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Alignment: Stepping Stone To Knowing Our Worthiness

Alignment: Stepping Stone To Knowing Our Worthiness

Many of us are doubting our self-worth. Try as we may, we can’t seem to unlock the experience of unconditional worthiness that would be the first step to manifesting self-love, true peace and sense of our authentic self. In addition, since self-love is necessary to manifest in the 3D world (along with the energies of trust, surrender, detachment and gratitude), a lack of self-worth may keep us from manifesting the new job opportunity, the friends or partner that we would like or the abundance of worldly experiences to help us feel joy and contentment.

Sometimes when we focus so much on our perceived lack of worthiness, we create a downward spiral where we beat ourselves up about not feeling worthy and we start to convince ourselves that the unworthiness is justified. It is not. But, as much as I can say to you and myself that the self-worth is unconditional and comes from the wisdom within, many of us aren’t willing to believe it.

The recommendation for today is to spend your meditation time and self care time allowing yourself to come into alignment with your higher self / soul, with the multidimensional self that you are. Allow yourself to commune with and align with yourself from the physical, emotional and mental aspects of who you feel yourself to be in this experience with the aspects you believe to be more spiritual. You really are you, the totality of you, from the physical level to the metaphysical levels of your being, but it just may not feel that way most of the time.

Start to allow yourself to be in the energy of the divine aspects of yourself regardless if this is you in physical body, you in the emotional body, you in the mental body or you in the spiritual bodies. Feel the divinity at every level. Align yourself at every level. When you know yourself as aligned, you will not judge yourself at any particular consensuses level. Your self-worth will start to take hold more and more. Your self-worth and self-confidence will build. Then, according to the Law of Attraction, the things, feelings and experiences you are trying to manifest will start to build as well.

The following is just one idea for helping to allow in the energy of alignment in order to allow in the energy of self-worth.

I first read about the exercise of the Microcosmic Orbit from the Essential Reiki Handbook by Diane Stein. We teach the Microcosmic Orbit in the Eminent Reiki™ classes. Here is a modified version that can be practiced using any resonance or energy.

Microcosmic Orbit – Torso

The Microcosmic Orbit exercise is used to allow or guide energy throughout the entire physical body. In allowing the physical chi / ki to flow, it helps the energy of the other bodies (emotional, mental and spiritual) bodies to flow.

  1. Start the Microcosmic Orbit by feeling or visualizing the energy of alignment to build at the navel.
  2. Then, with your intention, guide the energy down and backward to the base of the spine / root chakra.
  3. At the base of the spine/ root chakra, allow / guide the alignment energy to flow up the spine. As guided, allow the energy to stop and build, healing blocks.
  4. When the alignment energy reaches the back side of the heart chakra, between the shoulder blades, allow the energy to split into two. Guide the alignment energy down the inside of the arms, to the middle of the palms, to the middle finger and up over the hands to the outside of the arms. Allow the alignment energy to build anywhere along the way that feels appropriate.
  5. At the shoulders, allow the energy to flow back into one stream of energy and flow up over the head and down the crown, over the face.
  6. Allow the alignment energy to flow down the front of the body until it reached the naval center again.
  7. Allow this circulation of energy throughout the body as many times as you are guided. You may feel it building and flowing more quickly as blocks are released.
  8. After you guide alignment energy around the microcosmic orbit, you may want to guide self-worth energy and self-love energy around the microcosmic orbit. As guided, chose any other energy to guide around the microcosmic orbit, too.
  9. You may want to allow the energy to integrate when you are done. No special technique is required to feel grounded afterward. Simply allow for full grounding into your body, as necessary.

Try this exercise for three or four days in a row and see if you start to feel more aligned and feel more self-worth. If you like, repeat the practice more than one time a day. Modify as necessary and allow yourself to know and feel fully aligned and fully worthy of your true self.

Gratitude to John Hain and


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