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Reconciliation: An Aspect of Divine Forgiveness

Reconciliation: An Aspect of Divine Forgiveness

Spirit is urging us to work with the energy of reconciliation. Reconciliation includes bringing issues into agreement and harmony, to settle disputes or to forgive.

Setting these intentions are useful in the third dimensional world. One only needs watch the news to see mirrors as to what needs to be reconciled. Working toward agreement, harmony and forgiveness within our families, our societies, within the body of humankind and with Mother Earth are steps in the direction of Oneness. You may be guided to take action steps toward reconciliation in the outer world.

As with most issues, the first step to be in reconciliation with the third dimensional world is to be in reconciliation with ourselves. What do we need to examine within ourselves to come into reconciliation with the highest plan and with the number one priority of our own evolution?

Is our multidimensional self not fully aligned? Are there disputes between the will of the ego self and the will of ourselves as source that we need to reconcile? Is our mental body fighting with our physical body or emotional body? Is there a lack of alignment or agreement as to what the highest plan is?

If you are having trouble seeing the highest plan for yourself or the action items to help manifest the highest plan, you may be guided to work with the Star of David and the resonances associated with it that Marsha Hankins channeled. We discuss recommendations for using this tool in the Feb 2020 blog entry Back to Basics – Standing in the Light (

The resonances associated with the Star of David are Love, Wisdom, Power, Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding. Raising our frequencies with these resonances will help us to reconcile what might be out of alignment and what we need to forgive ourselves and others.

Working with these resonances and with divine truth will help us be willing to reconcile within ourselves and to reconcile the false beliefs we still hold. This will help us reconcile ourselves to the knowledge of ourselves as Source.

May We Know Ourselves as Source.


Cheez-It x Pandora

Cheez-It x Pandora

We have long talked about the benefits of higher frequency resonances. In Standing in the Light®, we teach that resonances are one of the three R’s to manifesting consciously. Just as a refresher, the first R is Receive the Vision, the second R is to Release any blocks to manifesting the vision and the third R is to Resonate the vision – to bring in the energy or resonance of what you are trying to manifest.

Looks like scientists are experimenting with resonances in a fun way. Here is an article in an online magazine called Thrillist by Megan Schaltegger on the MSN platform describing an experiment performed by Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland. Cheez-It ‘Sonically-Aged’ Its New Crackers to R&B Music (

In a study conducted by Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland, researchers found that aging cheese to hip-hop music can “strengthen taste and smell.” Which, naturally, inspired the brand to give the attempt a go.


There’s just something about scream-singing ’90s R&B that heals the soul. And apparently, it also intensifies the flavor. Cheez-It has “sonically-aged” its new crackers to a Pandora-curated playlist with hip-hop’s most iconic players.


“After six months in the making, we’re thrilled to finally share this absurdly delicious collaboration with our fans,” Senior Marketing Director Erin Storm said in a press release. “Our innovations team is always exploring new ways to bring more unique experiences to our fans, and Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio is the perfect way to provide our dedicated fans with a truly first-of-its-kind snack while celebrating the joy music brings.”


The Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers, which will be sold exclusively via Cheez-It’s online shop beginning May 26 at 12 pm EST, were aged to a quality mix of A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, The Roots, Beastie Boys, and Snoop Dogg for six and a half months. The entire playlist will be released along with the crackers later this month so that you can experience the same tunes as your snack.


“This collaboration is the perfect mix of my favorite things: hip-hop music, wild innovation and Cheez-It,” SiriusXM radio host Sway Calloway said in the release. “Hip-hop has influenced many lives, so I’m looking forward to seeing if fans can taste the effect of the most beloved genre of music in the world on these crackers.”

I love everything about this story. It is fun and frivolous at a time when fun and frivolity seem in short supply. I love that we get to see the effect of resonances on cheese.

If resonances affect cheese, what can they do for you? What are you listening to these days? What are you surrounding yourself in? Is it raising your frequency or sapping your energy? Take a look at what you are soaking in 24/7. If you need to make some changes, do it. If you are honoring yourself with positive energy, keep it up. Just remember the power of resonances to help you heal and help you manifest.

Hope this entry wasn’t too cheesy.


Gratitude to Chiplanay with for the image.

Goddess Consciousness: A State of Being within Yourself

Goddess Consciousness: A State of Being within Yourself

Twenty years ago, I started what felt like a new path for me. I met Kris Duffy in Boulder, Colorado, took her I AM SOURCE™ classes and was hooked. I began private sessions with Kris to help me navigate my path and to learn more about the teachings that spoke to me more than any other belief system ever had. I AM SOURCE™ gave me insights to things I had heard before but never quite understood or believed was possible.

In one of my early sessions with Kris, she asked me to ask my inner guidance for a percentage of how much I believed in the essence of God and the essence of Goddess. I don’t remember the exact percentages, but I think the God percentage was around 80% and the Goddess was hovering at 0%. Obviously, I had blocks and false beliefs as to what Goddess is.

I set my intention to clear the false beliefs – some of which were that Goddess was  a Disney evil queen, a less important being to her male counterpoint or a nonexistent being altogether. Clearly all false beliefs!

I needed the awareness that the patriarchal system that I lived in was not the only option, was not my only truth. More false beliefs I needed to heal. I needed the cosmic and internal awarness of the very first line in the John Lennon song, Woman. Before he starts to sing, Lennon speaks the words, “for the other half of the sky.” I had to know and integrate my self-value, regardless of my gender, to know myself as Goddess Consciousness.

Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines Consciousness this way: the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself.

In Standing in the Light® – the successor program to I AM SOURCE™ – we teach that everything in creation needs both feminine energy and masculine energy in order to manifest. It is no different for ourselves and our evolution. We need to own, integrate, blend and become both God Consciousness and Goddess Consciousness in order to truly know ourselves as Source.

If you do not yet feel yourself as Source, you may want to ask questions regarding your belief and experience as Goddess Consciousness and God Consciousness. Here are some questions to prompt you.

  1. How much do you believe in God Consciousness and in Goddess Consciousness?
  2. If not yet 100% each, what are the blocks or false beliefs that keep you from having the inner awareness of yourself as God and Goddess.
  3. Is one or the other consciousness easier for you to believe or experience? If so, why is that?
  4. Are there societal, cultural, physical or religious reasons that are clouding your experience of Goddess Consciousness and God Consciousness?
  5. Is judgment blocking you from Goddess Consciousness and God Consciousness?

Allow yourself to take these and any other questions to your meditation practice and start the dialogue with your inner God and Goddess. Each is ready to help you become the full expression of yourself as Source.

May you have full inner awareness of yourself as Source.

Thanks to Enrique Meseguer with for the above image.

Seek to Understand

Seek to Understand

As I try to make sense of everything swirling around me – all the vitriol and posturing going on – I heard from my guidance that if I see vitriol and posturing then I don’t understand the situation. Oh, it isn’t that I don’t understand the human behavior to justify one’s position. My guidance is making the point that I don’t understand that my beliefs are still coloring what I see in the world.

I don’t need to agree with a certain position or any position. But, I do need to understand that everyone is choosing their position because of their beliefs, just like I am forming my opinions because of my beliefs.

It doesn’t matter if I think the other person is sincere or insincere in their beliefs. Underneath all of it – sincerity, insincerity, altruism, manipulation – is still a belief system. It could be a power-over belief system, a fear belief system, a wounded belief system or a belief system that the “other side” is always wrong. It doesn’t matter what the belief system is. The belief system is what dictates the actions and reactions of whoever holds that belief.

Just like my belief system dictates my actions and emotional responses.

I need to understand my beliefs and I need to question my beliefs. If my beliefs are not 100% in non-judgment and 100% in the energy of love of everything I see and experience – which of course is not the case, yet – then I need to seek understanding of the divinity in everything swirling around me.

Some might say that seeking to see everything in its divinity is not realistic or that it is naïve. But seeking to understand the divinity of everything is the only way to truly know ourselves because we are divine. If I am not willing to see myself and everything else as divine, I am giving my power away to the outside world. I am allowing the outside world to tell me what my beliefs should be. That may be realistic by some definitions but it is buying into the illusion of our separateness, the illusion of our limitedness. Instead, I seek to understand the true nature of myself and the true nature of you – our shared divinity.

Seek to understand and know yourself as the Master that you are.

The Creator Orientation

The Creator Orientation

Are you looking at the world from a Victim Orientation or from a Creator Orientation?

In the Standing in the Light® Gathering and Teaching from July 2019, we discussed the Karpman Drama Triangle. In the 1960’s Stephen Karpman proposed that until we heal our drama, we are acting as a victim, a persecutor or a rescuer. We can move between these three energies very quickly. First, we might feel victimized and then we point the finger at someone else blaming them for our situation. We may want to be rescued or we could act as a rescuer for someone else because we believe they are a victim. The variations are endless as long as we are looking at the situations from the Victim Orientation. Many of us in the Standing in the Light® Community have worked with healing our unhealed issues by asking ourselves which corner of the Karpman Drama Triangle we are coming from. Are we acting as the victim, the persecutor or the rescuer?

What if we change how we look at the triangle? What if we look at it from the Creator Orientation instead of the Victim Orientation?

In 2005, David Emerald wrote the book called The Power of TED*. TED stands for The Empowerment Dynamic. In this book, Emerald introduces the audience to the terms Victim Orientation and Creator Orientation. Similar to Standing in the Light® teachings regarding how to look at the world from the 5D perspective instead of the 3D perspective by flipping the pyramid upside down, Emerald flips the Karpman Drama Triangle to look at the situation from the Creator Orientation.

In Emerald’s model, the victim corner of the triangle becomes the creator corner, the persecutor corner becomes the challenger corner, and the rescuer corner becomes the coach corner.

The idea is that the situation we find ourselves in may be the same but how we look at it will change the outcome. If we continue to look at it from the Victim Orientation we see a problem, we have anxiety from the problem and we react from that energy of anxiety which fuels the problem.

If we take the same situation, we find ourselves in but flip the triangle so that we see it from the Creator Orientation we look for the vision or the outcome versus looking at the problem. The energy that we feel is passion for the outcome not anxiety. Then we take baby steps in order to get us closer to the vision and outcome we desire.

For the Standing in the Light® students, does this sound familiar? Obviously, Emerald’s teaching really resonates with me! The Christ teaches us the 3R’s of manifesting. We focus on what we want to create (Receive the Vision), raise our frequency with positive energy like passion or whatever energy speaks to us (Resonate) and then we take the action steps to create it. The action steps may include Releasing the Blocks (the third R) in addition to taking steps in the outer world to bring the vision into fruition.

What I really like about Emerald’s model, The Empowerment Dynamic, is looking at the characters in each corner of the triangle in a new way. We can take a situation we are dealing with and name the victim, the persecutor and the rescuer as we see them. Then flip the orientation to The Empowerment Dynamic and see who the creator is (us).

We can identify the “challenger”. The challenger may be a constructive challenger, like a mentor or facilitator that challenges us to move forward and challenges our beliefs to help us heal. The challenger may be a deconstructive challenger like a boss that we really don’t like but who challenges us to really ask what we want and to help us move forward out of an uncomfortable position.

We can find the coach who sees the creator in us all and helps us on our path. This can be a friend, facilitator or teacher.

Of course, from the Standing in the Light® or Light Worker perspective, our own inner guidance can and does play all three roles as our most qualified aspect of Creator, Challenger and Coach.

We can ask for help from other humans and from our own inner wisdom. Sometimes we need the assistance in the physical world and sometimes we need it from the spiritual world. Many times, we need both forms of assistance. This does not mean we are a victim or need rescuing. It means WE ARE CREATOR and we are discerning how best to bring that energy to ourselves and to the world.

Let’s practice flipping our perspective from the Victim Orientation to the Creator Orientation. WE ARE CREATOR. WE ARE SOURCE.