warrior

Being the Spiritual Warrior

Have you noticed how much things have been changing in our outer world, shifting quickly and often unexpectedly? We can see it in our elections; one candidate is ahead in this poll and the next week something is said or revealed and the other candidate is ahead in another poll. There are unexpected twists and turns all around us in financial markets, global politics, etc. How do we, as spiritual beings, navigate all of this transition?

Many spiritual teachers have used the example of the ocean to describe our consciousness. At the surface, there can potentially be a lot of turmoil with waves crashing and water spray flinging out in every direction. But the deeper you go, the calmer the water until resting at the ocean floor it is quiet and still. We are learning, each in our own way, to hold that consciousness of the calm ocean floor even as the waves do their powerful dance in the outer, visible world.

As events around the world seem to heat up and become more contentious, keep your eye on the prize of what you know to be true within. Make a commitment to yourself to continue to see the ocean calm even as you are looking out at a stormy sea. Some days, you may need to remind yourself of this truth every few moments. Some days, it will be easy and smooth sailing. But it will take your focus and determination until the experience is as natural as breathing.

Many New Age books talk about spiritual warriors. The word “warrior” has many third dimensional connotations, but a warrior in the spiritual sense is simply someone who is fully in touch with his inner power. The warrior has the perseverance to hold the vision of Divine Truth regardless of the chaos playing out in the physical world. She will follow through and act on that Divine Truth no matter what.

The spiritual warrior is an inner warrior. There are no flashy action sequences of battle. The training regimen of the spiritual warrior is the quiet, consistent practice of holding the consciousness of our divine reality even as the illusion that we see appears to tell us differently. It is time to answer the call, to come together in our hearts and be the spiritual warriors we came to be.

The Ultimate Truth

The Ultimate Truth

“I’m sure that’s what I saw!” “I remember exactly what happened.” “I’m 100% positive that’s what it looked like.”

Have those words, or something like them, ever passed your lips? The brain is an amazing organ capable of storing awe-inspiring amounts of raw data. But the mind, the part of ourselves which shapes and puts together that data into our understanding of the world, is just as amazing and is influenced by many factors including our past experiences, our emotions, our beliefs and our expectations. Memories that we are sure are crystal clear facts in our minds are often shaped and molded by our changing perceptions. So, how do we know what is true?

On a recent visit with family, we were all working on an image puzzle made of two very complex photos which were almost identical, but not quite. The object was to identify the tiny differences between the two. After we each wrote down our findings, we compared notes and I discovered I had missed one of the more obvious changes that were made. Looking at it, I was unbelieving that I had missed it. I clearly remembered thinking that it was an easy place to make a change so I had carefully scanned all the objects in that area. But there was indeed one item missing in that section of one photo. How could I have missed it when I had already suspected something and was on the lookout?

There is a basic human truth that we don’t see what we’re not ready to see. It’s not a matter of intelligence or eyesight, but simply of perception. It’s said that you can interview 10 eyewitnesses to an event and receive 10 different versions. It’s not that everyone literally saw different actions played out, but that each interpreted those actions differently. And even when we are looking directly at something, we sometimes don’t see it or see it differently because the mind is expecting or desiring something else and subtly fills in the blanks. The mind helps us reinforce our own version of reality.

So, how do we know what is true? From our own God-selves, our Souls. Divine Truth is a much higher frequency than anything we can perceive through our physical senses. Divine Truth is not about third-dimensional facts, but about the inner wisdom in our hearts. Divine Truth is always about the highest good of all, rather than just what we personally want to be true.

As our world changes more rapidly every day, it can feel over-whelming and challenging to pick out the truth from all of the information streamed to us. When we go to our own Souls for Divine Truth, we can trust that it is not based on our limited human perceptions but from the greater perspective of the God/Goddess. Divine Truth is universal truth.

The Privileges of Membership

The Privileges of Membership

In the building where I work, there are many individual small businesses renting office space along with a social club. Recently, for various reasons, the building tenants were offered free membership to the club. My first reaction was that I couldn’t possibly take full advantage of the membership because I wouldn’t be a “real” member. The moment I had that thought, my Soul came in loud and clear to remind me that it didn’t matter how I had become a member but that I had the opportunity to enjoy the perks of this gift or not and it would be entirely my own choice if I rejected it. In other words, “It doesn’t matter how you got here, you’re invited!”

I know how this works: when your Soul has something to say, it is wise to listen. I sat down for some further meditation on this lesson, and I saw that this membership was a metaphor. What had seemed like an elite club actually had open doors. This club that I was cutting myself off from is the Divine club; my connection with the Christ, the Spiritual Hierarchy and with my Soul. I had been allowing myself to peak through the windows, but not to be welcomed in full membership. In this divine club, everyone is already a member because we are all Divine, but we must know it for ourselves. No one else is barring the door except us. So, come on in and pick up your goody bag. We have Love, Joy, Abundance, Companionship, Peace, Creativity, Community and so much more opportunity for spiritual riches than your wildest dreams. This is your birthright.

In the end, our journey in this grand illusion is just a story we told ourselves for a very long time. It doesn’t matter how we get to the end of our story. We’re all very creative, and we each chose different twists and turns in our plotlines. But eventually we all get to that same point in the story that says “The End.” And eventually we are all coming Home to the God/Goddess once we’re done telling our story. Everyone is welcomed here. There is no secret password, no special handshake and no membership card. We have always been members at Club Divine, and it’s time to enjoy the privileges.

Freedom to Love

Freedom to Love

As we celebrate our many wonderful freedoms on this July holiday, there is one basic freedom that many of us are still denying ourselves and others. Are you allowing yourself the very special and ultimate freedom to love?

As Lightworkers, we know that we are all Love and that in the eyes of the God/Goddess there is no one, no thing, no event which is more or lesser in deserving to know that divine Love. This is easier to state in generalities, but may sometimes challenge us in the specifics. We may say we are all Love, but when that politician speaks hatred or bigotry, does it feel uncomfortable to declare out loud an unconditional love for that person? We say we are all Love, but is there a hesitation to suggest that we pour love toward that world leader even as he attacks his own people? We want to Be the Love, to truly feel that Divine Love within us, yet we may still carry judgments about when it is okay to love and how others might react. Those judgments can cause us to act with anger and conflict instead of the love we are.

There are some very enlightening and inspired debates that have been going on in our nation about the right to love- who it is okay to love and how it is acceptable to express that love, both for others and love for ourselves. These are important questions and each conversation helps to lift the layers of shame and guilt that we have built around the very simple and natural act of loving. We are in the process of remembering how to be Love.

So, in this season of celebrating freedom, ask yourself if you are truly allowing your own freedom to love. To express the love that we are without conditions or limitations of any kind is our birthright, our very nature, but only we can choose to fully allow that freedom for ourselves.

The Non-Judgment of Is

The Non-Judgment of Is

I remember an old 1970’s sci-fi film set in Earth’s post- apocalyptic future when humans had tried to resolve what they judged as the aging “problem” by simply eliminating the older people. At some point after their 20’s, people were sent off with a big, happy graduation party to walk through a big set of doors to some great unknown magical place and never seen again. None of the young people knew what old age looked like or even that it was a normal part of the human experience. It was beyond their understanding, but so was the wisdom of experience that comes with it.

As a meta-physician, I know that the physical body has infinite regenerative capacity. I know that the body is not the truth of who we are and that physical death is not the end of our experience. Yet, it is still difficult to watch a loved one struggle with an aging body because we still identify so strongly with our physical selves as the reality of who we are.

My cat, who has been my dear companion for many years, will soon turn 18 and has experienced noticeable physical changes these last few years. While she can still get around the house, there are days that her legs are stiff enough that going up the stairs is a slow process and she sometimes will opt out of getting up on her favorite perch on my bed, despite the special steps I’ve placed there. Yet, she seems un-phased by these changes, does not cry or show any signs of distress.

As her caretaker, I want to “fix” her when I see her struggle. Intellectually, I know that it does not serve her purpose to stay in this body forever, but I still experience the desire to “heal” her oncoming death from happening. I realize that this comes from my judgment that physical aging and death is to be avoided, and that it should be preventable if we just work at it hard enough.

Yet, when I check in with my Soul for guidance, I hear repeatedly that she is fine with what is happening and that she needs nothing from me but love. She is my greatest teacher in this, as she has been in so many things. She has no attachments to this lifetime and no beliefs about the rightness or wrongness of death. It is simply a metaphor for the transitions that we all go through in our spiritual journey, from one phase of our learning to the next. When it is time for her to make that transition, she will. No drama. No regrets. No judgment.

I am learning, as I watch her move uncomplainingly through this phase of her life, to let go of my own ideas of how things should be. If she does not perceive this as suffering, then why should I? Her aging body is the perfect vehicle for what she is both learning and teaching right now. It is exactly as it should be and does not need any fixing from me. If the time comes that I am guided to assist her in her transition, I will strive to do so from a place of pure Love. No drama. No regrets. No judgment.

I honor her wisdom in this simple truth: total and unconditional non-judgment of any of her experiences. I hope to follow her example in living my life with that fluid, cat-like grace of total acceptance. The total non-judgment of what Is.

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