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Am I Open to Receive?

Am I Open to Receive?

Like many this time of year, I’ve been crafting my vision for the new year and setting intentions for what I’m guided to create for my spiritual evolution and service. I was starting to feel pretty jazzed about the opportunities for expansion and then I heard to ask myself this key question: Am I truly open to receive these creations?

Even when we’re consciously willing to work toward manifesting our vision, we can still block it if we’re not open to receive. It is not more blessed to give than receive. We must be open to both give and receive to be in perfect divine balance. A block on either side of that infinity flow will block the creation or cause us to create from a denser frequency.

Since we create from all aspects of our being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), we must be willing to allow those higher frequency states of being in all of our bodies in order to manifest our vision. If you discover you’re not fully open to receive, then be sure to ask follow-up questions to identify what blocks need to be cleared and healed. The block might be in a specific body where there is unwillingness to allow higher frequencies. There might be resistance to a specific resonance that is part of your vision. Your feminine and masculine energies may be out of balance. Or you might be blocking your creations in another way such as false beliefs of unworthiness or fear of being in the power of your creatorship.

If your lower self is still fearful of receiving unconditionally, ask yourself if you would deny these same gifts to someone close to you. Would you tell your loved one they don’t deserve something wonderful in their life? Would you block them from receiving a loving gift? Where are you still holding resistance to allowing yourself that same joy? Marsha Hankins’ December blog post Find Pure Joy in Who You Are may offer some helpful suggestions to guide you in this process.

Our creations are meant to be joyous experiences. Your divine self is the giver and the receiver, so enjoy the beauty of both roles. Connect with your most loving aspect as you gift yourself with the manifestations in your vision. Connect with the energy of your inner child excitedly awaiting and allowing those wonderful gifts.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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