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God’s Truth Is Always Simple

This Year’s Harvest: The Perseverance of Planting Seeds

All around the world this year, we have seen crazy weather patterns. From the last of Boston’s 110.6 inches of snow finally melting from their “snow farm” on July 14 to record breaking heat in Berlin, Germany of 102 degrees Fahrenheit this August, the conditions are...

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Happiness Just Is

So, there really is no magic bullet or trick to any of it. There is no “one thing” that will bring us happiness. If we relax and accept all of it, we find that happiness just is.

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Just Take One Action Step Today!

Is there one action step today that you can take that will help you clear through blocks or resistance to moving forward in your life? There was for me today. I am so excited to tell you that I took the step and feel much freer. Taking that step was liberating!  So...

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Celebrating the Freedom of Oneness

As we celebrate our nation’s independence this month, I have been reflecting on the spiritual meaning of the word “freedom.”   The concept of freedom is often filled with images focused on what we get out of it- personal freedom, financial freedom, religious freedom...

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Foundation Classes in Buena Vista, Fall 2015

Ending duality means coming back into the experience of Oneness. Oneness is a state of being, an experience, not words on a sheet of paper. However, understanding why we entered into the Experiment, how it operates and what we have learned is helpful to the lower-self in understanding what we need to do to come back into a state of Oneness.

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Finding the Beauty Within

Ever notice how a smile instantly lights up someone’s face?   Details of physical appearance fade away and you just see the light within shining through.  Definitions of physical attractiveness may vary between cultures, but smiles are universally beautiful.  That’s...

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Last Broadcast: Good Night and Good Luck

On this lovely Sunday morning, the last day of May, I watched CBS Face the Nation for the last time as hosted by Bob Schieffer. Known as a reporter that most people seem to trust for news and his seemingly non-judgmental attitude, Schieffer is just one of some highly...

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Divine Success

Most of us have a lot of ideas about what makes us successful.  Some are more concrete markers, and others are more intangible.  Whether we’re conscious of all of them or not, those thoughts guide our direction and choices in life so that we can meet those goalposts....

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Ten Suggestions – Use Freely and Enjoy

I was using some great hand lotion the other day – Everyone Lotion – and I just happened to notice the directions. It said, “Use Freely and Enjoy”. How do you think our current world vision would look if one of the Ten Commandments was – Use Freely and Enjoy? What a...

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Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

Got projects?  These days, it seems like most of us are juggling several balls in the air in various areas of our lives almost constantly.  The reality is that with nearly instant communication available 24/7, the pace of modern life is just fast.  So how do we, as...

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