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Divine Child: Your True Self

Divine Child: Your True Self

We’ve all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There is great truth in this statement, though it is not so much the comedy itself that is healing but the divine state of joy and relaxation that we become when we truly laugh. We are closer to our divine state of innocence and are more open to high frequency energy. Laughter is a gateway to the pure joy and wonder of our inner child.

I once took a wonderful series of classes in Expressive Arts Therapy. The key to this work is that the freedom to express through artistic mediums allows us to let our guard down and be open to the deeper insights within us. I remember that one of my most profound “aha” moments came during an exercise with something called sand tray therapy. This technique is used by some counselors with children, though it also works with adults, and involves filling a tray with sand and then allowing the clients to select whatever toys they are intuitively drawn to and start playing with them in the sand tray.

Despite already being on the spiritual path, I was skeptical that something so “silly” would actually bring any real understanding. But I went forward with the activity and sure enough, right in the middle of moving the figures around in the sand and narrating their story, I had a very significant revelation about something I wanted to release that had been a repeating pattern in my life for a long time. I was surprised that something so deep came out of such a seemingly random moment of play.

Spiritual warriors are also children of the God/Goddess. Commitment to our spiritual path is an important ingredient for ascension, but so is the joy and ease and love of our inner child. In that childlike state, we allow ourselves to step into non-judgment and become fully present in the Now. As it says in Mathew 18:3:

Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Just as we make time for quiet meditation in the silence, we should also consider balancing that with unstructured time for play and laughter. Both of these are ways for us let go and open ourselves to divine inspiration from within. Let the pure pleasure of play be part of your spiritual path.

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