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The Will to Love

The Will to Love

Why are we here? How do I know my purpose? What is the meaning of life? What does the God/Goddess want for me? These are questions many of us have asked, often repeatedly, throughout our lives. Even within the spiritual community, the answers will vary widely. The answer from the same person will even change over time.

Collectively, we did create this physical experience for a reason and we are each learning things all the time. But at the end of it, if you boil it down to this one moment, the answer is to love. To love and be loved.
That’s it. Nothing more complicated or dramatic.

We may check in with our Souls, our inner wise selves, for guidance and understanding to help us make choices in our lives, but when we ask to know the Divine Plan, the basic answer in its simplest form is this: Divine Will is to Be Love. We may choose to express it very differently from person to person and life cycle to life cycle and sometimes we might judge that it doesn’t look like love at all, but in the end that’s what it’s all about. There is nothing else to really know.

So, when you find yourself getting caught up in “What should I do?” and “Am I doing the right thing?” then take a deep breath and sit down and just focus on pure Love. Let the rest fall away. The details don’t matter. The end result doesn’t matter. When you look deeply enough, you will find that you always know how to follow your own natural divine will to Love.

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