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Why do I want to end the Experiment in Duality?

Why do I want to end the Experiment in Duality?

The other day, I started a meditation with the intention to end my participation in the experiment in duality. Many of you have probably sat in your meditation chair for the same reason. This is a valid reason for meditating. Some might even say it is THE reason to meditate – End the Experiment in Duality and become a Full Living Master.

However, I realized my urgency to finally end my participation in the experiment was because I didn’t want to listen to and become frustrated with the next election cycle in the United States. As Kris Duffy, a great master said, “It’s not the What. It’s the Why.

My “why” for wanting to end my participation in the experiment wasn’t because I have truly given myself over to the higher frequencies of Love, Wisdom and Power. It wasn’t because I wanted to be of service to others from the higher frequency of a Full Living Master. It was because I didn’t want to hear anyone else’s take on love, wisdom and power. I didn’t want to listen to others tell me they are being of service and acting for the benefit of the country, when all I see is divisiveness.

As soon as I realized what I was doing – that I was masking a negative spiral down in energy with the rhetoric of meditating my way to a higher frequency – I stopped. I laughed at myself. And I saw the mirrors of the outer world for what they are.  Mirrors of me working on my own ability to hold Divine Love, Wisdom and Power. Mirrors of my own divisiveness between my lower-self ego and my true self as Source.

Now that I am not trying to end the experiment as a form of highly effective noise canceling headphones, here are a few of the recommendations I heard from guidance.

  • Clear judgment of any and all humans and artificial intelligence creations – politicians, reporters, online bots, citizens, non-citizens and foreign interests.
  • Allow others to be who and what they are no matter where they might be in their process. Clear judgment of where they might be in their process.
  • Detach from what others feel, think, say and do. Everyone is allowed their own opinion even if it appears to me that the opinion is based on fear, group think, misinformation or manipulative actions. See the mirrors for when I act from fear, group think, misinformation or manipulative actions. Trust in guidance as my source of truth. Trust guidance for my action steps in alignment with the highest good of all.
  • Clear giving my power and my physical, mental and emotional well-being to the Constitution of the United States and to those people and institutions who tell me what my relationship with the Constitution should be.
  • Clear blocks to divine communication with all aspects of myself. Take steps to heal any separation between all aspects of myself.
  • Be open to more recommendations.
  • Clear self-judgment when I fall short on implementing these recommendations.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat.

That is my list of recommendations. Sit with your soul to determine what recommendations will help you end your participation in the experiment of duality.


I AM Lori

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Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut!

Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut!

I have been working with the energy of Divine Self-Image recently. In a meditation early this morning, I saw an image of myself as a chocolate Easter bunny. That might sound like a great Self-Image, but I wasn’t the sought after solid chocolate bunny. I was a hollow bunny. Wow. This really struck me hard. But, it made sense. I realized that I sometimes feel like I am just a thin veneer of Source, not the real deal. Sometimes I feel like I facilitate others to be Source, but don’t manage to truly experience myself as Source. I also asked if the hollowness was some sort of negative energy. I heard it was just empty, hollow, not necessarily dark.

After grappling with this image and introspection, I started to clear the reason and causes why I felt empty and like an imposter. Then, I started to bring in the resonances of Divine Authenticity and I really stuck the landing with thirty minutes or more of filling every cell with the resonance of I AM SOURCE. I also used the energy technique of the Microcosmic Orbit to allow the resonance of I AM SOURCE to flow through my entire body multiple times. I am sure I will need to repeat this self-healing session in order to clear out the issues not yet fully healed and to be able to truly hold and integrate these resonances. But, this is the start and a good way forward.

After this session on myself, I jokingly saw myself as a milk chocolate covered macadamia nut from Hawaii. I just happen to have some of those on hand and they are divine!

Milk Chocolate Macadamia Nuts | Ahualoa Family Farms


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The Wisdom of Chief Inspector Gamache

The Wisdom of Chief Inspector Gamache

“I’m sorry. I was wrong. I don’t know. I need help.” In her Three Pines Series, Louise Penny has her character, Chief Inspector Gamache – a French Canadian detective – often quote these four sentences telling his listener that these four sentences lead to wisdom. “I’m sorry. I was wrong. I don’t know. I need help.”

Reading these four sentences, makes me question how many of the 3D traumas and dramas would be eased or never occurred in the first place if we were willing to allow ourselves to be this wisdom. “I’m sorry. I was wrong. I don’t know. I need help.”

Penny also quotes the following two sentences often. “There is always another story. There is more than meets the eye.”  These two sentences get to the heart of not judging a situation too quickly. We might not know the struggles or the “why” behind someone’s actions and beliefs.

I am reading Penny’s latest installment of her murder mystery series A World of Curiosities. Because Gamache believes the two sentences of “There is always another story. There is more than meets the eye,” he says the other four sentences to a troubled and belligerent young police officer. Gamache sees something in the young man that is hidden underneath his bluster. Gamache believes the young man is not a lost cause, when the local department head is getting ready to fire the police officer. (This is the backstory of how the troubled young officer becomes Gamache’s son-in-law.) If Gamache had not been patient and understanding, Jean-Guy’s life would have taken a much different direction.

As I strive to be the change in the world that I want to see in the world, I am going to remember Penny’s wisdom. What wisdom will help you move forward in the world?

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Ascension: When Detail is Better

Ascension: When Detail is Better

My husband often likes to quip that “better is the enemy of good enough.” The saying comes from many wise people including the French writer, Voltaire, and the French philosopher, Montesquieu. Shakespeare writes a similar phrase in King Lear, “striving to better, oft we mar what’s well.”

Most of the time, this is a philosophy of mine that I whole heartedly practice. I do not strive for perfection that often – partially because in the third dimensional world the concept of perfection is both subjective and judgmental. Partially because when it comes to gadgets, stylish furnishings and fashions, I am frugal. (I don’t need to tell you all that! You have seen it!) And partially because my self-worth is rarely tied up with how things look in the outer world.

However, there are times, especially in our healing and spiritual work, where striving for the best is worth it. That is what I have been guided to do lately. I have been guided to ask my soul to let me know if I am holding an energy technique long enough. Am I looking deep enough at a situation in order to pick up on a nuanced issue that I have been running over because of thinking that “better is the enemy of good enough”?

Ginger Withee’s blog entry for last month does a nice job of explaining Sir David John Brailsford’s “marginal gains” philosophy. She explains that by making incremental improvements, we can really make huge shifts. Every Step Counts – Standing in the Light (

I have been focusing my intention on these incremental improvements in order to access as much energy and light as I can within the practice and time that I have already allotted to my inner work. I have seen the changes by simply being more mindful of how I practice healing techniques. You may want to check with your soul regarding what practice you may be able to improve simply by asking and setting your intention to be more mindful instead of getting stuck in a pattern than doesn’t go into enough specific detail for your evolution.

I am striving to remember that evolution and Ascension are the goals. To paraphrase another saying – Ascension is in the details. Let us continue to focus our attention on Ascension and the details that will take us there.

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My Divinity, My Humanity

My Divinity, My Humanity

Some people like to say that we are humans having a divine experience. Lightworkers like to say that we are Divine having a human experience. I believe we are both.

We are being guided to remember that we have incarnated as a human in this lifetime in order to experience our divinity in human form. Our divinity and our humanity are not mutually exclusive. In fact, our divinity and our humanity coexist, because we need both to understand each aspect and to understand the whole.

My divinity is my humanity. My humanity is my divinity. My humanity and my divinity are together like oxygen and hydrogen in a water molecule – both are required for the essence of water to be water. Whether the water molecule presents itself as ice, or as liquid, or as steam, it is still H2O. It is the combining of hydrogen and oxygen that makes the whole of the water molecule, not the physical form it takes. Ice is not better or inferior to steam, it is just a different manifestation of H2O.

As I evolve from only knowing myself as the 3D Lower-Self Ego to the 4D Self into the 5D Being – I AM LORI. I am just different versions and different frequencies of Lori – both human and divine. My divinity and my humanity will hold the key to why I volunteered to be in the experiment and this knowingness is what will allow me to continue to clear my issues, raise my frequency to the point I no longer need to be in the experiment. No matter where I go from there, as I absorb more light, I will evolve into a higher frequency being, but I will always have the essence of Lori within me. No physical transformation will take away the experiences I have had as Lori – human, divine, both. I am all. I AM SOURCE.

May you know yourself as Source,


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