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Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Are you wondering how to move through the issues you are facing or do you feel stuck, currently? Many of us are feeling this way. Finding the specific block and being willing to release that energy is how we clear it. But, what do we do if we can’t tap into the specific issue? I don’t necessarily need a new technique, I need to go back to the basics. I need to tap into the higher frequency energies to transmute the lower frequencies I am experiencing. If I am not able to identify a specific resonance to help with the situation, I rely on the three resonances of Love, Wisdom and Power. Allowing in and holding these resonances are what I refer to when I say I go back to the basics.

In Standing in the Light®, we are guided that Love, Wisdom and Power are the sacred trinity of energy. We teach that the three energies of Love, Wisdom, and Power can be represented as an equilateral triangle that is the sacred building block of spiritual evolution and the foundation for all the higher frequency resonances. If you like to visualize the equilateral triangle, you can place Love at the top corner, Wisdom at the right corner, and Power at the left corner. This will help to remind us that all these energies need to be in balance because each of them is defined in relation to the others. These are the definitions we use for Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

Divine Love is the right use of will through Divine Wisdom and Divine Power for the Highest Good of All.

Divine Wisdom is the right use of will through Divine Love and Divine Power for the Highest Good of All.

Divine Power is the right use of will through Divine Love and Divine Wisdom for the Highest Good of All.

We go on to state that “5th Dimensional Love, Divine Love without conditions or judgments, can only be expressed with the Divine Wisdom to know what is best (what is in the highest good of all). One cannot use Divine Power, the expression of Divine Love, without the knowledge of both Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. Once one knows Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, one can understand the use of Divine Power and that Divine Power is always part of the expression of Divine Love and Wisdom.”

It is important for us to work with the energies of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power as a solid foundation to mastering the illusion and living in the peace and grace of knowing ourselves as Source.

If you are already working with Love, Wisdom and Power, you might want to add three more complementary energies. Our friend and teacher, Marsha Hankins, using the Star of David as the representation, channeled through the additional energies of Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding to complement Love, Wisdom and Power. You can see a visual representation with this image of the resonances associated with the points of the six-sided star. (Thank you to Dara Lawyer for created this visual aid for us!)

It is not a coincidence that the energy directly across from Love is Forgiveness, or that Compassion is across from Power, or, finally, that Understanding is across from Wisdom. As Marsha reminds us, we must be unconditional forgiveness before we can be unconditional love. We must have understanding before we can act with wisdom. We must have compassion to use our 5th-dimensional power instead of our 3rd-dimensional power. Working with these energies will help us move forward in our spiritual evolution and help us move through any challenges we perceive.

Suggestions for Usage:

The first suggestion for using this Star of David with the six associated resonances / energies listed on it is to ask your soul which of these energies you may want to focus on as needing more attention, more clearing or more awareness in order to allow all six of the energies to become more activated and more evolved. Because Love, Wisdom and Power need to be in balance in an equilateral triangle, ask if your understanding or willingness to hold one of these energies is holding you back from being as evolved as you could be. Then, ask to clear that block, and see if that allows all the energies to become stronger.

Second, look at the energies across from each other and ask your soul if there is some information or “Ah Ha’s” that might come from that relationship. For instance, will you be able to hold more power when you seek to hold more compassion.

Third, try using the Star of David as a symbol imbued with Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Divine Wisdom, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Power and Divine Understanding. You can hold the image in your mind’s eye and use it to send these six energies to yourself, to others, to the country and planet. You can place the symbol and six energies in your hands like you would Reiki symbols and help send the energy that way. You can print out the image (again, thanks to Dara) and hang it on your mirror, wall, and corkboard, to remind you have these wonderful energies and raise your frequency every time you see it. Or ask your soul how you would get the most out of using the symbol and resonances. The choice is yours.

Allow the balance of these energies to move you forward in your mastery of your experiences and your mastery of the illusion.

May you know yourself as Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Power and Understanding. Namaste.

A Year of Hope

A Year of Hope

What is in store for you for 2020? This last Sunday, the Denver Post Comics had two strips that addressed the New Year and whether it would be happy. Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis was not hopeful, but was funny. Luann by Greg Evans was gloomy. Maybe I should just stick with reading the news instead of the comics!

After reading the comics, I asked myself what is in store for me in 2020? Do I need to buy into the energy that others around me believe their 2020 will look like or can I choose what I plan to create for myself in 2020? If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know the answer, as well as I do. I choose to create my own experiences. I can choose to let the polarization of the social and political worlds have power over me, or I can stand in my power and choose a different path for myself. I choose a path of hope.

What good does it for me to choose something other than hope? If I choose hope and don’t quite manifest hope in every moment of 2020, I will at least have created it more often than if I hadn’t tried for hope in the first place. If I don’t choose hope, and choose instead cynicism, do I get extra points at the end of 2020 because I created lower frequency outcomes and predicted well? If that is the goal of the game, to create lower frequency outcomes, then I don’t want to play that game. It doesn’t matter that others play that game or that they may entice me to play with them. I am the master of my experiences. I can be in the world but not limited by it. I can be in the world but I don’t have to give my power or sense of self over to others who have a different agenda than I want for myself. I don’t need to judge others for what they believe but I don’t have to give credence to their desire to be right, either. I can stand in my power, follow my path and be happy, joyful and hopeful regardless of what others what me to believe. The outlook for 2020 is bright.

What do you choose for yourself for 2020?

Thanks to Daniel Reche and for this image.

Tis the Season: The Oneness of Giving and Receiving

Tis the Season: The Oneness of Giving and Receiving

Watching the movie It’s a Wonderful Life is a tradition in many households in the US at this time of year. My husband and I were watching it today when Pat paused the movie to try to read the sign on the wall in George’s Building & Loan office, under his father’s picture. The sign said, “All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” This seems like the perfect mantra of George and Pa Bailey, the men who had dedicated their lives to affordable homes for their community. It is also a great saying for us to ponder, like all good spiritual dichotomies.

Recently, in my personal meditations and actions, I have been consciously working to be open to receive energy, even allowing myself to feel vulnerable, in order to eliminate the separation I feel within myself and between me and other beings. The result of these small experiments in my willingness to receive energy or love or other resonance, is that I am more open to giving those same energies. In my willingness to receive, I am more willing to give. I am breaking down the perceived barriers between myself and what I used to call “others”. I am seeing and experiencing the oneness of giving and receiving.

In Standing in the Light® and other similar metaphysical teachings, the infinity symbol is used to represent the flow of energy. If at any point on the infinity symbol, the energy is blocked the energy will not flow in the other direction. If the flow is blocked in the ability to give, the energy won’t flow in the direction to receive either. And vice versa.

How does this apply to the holiday season? There is an old saying that it is better to give than to receive. This saying may be useful in a society that might take for granted its blessings or even might sometimes come from a place of material entitlement. If we are being overly selfish, then having the pendulum swing to the other side with the idea of giving instead of receiving, has some merit.

However, in Divine Truth, having the energies of giving and receiving in balance is the goal. Having the energies of giving and receiving in balance is the ultimate creation of true abundance. Having the energies of giving and receiving in balance is the healed position of knowing we are one with everything and everyone. We don’t need to “get” more because we trust that our needs will be met when necessary. We don’t need to stockpile against the fears that “others” will take our power or our abundance from us. Or that others will have their needs taken care of but I won’t have my needs taken care of. This true abundance will flow easily through and between us, because there is no separation between us, because we are One.

This experimenting with giving and receiving may feel vulnerable, but try it this holiday season. Try it first with small situations and then evaluate how it feels. If it feels scary, ask why. If you feel exposed, ask why. Then clear the beliefs, emotions or old patterns of behaviors that you uncovered. If it feels good, expansive or restorative, go with those feeling states and try being open to receive and give on a bigger issue for you. Keep playing around with being vulnerable to give and receive so you eventually reach the state of Oneness through giving and receiving. We need to move from viewing life, energy, and abundance as a zero sum game and instead move to a win-win situation through giving and receiving.

May you know that it is a wonderful life.

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On My Way

On My Way

Who should we love? Everybody Always. This is the title to the book by Bob Goff. In Everybody Always, Goff details when he was able to love everybody always and a few times when he didn’t quite have the experience of that mastery.

The quote that stood out for me in this book of practical wisdom was when Bob said, “He speaks to me loudest on the way.”

Many of us have periods of time, maybe even months, where it doesn’t feel like we are accessing wisdom from our guidance. We feel paralyzed by indecision and confusion. We judge ourselves that we might take a wrong step and therefore judge that we may access a lower version of “the plan.” Or we fear that our actions will lead to punishment. These fears lead us to inaction, feeling stuck and ultimately like we are a victim. We feel like we are victim to our circumstances and possibly a victim to our guidance – questioning our worthiness because we were not able to access the wisdom of our guidance.

Goff’s quote of “He speaks to me loudest on the way,” encourages us to take action steps, even if they are baby steps in order to create the momentum that will help with accessing the guidance and hearing the wisdom. Your action steps may be inner work like meditation, filling with resonances or spending time with friends to increase your frequency. The action steps may be to make a phone call, find out some more information or do some research. If you are stuck, the action step may be to seek help from a counselor or likeminded friend. Maybe you are guided to join a reiki circle or other event to help you move through the blocks that are keeping you stuck. Taking the baby steps will help carry you forward.

There are lots of phrases that could be used here to help illustrate the need to persevere until you are able to access the wisdom of your guidance. “Fake it till you make it.” “God helps those who help themselves.” “Never give up. Never surrender.” “A journey of a 1000 miles starts with one step.” “He speaks to me loudest on the way.”

Perhaps the phrase that will help the most is to know: “When you take action steps, you are not alone. The wisdom, power and love of the universe is with you on your way.”

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The Joy of Being Human

The Joy of Being Human

Many Lightworkers or other spiritual people look forward to the day that they have transcended the human body. That transcendence may look different for people based on their belief system. However, it usually includes no longer being in a physical body or no longer being on the planet.

What if instead of looking to transcend the body, we focus on healing our beliefs around being in a physical body and embrace the joy of our physical bodies?

Our cultures, societies, religions and philosophies have definite beliefs regarding what the physical body should look like and what actions and feelings are appropriate for the human body. In contrast to these more mainstream beliefs, there are many books, movement practices and ways of being that focus on finding the core beliefs (false beliefs) that might be holding us back from realizing how divine and perfect the human body is as a vehicle for this experience.

In Standing in the Light®, we use the meditation called “Invocation to the Unified Chakra” to help us open up and merge with all the different aspects of our multidimensional self. This invocation was first channeled from Archangel Ariel through Tashira Tachi-ren in the book What is Lightbody? It is a very powerful meditation.

We are guided to use it in the Standing in the Light® classes and private sessions because it focuses on expansion of the energy within us and a merging of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with the physical body. It does not ask us to leave the physical body behind nor to lift our energy off the planet. It focuses on knowing and being the Light here in a physical body.

In one of the stanzas the Invocation to the Unified Chakra states:

I breathe in Light

Through the center of my heart,

Allowing the Light to expand,

Encompassing my eighth chakra

(Above my head)

And my upper thighs

In one unified field of Light

Within, through, and around my body.

I allow my emotional body to merge

With my physical body.

I AM a unity of Light.

In order to truly heal all aspects of ourselves, we need to recognize and love the full experience of being human which means recognizing and loving our physical body. What action steps do you need to take to start to enjoy and love your body? Is it to dance more, laugh more, walk more, luxuriate more, and sleep more? What about judging less, criticizing less and comparing less?

What do you need to believe or do to help you know the joy of being human? Find your joy and be your joy. Let us seize the day and be grateful for being in a human body.

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