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The Courage of Responsibility

The Courage of Responsibility

While I was running errands the other day, I needed to use the facilities in a grocery store at which I infrequently shop. Their restroom is through the employee breakroom. As I was washing my hands, I read the decal that was on the mirror which was probably there to remind the employees about safety issues. The decal said, “You are looking at the person most responsible for your safety.” Like all signs, the employees probably don’t even notice it any more.

As with most motivational signs, the saying could be used for almost any situation or quality. We are most responsible for our safety, our health, our wisdom, our power, our love, etc. Like the employees, I probably get complacent about the signs around me. I probably need to remember the wisdom of knowing my responsibility now more than ever. Spirit is reminding me that I am the creator of my reality and I am being encouraged to tap into the courage of my responsibility, too!

It is very easy in our meditation chairs to know and quote the words that we are responsible for our own creations. It is sometimes harder to believe it when all our good intentions do not seem to be creating the desired result, or even 90% of the desired result, that we believe our actions should attract. When we look out to the world, we may see, not just slightly less desirable results, but a mess or even a disaster as viewed from the lens of our third dimensional world.

Spirit encourages us to look at the outer world through the lens of the inner world. Look at the outer world with the courage to know and believe that all of our creations are our responsibility without the judgment that the word responsibility conjures in the third dimensional sense. We can ask to have the courage to forgo judgment or blame for what we have created. We can have the courage to persevere in the face of moments of hopelessness. We can breathe in courage and fill with the strength that comes with that. Then we can ask for the action step that is next on our path and ask for the courage to take that action step, no matter if it feels like that action step is just more of the same.

The action step may be filling with courage, strength and perseverance every three hours for 24 hours to counteract the fear that comes to us as we go through the day. If we try doing this intentionally for a week, maybe that will help to clear the fear of asking for and taking the next action step. Remember that slow and steady progress is progress. Slow and steady can win the race. Slow and steady helps to integrate the higher frequency energies in order to BE the higher frequency energies in a sustainable way.

Just like the advice in the employees’ restroom, none of the ideas in this blog entry are new. Just because an idea feels like a cliché doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. The ideas behind the clichés work. It is our intention that works. It is our courage and perseverance to remind ourselves that we are the creators that works. Know your courage. Bask in your responsibility. Know yourself as Source.

Out of the Mouths of Babes, Comes Wisdom

Out of the Mouths of Babes, Comes Wisdom

Tanitoluwa Adewumi is a nine year old who aspires to become the youngest Chess Grandmaster. If he manages to become a Grandmaster by the age of 12 years and 7 months, he will overtake the record spot from Sergey Karjakin.

I recently read Tani’s book called My Name is Tani and I believe in Miracles, written with Craig Borlase. In the book, Tani describes his family’s move to the United States from Nigeria and the miracles that aided the move. He writes about his start in the world of chess. Tani has some great chess coaches in the New York Public School district. One of his coaches, Coach Russ, told him, “You only lose if you don’t learn from a defeat.”

Tani seems to have taken this advice and integrated it as his life philosophy which makes it his reality. Yes, Tani practices chess in just about every free moment of his day. In addition, his belief and ability to learn from past experiences without dwelling on them and even being willing to sacrifice a piece for the greater goal of winning the match is inspiring.

He believes, “If you have the right way of thinking, you never really lose. You only ever win. Don’t quit. Stay in the game. If you are still in the game, you have a chance at winning.”

What do you need to reframe in your life to see it as an experience, even a win, instead of a defeat? You can do it. You can do it because you are persevering and staying in the game.

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Interdependence Day

Interdependence Day

In a Soul Kitchen Dance group today lead by Rachel Phillipe, which focused on freedom and independence, another friend, Barbara Morningstar suggested that we explore the idea of the fourth of July as Interdependence Day instead of Independence Day. This is my declaration.

The origins of 13 American Colonies declaring independence from the British are well known to Americans and many other cultures, too.

Independence and freedom are very important to all humans. We all must step through the levels of independence in order to know that we can and do stand in our own power, to shrug off the yoke of oppression in whatever form that takes and to remember ourselves as sovereign beings. Throughout human history, we have experienced this with differing degrees of success. Sometimes we help each other to live these qualities and sometimes we hold each other back from knowing independence and freedom. However, these qualities of sovereignty and freedom are just the beginning of where our inner wisdom is guiding us.

If independence is the goal and not just the stepping stone, then we are missing the next objective in our evolution: Interdependence.

The third dimensional definitions of independence include “free from outside control and not depending on another’s authority” (Oxford Dictionary). These are positive aspects of independence. However, one of the other Oxford Dictionary definitions is “not connected with another or with each other, separate.” When taken to its extreme, this notion of independence, of not being connected is isolationism or even abandonment.

The separation energy is what has allowed us to form groups where some of us are in our group and others are not. Some of us are worth protecting and others are not. Buying into the concept of separation is borne from fear and the need to keep our power by overt or covert means instead of knowing the strength and power that comes to us all when we see ourselves as the unity of humanity not divisions within humanity.

Interdependency energy brings with it the power of mutual reliance and the reassurance from the axiom that the sum is greater than its parts.

In nature, bees have individual reasons for landing on flowers (e.g. gathering nectar). The interdependent relationship allows that the act that benefits the bees, also benefits the propagation of more flowers. We as humans, individually and collectively, sometimes play the role of the bees and sometimes we play the role of the flowers. Regardless we are integral to each other.

This first half of the year 2020 has given us ample opportunity to see the interdependent nature of this experiment, the interconnectedness of us all. It isn’t just the interdependent nature of humans, countries, economies, and freedoms. We have seen videos of animals’ behavior changing when many humans were sheltering at home. We have seen changes in air quality in big cities with less traffic. There is a long list of consequences, intended and unintended, that have resulted due to our actions and experiences this year. These demonstrate our interdependency.

Coming from the goal of experiencing our oneness, the separation which needs to be healed is not the physical separation in order to slow the spread of a virus or the physical separation required to initially set up our own sovereignty or to stand in our power. The separation which needs to be acknowledged and healed is that we believe we are separate from All of Creation, from Source. Ultimately, we are interdependent because we are One, we are Source. Recognizing and embracing our interconnectedness, our interdependency will move us forward in all of the challenges we may be facing as individuals, as Americans, as humans, as beings of Light.

Knowing ourselves as unique within the unity will propel us forward in our evolution and in our sovereignty and freedom. Paul Dirac, a British physicist, stated: “Pick a flower on Earth and you move the farthest star.” This statement proclaims that everything and everyone effect each other. It is my declaration of interdependence that we strive to affect each other in ways that allow us to experience and spread more love, joy, and freedom. Happy Interdependence Day.

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Next Step

Next Step

If the path in front of us is not clear, we each need to ask our inner wisdom for just the next step. We may not know what step number ten is on our path. The view might be hazy or obscured. Because the highest plan for each of us is part of the unity of the highest plan for all humans, we really cannot know what step number 10 on the path is anyway. The highest plan for us changes with the influx of energy and decisions that those around us also take. The highest plan for us changes with the decision to take the next step now or whether we wait until next week to take it.

Work with the energy of divine discernment to help determine the next step for you and when to take it. Trust your inner wisdom. Find the strength to be who you truly are in every moment. Find the determination to take your next step with the wisdom and grace that is your quintessence.

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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Go ahead, admit to us what you have been binge watching or reading while you have been following the safer-at-home guidelines during the Corona Virus outbreak. I will come clean to let you know that I am a serial romance novel reader. I enjoy the whimsical ones, the ones with metaphysical and magical aspects, the comedy ones and even the ones that have mysteries to solve or tragedies to put right. I learn about human interaction and psyche and topics I would never have thought to read about any other way. I once had an interesting conversation with a rugby player on an airplane flight only because I had learned some rugby rules from a series about the New Zealand National team, the All Blacks, called Escape to New Zealand by Rosalind James.

No matter the subject matter, the tone, the tragic events or the level of romance, they always have a happily ever after ending. That is what keeps me coming back. This is not to say that I only read romance novels or novels that have happily ever after as their main focus, but when I want to relax and improve my mood, I will choose a romance novel every time.

While elevation of my mood is the main reason that romance novels are my go-to feel good reading, I realize that they are a good metaphor for my relationship with the experiment in duality. I volunteered to join this experiment of believing myself separate from Source. Why would I do that? Masochism, self-loathing, ignorance? No, I joined the experiment because I thought the story would be interesting and I knew there would be a happily ever after when all was said and done.

The journey and what I learn from the journey is what I want to experience because at the end of the experiment we all remember who we are, we remember why we joined the experiment and we remember that love and joy are our birthrights, no matter what. No matter what we have done, what we failed to do, what power we took or gave away, the ending is the same. We remember we are not separate from Source. We remember that WE ARE SOURCE. Everything else is just the interesting narrative that we experience as we meander toward our definitive happily ever after.


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