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Embracing Our Human Family

Embracing Our Human Family

Whether you’ve spent many lifetimes on this planet or are just here for a quick stop before moving on to another spiritual classroom, we are all members of the human family. Families sometimes feel complicated because we may love them but not always get along with them. There may be moments of deep vulnerability and connection while other times we feel very triggered by our family. We may fight, but then hug and say “I Love You.” But the great mirror about family is that they are always our family, whether we like them or not, whether we’re even speaking to them or not. Your mother will always be your mother and your father will always be your father and your sibling and your aunt and so on. You can’t erase those genetic ties because they are the reflection of much deeper ties, your Oneness. What if we started approaching our relationships with all human beings as members of our greater family?

In Standing in the Light®, we teach techniques for remembering and fully experiencing the spiritual Truth that we are all One. This is an enormous concept to wrap ourselves around and sometimes feels very esoteric as a distant possibility. It may be easier to say, “Oh, yes, I believe that I am One with everything” when we aren’t directly confronted by our resistance and judgments because we aren’t acknowledging our hidden fears of Oneness. No matter how much we may consciously want to come into Oneness, we all still have fears around it.

But we can practice being One with the family of All That Is by starting with our human family, the people who are right here with us every day. We can help ourselves to heal by approaching everyone we meet as a member of our extended family who is always going to be part of our lives in one way or another, whether directly or very indirectly, because we all share the same spiritual “genes” in our human family which link us forever.

So, talk to the woman checking you out at the grocery store as though she’s the aunt you don’t visit very often and approach your co-worker like the brother you care about but also don’t always communicate with very well. It doesn’t have to be perfect every time, but there’s no escaping our connection. Be present, be aware of when you’re triggered or feel the desire to separate yourself, then ask to clear those blocks. Honor the moments when you see something in another that you love and admire. These are all reflections of our Oneness.

The people on the other side of this big blue marble may seem very distant from your everyday reality, but they are as much a part of you as the family you grew up with. By practicing this awareness of our human family connections, we can take that next step toward Oneness with All.

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Mathew 17:20

Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

Mathew 13: 31-32

The Kingdom of heaven is like this. A man takes a mustard seed and sows it in his field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it grows up, it is the biggest of all plants. It becomes a tree, so that birds come and make their nests in its branches.

The seed of Brassica nigra (black mustard) is the size of a grain of sand and grows to 8 feet tall. It is one of the more dramatic examples of nature’s expansion, but any seed is small in comparison with the potential it holds for growth. With the proper mixture of nurturing elements, any seed expands exponentially beyond all recognition of its humble beginnings.

The energy of faith grows like this because it comes from so much more than just your conscious belief. Divine Faith is your state of being when you are aligned with your unlimited potential as an aspect of God/Goddess/ All That Is. When you fully know that as the truth of who you are, then the creative power of the entire universe is flowing with you and you can move mountains.

When we are in fear and doubt, we have become small and believe ourselves to be separate, disconnected and helpless. How can one puny human have any real power? But when we are in our knowingness of our full divinity, we know ourselves as everyone and everything; we know ourselves as Source. How can Source be anything but unlimited?

The seed knows its path and purpose from its genetic coding and it simply grows, pushing up through the soil without knowing what lies beyond the surface. Your faith is your path and purpose, even when you don’t see it manifested yet. Having faith in yourself is knowing that you are God/Goddess/All That Is and nothing is impossible.

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Surprise Gardens

Surprise Gardens

This blog is a revised version of a 2015 post.

Have you ever experienced a situation where the plans you carefully laid out just didn’t go as planned and the times when you just decided to wing it went far better than you imagined? I call that the difference between creating from the mental body and being in the Divine Flow and Joy of your Soul consciousness.

Several years ago, I planted some sunflower seeds outside my south facing window. I thought they would be a nice sunbreak as well as a bright spot of color. I waited and waited, but nothing came up. After a while, I assumed the squirrels who reside in the nearby trees probably had a little feast and that was the end of it. Late summer, I noticed some green stalks triumphantly pushing their way up right in the location where I had planted the sunflowers. “Eureka!” I thought. Maybe they were just slow starters.

However, as I watched them grow and mature, I realized that these were the funniest looking sunflowers I had ever seen. Instead of being wide, flat and round at the top, they were oblong. Hhhmmmm. I kept watering and they kept growing until I finally recognized their shape. I had corn stalks! I looked up and realized what had happened. Above that same window, I also keep a bird feeder hanging and some of the corn seeds in the bird mix had managed to land on the ground and take root. Just by following the joy of watching the birds outside my window, I had unwittingly created a whole new garden!

I started thinking about my other gardening adventures, and I realized that some of my healthiest, most productive plants are ones that I took home spur-of-the-moment “just to see how they would do.” Meanwhile, some of the areas that were more carefully plotted out according to which plants should do better in what amount of sun, haven’t done nearly as well. I was reminded of the saying to follow our bliss. When the heart is truly open, the Divine speaks to us most clearly and those seemingly inconsequential inspirations are often the Soul leading us to some new creation we never imagined.

As I expand the metaphor to my other “gardens”, other creations in my life, I see the lesson for me in truly trusting those thoughtless little moments of joy. With less thought and more heart, I look forward to many more surprise gardens in my life.

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Laughter as Healer

Laughter as Healer

When was the last time you laughed spontaneously and out loud with gusto? Laughter is a powerful, healing energy that connects us with the free-spirited, most loving parts of ourselves and deepens our connection with others. There are even organizations dedicated to that healing quality of laughter by offering regular meetings for “laughter yoga”. People get together and laugh in community for a half hour. The joy of others expands the joy of each person, and the feeling increases exponentially. So, if laughter is that uplifting and highly infectious, why don’t we do it more often?

In our daily lives, we allow ourselves to become focused on getting things done with certain results. We think about the reasons for doing things and the logic of how to get them done. In other words, we often function primarily from our mental body. But laughter helps us of let go of the mental body and connect with our Soul consciousness. Because in a state of laughter, we are closest to our natural state of being, fully present in the moment with love and joy. There is no question of who laughs better or when we’re going to be done laughing and get on with more important things. We are in the pure experience of a higher frequency state of being.

Years ago, I was sent a link to a video about the power of laughter. You can find it on You Tube at Buddha on the Train It’s an 8-minute French video about the infectious state of joy and togetherness that comes from the pure and simple act of laughing. You don’t even need a reason to laugh because it’s not about whether something is funny, it’s about tapping into that pure state of joy which is always within us.

I invite you to take a few minutes and enjoy the pure, healing power of laughter within you. Go ahead, laugh! (Hee, hee).

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The Joy of the Unfinished Task

The Joy of the Unfinished Task

I confess I do like checking items off my “To Do” list, and I have always been one of those people who unpacks within the first few days of a move so that everything is in its place. These are great organizational skills to have, but they can also distract my focus toward the end goal rather than staying fully present in the experience of the moment.

For a while now, I’ve been working on several long-term projects that are each in the “middle” phases of progress and are not showing obvious, major jumps forward. The “list” part of me sometimes has a desire to jump in and make something more visible happen. Even though I can check with guidance and know that they are just in process and not stuck, I feel the pull of that old desire to feel the satisfaction of checking something off my list as complete.

But every creation has a life of its own, involving many unseen factors and energies, and the greatest benefit comes from learning how to remain in alignment with all of those factors as the creation unfolds. Like a good wine, we need to allow time for our creations to “breath.” In Standing in the Light® Level 2, we talk about the cycle of creation which starts with holding the vision, taking action which has an impact, then going into a phase of evaluation and rest before creating a new vision and starting the process again. This is how we can listen to our creation and stay in sync with the divine timing of it. We learn just as much, if not more, from the quieter phases of visioning and evaluation as we do from the more visible action phases.

In nature, everything is essentially incomplete as it’s always moving toward something else. The sunny sky will not stay that way as needed rain clouds are already blowing in from the West. The vibrant bean stalk growing so rapidly in Spring will not stay that way once it finishes fruiting because it will begin to wither and die.

Rather than thinking of these projects of mine as messy and incomplete, I am learning to see them as simply alive, either actively growing or temporarily resting, but always perfectly in alignment with each phase of creation. I am enjoying the freedom of putting one down for a time, walking away or shifting to a different project so that it has time to percolate. And whenever I’m guided to pick it up again, I know that I am perfectly in sync with the next step. Surrendering to the ease of this ebb and flow is the true joy of the unfinished task.

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