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God’s Truth Is Always Simple

Find Your Bliss, Find Your Being-ness

Where do you find your Bliss? Where do you find your Being-ness? Many of us find ourselves in a blissful state when we meditate. Standing in the Light® Classes, as well as many others, teach techniques that can help you get into a meditative and blissful state. We...

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Your Spiritual Evolution: No Matter What

Are you making your spiritual evolution your top priority? Many of us may think we are. We think to ourselves: Of course we want the peace and joy of coming into total Oneness with All! But have we asked ourselves if we are willing to give up everything that holds us...

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Getting Unstuck, Again!

The is an excerpt from my e-book Getting Unstuck, Inspiration to Move Forward, Again. I heard this might be a good time to review this material! Enjoy. Namaste. Lori Why I am stuck: the densest, unknown, or hidden issues. As I mentioned, the...

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The Joy of Simplicity

My sister, Vickie, is a chef. Her motto is why use five ingredients if four will do. Her theory is to use fresh, local, high quality ingredients to make delicious food and not get wrapped up in making something complicated as if complicated is the goal of haut...

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Heaven on Earth

What are we waiting for? Why do we not allow ourselves the full experience of peace, love and joy right here on Earth? In some traditions, heaven is something far away that we must work hard to attain and is only possible for us after much struggle. Even when we...

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Knowing Myself as Source

We are all divine beings, creators of our experiences and One with Source. We know this from the teachings of many masters who have come before us. We have heard it many times in different words, but it can feel quite daunting to our minds and quite far away from our...

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The Joy of Being a Full Living Master

Don’t let the title fool you, I am working toward being a Full Living Master (FLM), but there is still a ways to go on this particular journey for me! In my quest, however, I realized that I had a certain image in my mind as to what a FLM would look like. I didn’t...

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Not Lost but Found

Have you been feeling a little lost, lately? Many people have been feeling the uncertainty and pressures of personal life changes and the reflection of discord in our nation as our political and social pendulum swings back and forth in search of balance. When we are...

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Communication with Our Inner Self

George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Can I get an Amen to that? I think we all can come up with examples even when we are specifically trying to communicate with someone where we aren’t even...

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Heal Thy Masculine

Last month, I was guided to write a post about honoring the Divine Feminine and to look within to find where we are still not fully respecting what she has to offer. But the ultimate balanced feminine energies are not just balanced within themselves but also in...

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Does this help me heal?

What a great question to ask ourselves throughout the day! Does this help me heal? In the Standing in the Light® Program when we ask for guidance from our higher self / soul, The Christ teaches us to ask questions in the form of “is this the highest plan.” Is it in...

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Honor Thy Feminine

With the return of the Goddess energy and with more people turning to the more feminine arts such as yoga, meditation and recognizing intuition, we are experiencing the re-balancing of our planet which has been predominantly in masculine energy for a long time. More...

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