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Absolution: Be as compassionate to yourself as the IRS

Absolution: Be as compassionate to yourself as the IRS

Please note: I have visited this topic before but not for 12 years. Because it is tax season, I think it is time to review and update it!

If you are like most Americans, Monday, April 15, 2024 is your Federal Individual Tax Return deadline for Tax Year 2023. For the majority of individuals in America, Tax Day looms large over our heads like the sword of Damocles, bringing abject fear to some or just mild frustration to others. Regardless which camp you are in, you are usually glad to see your taxes filed. Done and Dusted.

But, today, I don’t want to talk about how we should feel about Tax Day 2024 with respect to our 2023 Tax filing, but instead how we should feel about our 2020 Tax filing. And the word that comes to mind is ABSOLUTION.

For the vast majority of us who filed our 2020 Federal Income Tax Return by April 15, 2021, this April will be the end of the statute of limitations for the items in that return. How exciting is that?! Let’s not get so far down the rabbit hole that we discuss the oddities like carry-overs, and fraud, etc. (We will discuss fraud later in the blog entry.) For now, we will stick to the most relevant stuff. The end of the statute of limitations means if we goofed, we don’t have to worry about the IRS coming back to refigure our taxes for 2020 and prior. Collective sigh of relief!

If the Federal Government, the IRS no less, is willing to only look back three years into our financial business, why do we carry around so much of our personal failings, personal grudges and negative-group-think many years, many life times into the future? We should allow ourselves a little grace and a lot of ABSOLUTION on our perceived failings. No need to hold unto these negative energies even the normal three years statute of limitations for taxes, let alone thirty years or lifetimes of grudges.

A caveat for the three-year statute of limitations for taxes is that you must actually file your tax return. If you never filed the return, the three-year time limit doesn’t start, so it never ends.

This really is no different for our personal issues. If we don’t look at the issue and start the process to forgive ourselves, to change our energy or our focus, then the festering never has a chance to heal. Even if your initial attempt to heal / change / forgive yourself isn’t perfect, think of it as your “first offer”. You can always update or “amend” it as new information comes in.

Now let’s tackle the fraud situation. When I told my husband I was going to brush off this blog entry, he said, “but sometimes there is fraud”. From a metaphysical standpoint, he is asking if we can have absolution if what we did was really bad. From the perspective of the spiritual hierarchy, there is no delineation in “how bad” we messed up, how violent we might have been and for which lifetime the egregious action took place. From the perspective of the spiritual hierarchy – all of the things we judge as bad – are just experiences. These experiences may not be in the highest plan, but they are not a reason to be punished, abandoned or kicked out of Source. There is nothing but Source. We are all Source. We have always been Source. There isn’t anything else we could be. There is no need for a “fraud” exception to keep the statute of limitations from expiring because Source does not require any restitution for any action. It is our lower-self egos that are not ready to absolve ourselves of any past or current transgressions. But we can change that. We can heal the belief in our unworthiness or the belief in our darkness which keeps us punishing ourselves.

Let us set our intention to be as forgiving of ourselves as the IRS is. And let’s take it a step further. Don’t even wait three years to raise your frequency to the energy of absolution. Don’t worry if some action was the equivalent of fraud. Take this opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Be willing to forgive and absolve yourself, others and all situations.

Be willing to grant yourself Divine Grace, Forgiveness and Absolution.

Gratitude to John Hain with for the above image.

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