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In Remembrance

In Remembrance

As Memorial Day approaches, I’ve been thinking on how I can expand the ways I’m holding the energy of remembrance with gratitude. This time of year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on all who have gone before me and created something in the world from which I’ve benefitted. That might include military personnel or social activists or parents or spiritual masters. It might include all who have contributed to expanding Light for the planet (and the universe!) in their unique way.

If you’re guided, you might take time in your next meditation to send thanks to those who have contributed in unseen but potentially powerful ways to your wellbeing and evolution. We have all heard of the butterfly effect, that the smallest action anywhere on the planet can create great change for us all because we are all connected as aspects of Source. As Lightworkers, we hold the intention to be guided by what serves the highest good of all. But it’s also important to acknowledge with gratitude that same intention in others. These acts of remembrance unite us by strengthening our awareness of our oneness.

When we send healing energy to others, we are doing our part in service to those who will likely never know of our intentions. When we give thanks for those who have given to us in service in so many unseen ways, we are completing the circle and keeping Source energy flowing. We can use this national holiday as a reminder to honor all who have given service to the planet and to the universe, but the good news is that we don’t need to wait for a date on the calendar to live from this consciousness every day.

With deep gratitude to each of you for your unique acts of quiet service.

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Be the Love: The Rest is Only Commentary

Be the Love: The Rest is Only Commentary

I recently finished Gary Zukav’s Universal Human, just published in 2021, and it is largely the inspiration for this month’s blog. He shares many wonderful insights and perspectives on the next steps in our human evolution in this uplifting book, but I am inspired today to focus on one particular insight I received from it. I share with you here the opening pages on his chapter called “Authentic Power”:

All your duties are included in this: Do nothing to others that would pain you if it were done to you. – Mahabharata (Brahmanism)

Do not offend others as you would not wish to be offended. – Udanavarga (Buddhism)

Is there a maxim that one ought to follow all his Life? Surely the maxim of peaceful goodness: What we don’t want done to us we should not do to others. – Analects (Confucianism)

Hold as your own the gains of your neighbor and as yours his losses. – T’ai Shang Kan-Ying P’ien (Taoism)

What you don’t wish for yourself do not wish for your neighbor. This is all the law, the rest is only commentary. – Talmud Shabbat (Judaism)

Do unto others all that you would have them do unto you because this is the sum of the law and of the prophets. – St. Matthew (Christianity)

Not one of you will be a true believer who does not wish for his brother the same that he wishes for himself. – Sunnat (Islam)

Do you sense a theme here? My spiritual teachers have often said this, and as a spiritual teacher myself, I also try to model that divine truth is always simple. It may not feel easy in that moment, but it is always simple once we clear away all the what-ifs, should-haves, I-can’ts or must-do’s. When we are in our divine knowingness of who we are, and who we all are as aspects of Source, then we know what action to take or words to speak as transparently as we can see through crystal. We don’t really need expansive, flowery writings or detailed religious practices or even religious scholars or philosophers to direct us to the truth. Deep down, we know.

Many great spiritual masters have come to show us that we really only need to follow one law, the law of Love, to find our way to enlightenment. They did not come to erase or destroy previous teachings but rather elevate them to the next level of consciousness when the time was right on the planet. For example, the Ten Commandments from the Christian tradition were, at their heart, examples of the greater universal law of Love broken down into smaller bits for the spiritual student on Earth. If we are able to connect with and stay focused on the energy of Divine Love, we don’t need these rules written in commanding tones to remind us what to do. Those and other important teachings serve as a primer for the greater principles of Source consciousness which we each carry within us. As one of the above excerpts says, “This is all the law, the rest is only commentary.”

When you feel stuck or confused about your next step, pause for a moment to remember that deep down you already know. You may still stumble or take a few mis-steps in the process, but by holding your clear intention to make your choices from the highest expression of Love, you will always find the path and it will be perfect. This is divine truth in all its simplicity and all its glory.

The above excerpt was taken from Universal Human copyright © 2021 by Gary Zukav, pages 27-28

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Surrender to Your Transformation

Surrender to Your Transformation

I was meditating recently on my own blocks to allowing true transformation and I was given some insight into how our unwillingness to fully surrender blocks us. We might be able to shift a bit here and there, make some smaller changes in our lives, but not completely transform. Until we truly let go, we are still anchoring pieces of our old selves, our long-held lower-self identities, which hold our energy in place so that we cannot move in the way we need to move in order to create anew.

Many are familiar with the example of the caterpillar spinning itself into a cocoon and emerging, completely transformed, as a butterfly. What some people may not realize, is what actually happens inside that cocoon. The caterpillar does not simply go to sleep and grow a pair of wings. It dissolves into a liquid state, a primordial ooze, and then re-assembles those basic building blocks of life into a new form: the butterfly. In order to do this, it must completely surrender itself to the process. To the caterpillar, this is instinctual and natural. To humans, it often feels more daunting!

The full and complete surrender of our old selves is the key to this transformation. This surrender includes parts of our 3rd dimensional identity that we deem as “good” as well as aspects we admit aren’t serving our highest good. It is not that we will lose our gifts and talents as we evolve, but we will need to release our attachments to those qualities and our belief that those traits make us who we are. Who we are is Source. We choose to reflect certain aspects of Source in each lifetime for our own learning and as our service, but if we allow those qualities to define us then we are blocking ourselves from the true inner change necessary to manifest them in ever new forms. The pine tree cannot both hold onto its pinecones and also spread its seeds to create new trees! It sounds simple, but that is often what the lower self’s ego tries to accomplish.

So, if you are feeling stuck, work with your Soul to identify what it is that you’re still holding on to which is blocking your transformation. It might be a restrictive idea about what your new creation should look like or how you believe it must come into form. It might be fear of trusting your inner, divine self to guide your process of metamorphosis. Or it might be some false belief about who you are that it is time for you to release and heal. Work with resonances to support your trust in your own innate wisdom and you will find yourself emerging from your chrysalis in an exciting new form! May you believe in your own brilliance in creating your new butterfly expression.

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The Beauty of Faith

The Beauty of Faith

Father John LaFarge once remarked, “For those who believe in God no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe in God no explanation is possible.”

I’ve always loved this quote about faith. Faith is not something logical we can explain to anyone nor is it something we can talk ourselves into. It is not something we can pass along to another and it is not about following doctrine. At times, we may be guided to act on faith but we cannot do faith as an action step to make faith happen for us or anyone else.

Divine Faith is a state of being which comes from within. It is a deeply heart-centered understanding of ourselves and all beings as Source. For most of us, it will take time to expand to that level of consciousness and the best approach is to love and allow ourselves with as much patience as we need to grow into our full faith.

So, be at peace and go gently forward as you move into Divine Faith. Give yourself space to more fully remember yourself as Source and support yourself in ways that will help you stay in the resonances of peace, calm, patience, understanding and trust. A soothing bubble bath, a soft chant or a walk in the sunshine may not seem directly related to practicing faith, but they might each be the perfect way to help you hold the wisdom that you are divine and that all is well and in perfect divine order.

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The Power to Heal Ourselves

The Power to Heal Ourselves

Studies show that many people slow down or even stop altogether on progress toward their New Year’s goals by February. We might feel stuck or over-whelmed or just fall back into the comfort of the familiar and routine, even if those habits don’t serve us well. I’ve been reviewing areas that feel stuck in my own healing intentions for this year and one big message came up for me – part of me doesn’t want to heal because of fears of the power and responsibility in fully healing myself. This is good news because having identified the piece, I can now focus on what I need to do to clear it.

When we think of blocks to healing ourselves, many of us immediately think of issues like lack of worthiness, feeling loveable and blocks to accepting help or care for ourselves. It can be more challenging to identify power issues related to healing because the mental body often doesn’t make that connection as easily. And for many Lightworkers, there are layers of fear, guilt or shame over misuse of power or lifetimes of being abused by power. But when we stop to consider it, fully healing ourselves requires us to access and be willing to use divine power confidently, masterfully and free of fear.

So, if you are feeling stuck in your own healing process, you might consider asking your Soul whether blocks to power are part of the issue and which specific blocks you need to clear. Some possible questions to ask your Soul might be:

What is my level of commitment to healing myself?
What is my level of belief in my ability to heal myself?
How on track am I to heal myself on this issue? (name whichever issue you are working on)
How on target am I to heal myself on this issue? (name whichever issue you are working on)
What is my level of willingness to use my Divine Power in my process to heal this issue?

These are just starter questions to help you get a sense of where you may need to focus. Of course, always follow your guidance on where you should be focusing your energy and which action steps to follow next.

You are masters who are just in the processing of remembering and experiencing yourselves in that way. You can and will heal yourselves! You’ve already chosen to heal at the Soul level. The only question is when and which steps you’ll be taking to get there. There aren’t even prizes for being first across the finish line because everyone is moving in their perfect divine timing. Have faith in yourselves and be thorough in your healing work. You will get there and all that will matter will be the experiences and wisdom you gained along the way.

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