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We Are All Puzzle Pieces

We Are All Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever fell into the habit of thinking you were responsible for other people’s evolution? Maybe you have made vows to help all others on earth or maybe even tied your own evolution to whether other people evolve?

For those of us who are lightworkers, spiritual teachers or facilitators, or even those who are parents, we sometimes struggle to discern when our service of guiding others to evolve either spiritually or into full fledge adulthood stops and our service of simply supporting or encouraging others to fly on their own begins.  

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend about this topic and trying to integrate the wisdom of Divine Responsibility: knowing when it is time to help others or when it is time to step back with discernment not judgment for either the teacher or the student / the parent or the child. We were discussing that sometimes since the teacher or the parent seems more aware or more experienced that this might be confused for more responsible. We heard that this is not the case when looking at the topic from the perspective of Divine Principles and Truth.

The analogy that came to me to help explain this situation is that of a puzzle. In a puzzle, no matter how big the puzzle or how little, how complicated or simple, the scale of each puzzle piece is the same. The puzzle pieces might have slightly different shapes and definitely have different colors, but they are all the same size.

That is how we can look at our responsibility for ourselves and others. We are all responsible for ourselves and our evolution / our willingness to change. And all other beings are responsible for their own evolution and willingness to change because we all have the same proportion of “responsibility” in our puzzle piece / in our DNA.

If one of the puzzle pieces thinks it is less responsible because it still holds a victim mentality, that puzzle piece won’t fit where it is supposed to fit. If another puzzle piece thinks it is responsible for another’s position on the puzzle, then it is overshadowing or enabling another puzzle piece to not be in its full place in the puzzle.

If you find yourself holding more responsibility than is in the highest plan, look inward to discover why. Vows, guilt, promises? Then ask to clear those beliefs. If you are not owning enough responsibility, look inward to discover why. Fear, overwhelm, abandonment issues? Then ask to clear those beliefs.

Allow yourself and others to fill each equivalent space in the puzzle, the puzzle of Oneness.


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