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The Majesty of Nature

The Majesty of Nature

Three weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii will definitely allow a person many opportunities to enjoy the majesty of nature.

I recently spent three weeks in Hawaii after the birth of our newest granddaughter, Lore. Many of you sent healing energy to Lore and her parents, Cara and Art, when a complication during the birthing process required Lore to be flown from the Big Island to Oahu for a week and a half at a neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in Honolulu. All of us are grateful for your thoughtful and consistent healing intentions.

The day I was originally scheduled to fly to Hawaii was the day Lore was approved to fly back to her home island, as well. Picking up Cara, Art and Lore at the airport was very special for me. I had the joy and privilege to spend the next three weeks in helper and grandmother mode. I made more omelets for Cara and Art than I have for myself in the past year. Because I do not have biological children of my own, I held, fed and changed Lore more in 3 weeks than every before in this lifetime. All of these experiences touched my heart. I felt the emotions well up in me as they dropped me off at the airport for my flight back to Colorado.

When I took a little time to determine if I needed to cut cords of attachment with the humans, I realized I just needed to acknowledge the majesty of the natural world that is Hawaii. While helping my human family recover from 11 days in hospital and the normal recovery of the birthing process, I was able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of staying on a coffee farm on the Kona coast. The view from the lanai is majestic and healing as evident in the accompanying image to this blog entry. Although this was the most colorful of the sunsets, I enjoyed all of them while I was there.

On the 10-acre coffee farm, not only are there coffee plants, but there are also banana, mango, macadamia nut, lime, avocado and grapefruit trees. I enjoyed walking through all of these plants daily as I was also the chief dog walker while I was there. Although, I did have to practice my Indiana Jones moves to not walk into the abundant and ever present spider webs between all these trees.

A 20-minute drive down winding roads from a 1000-foot elevation to the ocean allowed for a quick swim from the volcanic beach where tourist and locals enjoy the famed sanctuary where the ancients sought refuge from their enemies. The healing powers of the area has been well known for millennia.

As predicted, I did enjoy the bounty of the sea with multiple meals of the famed Hawaiian dish of poke: raw fish with seaweed. Poke was my first meal on this trip waiting to pick up everyone at the airport and it was my last meal, waiting to board my flight home.

The majesty of nature helped me as I helped others. I am striving to keep that high frequency energy of the majesty of nature in my daily life back here in Colorado. So far, so good.


Absolution: Be as compassionate to yourself as the IRS

Absolution: Be as compassionate to yourself as the IRS

Please note: I have visited this topic before but not for 12 years. Because it is tax season, I think it is time to review and update it!

If you are like most Americans, Monday, April 15, 2024 is your Federal Individual Tax Return deadline for Tax Year 2023. For the majority of individuals in America, Tax Day looms large over our heads like the sword of Damocles, bringing abject fear to some or just mild frustration to others. Regardless which camp you are in, you are usually glad to see your taxes filed. Done and Dusted.

But, today, I don’t want to talk about how we should feel about Tax Day 2024 with respect to our 2023 Tax filing, but instead how we should feel about our 2020 Tax filing. And the word that comes to mind is ABSOLUTION.

For the vast majority of us who filed our 2020 Federal Income Tax Return by April 15, 2021, this April will be the end of the statute of limitations for the items in that return. How exciting is that?! Let’s not get so far down the rabbit hole that we discuss the oddities like carry-overs, and fraud, etc. (We will discuss fraud later in the blog entry.) For now, we will stick to the most relevant stuff. The end of the statute of limitations means if we goofed, we don’t have to worry about the IRS coming back to refigure our taxes for 2020 and prior. Collective sigh of relief!

If the Federal Government, the IRS no less, is willing to only look back three years into our financial business, why do we carry around so much of our personal failings, personal grudges and negative-group-think many years, many life times into the future? We should allow ourselves a little grace and a lot of ABSOLUTION on our perceived failings. No need to hold unto these negative energies even the normal three years statute of limitations for taxes, let alone thirty years or lifetimes of grudges.

A caveat for the three-year statute of limitations for taxes is that you must actually file your tax return. If you never filed the return, the three-year time limit doesn’t start, so it never ends.

This really is no different for our personal issues. If we don’t look at the issue and start the process to forgive ourselves, to change our energy or our focus, then the festering never has a chance to heal. Even if your initial attempt to heal / change / forgive yourself isn’t perfect, think of it as your “first offer”. You can always update or “amend” it as new information comes in.

Now let’s tackle the fraud situation. When I told my husband I was going to brush off this blog entry, he said, “but sometimes there is fraud”. From a metaphysical standpoint, he is asking if we can have absolution if what we did was really bad. From the perspective of the spiritual hierarchy, there is no delineation in “how bad” we messed up, how violent we might have been and for which lifetime the egregious action took place. From the perspective of the spiritual hierarchy – all of the things we judge as bad – are just experiences. These experiences may not be in the highest plan, but they are not a reason to be punished, abandoned or kicked out of Source. There is nothing but Source. We are all Source. We have always been Source. There isn’t anything else we could be. There is no need for a “fraud” exception to keep the statute of limitations from expiring because Source does not require any restitution for any action. It is our lower-self egos that are not ready to absolve ourselves of any past or current transgressions. But we can change that. We can heal the belief in our unworthiness or the belief in our darkness which keeps us punishing ourselves.

Let us set our intention to be as forgiving of ourselves as the IRS is. And let’s take it a step further. Don’t even wait three years to raise your frequency to the energy of absolution. Don’t worry if some action was the equivalent of fraud. Take this opportunity to wipe the slate clean. Be willing to forgive and absolve yourself, others and all situations.

Be willing to grant yourself Divine Grace, Forgiveness and Absolution.

Gratitude to John Hain with for the above image.

Where will you live in 2025? Disconnecting from Mass Consciousness

Where will you live in 2025? Disconnecting from Mass Consciousness

Where will you live in 2025?

I recently had someone tell me that if the 2024 US Presidential election was won by a particular person, they would probably move to Europe. We already know a couple who have moved to Europe because the atmosphere in the United States has become unwelcoming to this couple. The friend looked at me to see if I would move outside of the US if the election did not go the way my Lower Self Ego might want it to. I mentioned that I would check with guidance to see what the highest plan is for me, but I doubted I would be guided to live outside the country.

Knowing my path might be different than for my friend, I did a quick check-in with my soul. For 2025, as well as for the rest of this year and every subsequent year, I am being guided by my soul not so much where I should live physically but where I should live consciously. I am guided to live in peace and without fear regardless at which latitude and longitude I rest every night. I was pretty sure this was the answer I would receive from my soul because my number one priority, as the Christ tells us, is for my spiritual evolution. Trying to find a different place to live in order for me to feel more at ease won’t be fruitful until I simply feel more at ease within myself.

Knowing I haven’t fully mastered this yet, I asked my soul for some wisdom to help me manifest the highest plan for me.

I was guided to open my notes from a Mastery Group class channeled by Kris Duffy in October 2008. “Disconnecting from Mass Consciousness” is the title of this Mastery Group class.

To refresh our memories regarding what was happening in the outer world in October 2008, the United States financial systems, as well as most of the rest of the world’s financial systems, were reeling from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis. Many countries were passing bail out plans for banks, institutions and depositors. The United States was coming to the end of a presidential election year where the two major party tickets were led by Barack Obama/Joe Biden and John McCain/Sarah Palin. (Beyonce’ released Single Ladies that month, just to give you a time cue for the music of the day.)

Spirit would like us to revisit some of the wisdom Kris channeled for us then.

In the mass consciousness, money is source. If we believe money is source, then the mass consciousness doesn’t want the old paradigm to change. Or it is possible that those of us in the mass consciousness believe that the changes are temporary, and we will be able to ride out the storm.

Based on my consciousness level 16 years ago and where we were as a society on the “break down for breakthrough” spectrum, I probably believed I could ride out the storm. Or that the storm would not affect me if I planned well enough. (I was a project manager at the time.) But if, as Kris channeled, the old paradigm was built on the Mass Consciousness of limitation and the belief that we need to get our fill prior to everything running out, then there is no way to ride out the storm. It isn’t about husbanding our resources for a few years of draught; it is about changing our belief in limitation. And that means disconnecting from mass consciousness. If Kris was channeling this information now, she might even have been guided to include a subtitle, “Disconnecting from Mass Consciousness: Disconnecting from Mass Hysteria.”

Most humans in the world are in fear and in separation, which means we are coming from a victim mentality. Kris gave us this explanation. Let’s use the pyramid pointing up like we do in Standing in the Light® representing the third dimension.

We are looking at how the unhealed mass consciousness creates the fear. The top third of the pyramid is the consciousness representing thought. The middle third is the subconscious representing emotions. The lower third is the unconscious representing raw energy.  The raw energy comes up through the subconscious layer and we feel fear in the mass consciousness.


For the unhealed mass consciousness, thoughts and energies existing in the subconscious are created and sustained by fear which manifests as a subconscious need for a system of beliefs to protect oneself from perceived harm.


We then create whole belief systems to try to not ever feel the fear again, vs. clearing the fear, or seeing that there was nothing to fear at all in the first place.

If we are allowing ourselves to be controlled by what everyone else believes, then we are going to be coming from fear and see ourselves as victims. We have discussed in SITL classes about the Karpman Drama triangle. This is a psychological model that states that while we are still in the consciousness level of drama, we will be playing one or more of the roles in this triangle. We will be acting from the energy of the victim, the rescuer or the persecutor. It is possible to roll through all three of these energies in rapid fashion. We believe we are the victim, so we start to persecute others for putting us in this position and we may be looking for a rescuer or think our ideas are the only way society can be saved.

We create governments, alliances, tribes, parties, friends and family in order to feel powerful, to overcome feeling powerless, to help us sleep easy at night without fear. Until those groups, divisions and separate identities no longer work. Maybe we are now on the outside of the powerful group. Maybe our alliance partners no longer have the same world view we have. We no longer feel powerful and safe because power coming from the outside is temporary. Only power from within is permanent. Divine power is from within.

The mass consciousness on earth believes we are separate from source. It is time to disconnect from this mass consciousness.

Sixteen years ago, Kris recommended seven steps for disconnecting from mass consciousness. These have been updated for 2024 energies but are very similar. Check with your own guidance to see which of these are part of your path.

First, acknowledge there is a mass consciousness. Then allow yourself to go through the 5 stages of grief to disconnect from it.

  1. Denial – “I am not at the effect of mass consciousness thought.” “The news doesn’t bother me.” “I don’t watch the news, so the news doesn’t bother me.” “I limit my social media interactions…”
  2. Anger – “If the XXXX and the XXXX would just talk to each other, the XXXX would be in a better position.” This could be world powers, your siblings or your lower self ego interacting with your soul. If we leave our own experience to the outcome of someone else’s actions, then we are still in victim mode.
  3. Bargaining – “I just need to make it through the next election/ the next layoff at work / the next winter, etc.” This is trying to bargain to ride out the storm, whatever the storm is to you. Move through this step because it won’t work in the long-term.
  4. Depression – Clear through the energy that nothing I do matters. “We are all just moving chairs around the deck of the Titanic.”
  5. Acceptance – This is knowing and feeling divine acceptance of the universal truth that we are not separate from source so we don’t need to be at the same energy level or at the effect of the mass consciousness.

Second, work with your soul to clear the fear and ask for recommended resonances. Clear the false beliefs, discordant emotions and old patterns of behaviors. Ask your soul to help you move from reactions based on fear to proactive actions specifically beneficial to your spiritual growth.


Third, ask your soul to help you be your true self in every moment. We are unique expressions of source, so be unique. Allow your light to shine through. Expressing your uniqueness will help transmute mass consciousness. Be fearless and resolute in your uniqueness. Ask if your soul has a specific message for you regarding your uniqueness.


Fourth, stand in your truth and your power. Ask your soul when to stand in your power by speaking your truth and when to stand in your power simply with your energy vs. with your words.


Fifth, cultivate a community that is trying to disconnect from mass consciousness, also. Attend healing circles and dance groups that are likeminded. Ask your soul if it is time to reconsider your relationship with social media. Is it the highest plan to disconnect electronically for a certain number of hours a day? This is definitely an individual plan. Ask what yours is.


Sixth, love yourself at all times. Clear any doubts or judgment of self. The Christ tells us that judgment is the number one block to knowing ourselves as Source. Work with the energy of divine Non-Judgment of Self. Love yourself unconditionally.


Seventh, remember who you are. You are Source. You are the creator of your experiences. You can choose to give your power away to unhealed mass consciousness. Or you can choose to step further and further into knowing and experiencing yourself as Source.

It is time to redouble our intention to disconnect from mass consciousness, mass hysteria and drama. It is time to actively follow guidance further into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Move further into the consciousness levels of a master instead of the third dimensional mass consciousness. Living in the fourth and fifth dimensions is more determinative of our experiences than whether we live in the United States, Europe or on a remote Pacific Island. Where do you want to live and how soon are you ready to move?

Gratitude to Gerd Altmann with for the image.

Patient Driver

Patient Driver

In downtown Fort Collins the other day, I saw a driving school car with a sign that said, “Patient Driver Please Be Student.” I laughed out loud. Obviously, you normally would see a sign on a driving school car say something like “Student Driver: Please Be Patient.” I don’t think the author of the sign put the words in the wrong order by accident. I think the author of the sign was being funny, saying something different to catch our attention or deliberately asking us to be thoughtful.

I like any of these options. The world needs more laughter, so if the goal was just to be funny, I am happy for the chuckle it gave me.

If it was to catch our attention to be more mindful with a student driver, then mission accomplished.

If, however, the author was hoping that we would dig into our own psyche to figure out what “Patient Driver Please Be Student” meant to us, well I like that too. For me, the saying reminded me that, in life, I am a student, regardless of my age, degrees or careers. There may be some things that I am an expert in but there are plenty of situations where I will learn best by allowing myself to be in student mode. I will learn more by not judging myself when it takes me a few tries or even when I fail at first to accomplish the desired outcome.

Recently, Ginger Withee lead a healing circle for embracing our inner child of the God/Goddess. The energy we focused on was the trust, surrender and innocence of being a child of the God/Goddess. Whether the author of the sign was asking us to embrace the trust, surrender and innocence, I don’t know. But, it feels like this is a message for me to ponder. I need to embrace this innocence, this child energy, this student energy. It will help me heal cynicism and other energies that we take on in our “adult” roles.

Finally, the sign also reminded me that being patient as a driver and as a human, with others and myself, is in the highest good of all. By holding divine patience, I will serve mother earth and humanity positively and more consciously. As suggested by Gandhi, if I hold divine patience, I will be the change that I want to see in the world.

Gratitude to for the image above.

Time to Let Go of Genghis Kahn

Time to Let Go of Genghis Kahn

Earlier this month, Ginger Withee lead the Standing in the Light® Gathering with her channeled teaching called “Healing 3D Reality: It is all about the Energy.” One of the suggestions in the teaching is that it is time for us to let go of our stories.

Ginger explains what she means by stories. “In the third dimension, our situations and experiences can only be explained by our stories, our history, in this lifetime.  We can become invested in our stories as our identity: ‘I’m this way because my mother is this way. I have that issue because that event happened to me.’ The lower self can become attached to certain stories to justify holding onto our unhealed aspects or to reinforce a certain reality that feels comfortable.”

What are the old stories in our lives or in our culture that we hold onto that no longer serve us? Ginger asked us to take a couple minutes to determine what stories we need to let go of in order to no longer be in the drama of the 3D Reality.

I immediately heard that I allow myself to be sucked back into the drama of 3D Reality when other people have a different understanding of the 3D Reality facts than I do or don’t remember the facts as I remember them.

I realized that just the evening before the Gathering, I went to a dinner party at a friend’s house. After dinner, I walked into the kitchen where two other dinner guests were discussing current news events. One friend was stating his opinion that some of the government activities we see in the outer world right now are the worst, most violent government activities ever. Without being invited into the conversation, I said, “What about Genghis Khan?” My friend said, “He isn’t alive right now.” To which I replied, “Neither are the 40 million people he killed.” Yep, there’s me not being pulled into, but jumping with both feet into the drama of the 3D Reality…and, if we are honest about it, a pretty low frequency of 3D drama.

You can fact check me if you want. Forty million is the number bandied about by most resources as the number of people who died under the leadership of Genghis Khan. Most of these people were from China and modern-day Iran. At the turn of the thirteenth century, that is approximately 10% of the world population. And, as Kris Duffy use to say, “that and 25 cents will buy you a cup of coffee.”

What was gained by my interruption and my 3D facts? Did it change my friend’s mind regarding the horrors he is seeing currently? No. Did it raise my vibration so that I can help with the conflicts my friend is seeing currently? No.

What it allowed me to do is to worry about the situation for the rest of the evening and into the next day until Ginger prompted us to figure out what keeps bringing us back into the drama of 3D Reality. As soon as I checked with guidance and heard that 3D facts are keeping my frequency low, I laughed and knew that I needed to clear on “being right.” Do I want to be “right” in the 3D Reality? Or do I want to be detached and at peace in the 4D/ 5D realities?

Do I want to postulate that there were people and times equally or more violent in the history of Mother Earth and her humans than now? How is that conversation helping me or Mother Earth or her humans, now? I don’t think it is. If it is, if I was guided that somehow these facts would help bring humans together, to know ourselves a One, to know ourselves as Source, I believe I would be guided to mention it. But, somehow, I don’t think that will be the piece of information that helps move humanity to Heaven on Earth.

Having the 3D Reality facts, histories and stories, whether they are from previous centuries and other peoples’ experiences, or whether they are from my own incarnation at this time, if they are keeping my frequency low, then they no longer serve me. Time to let them go.

Gratitude to Alter Hau Degen with for the accompanying image.

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