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Loaves and Fishes: A Modern Parable

Loaves and Fishes: A Modern Parable

Many are familiar with the miracle of the loaves and fishes that Master Jesus performed when a large group gathered to hear him speak.  There were five loaves of bread and 2 fish but thousands to feed.  The disciples were concerned, but Jesus invited them to trust and believe so that every time they handed out more, there was more available to distribute until everyone was fed.  This is such an old story that it may seem like something close to myth that is hard to hold onto.  How do we, as creators in our mastery, create such miracles in our everyday lives?

We are living in a challenging time right now, with fears of safety high and basic supplies low.  I was at the grocery store when the concern over coronavirus was just hitting, and the shelves of toilet paper were already low in stock.  I order my toilet paper in bulk, and it was a bit sooner than I would normally replenish.  I wanted to buy more to stock up because I could see that it was flying off the shelves.  My perception at the time was that I would go through my remaining stash very quickly.  Surely, I didn’t have enough!  I reasoned with myself that I would probably be ordering more in the next couple of weeks anyway, so why not plan ahead and buy more now?  But I heard from my Soul not to buy what I didn’t need and to trust. If I bought more now, I would be coming from fear.  So, I left without extra toilet paper.  I was really putting myself to the test!

As my supplies got lower, I began to wonder what I would do if I ran out.  It seemed I didn’t have enough after all, and the grocery shelves remained completely empty of this item.  Yet, what I discovered is that when I was mindful and remained in trust, a single roll lasted me far longer than I had ever imagined.  Suddenly, what had seemed to be dwindling supplies was actually an abundance of this essential commodity!

I continued checking in about what supplies to buy at the grocery store and did not stock up any more than I was guided each trip.  Food and other household supplies continued to last me quite well so that I never felt like I had to buy anything in great bulk or in a rush of panic.  In other words, my shopping cart looked much like it normally did every week.  When I truly needed something, it would be available.

I share this story with humor because of the importance that’s been placed on something so mundane as toilet paper.  It has become a symbol of the normalcy and security many are craving.  But I also share this story in genuine seriousness and humility.  It doesn’t matter whether this was literally a manifestation of extra toilet paper rolls in my bathroom cabinet or whether it was simply a shift in my perception that allowed me to experience such calm because the key is always the experience we’re creating, not the actual situation or event itself.  I was thankfully able to maintain my trust, and so I was able to create the experience of deep peace and healing during a time of great uncertainty.

We are faced with this choice in every moment of our lives: “What am I creating right now?  What is my state of being right now?”  We don’t need to wait for a crisis or a challenging time to touch in with ourselves.  Small moments create big ones.  If I focus on remaining in absolute trust and abundance every time I use up more of my precious toilet paper, not knowing when I will be able to replenish, then I am that much closer to remaining in absolute trust in all of the other, seemingly bigger moments.  We each have the capacity within us to create our own personal miracle of the loaves and fishes (or toilet paper!)  Let this be your experience in each and every moment.


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Divine Self Belief: Beyond Limitations

Divine Self Belief: Beyond Limitations

I recently finished watching the documentary Maiden, which tells the story of Tracy Edwards who skippered the first all-female yacht crew to race in the Whitbread Race Around the World in 1989.  The race is long and grueling, taking many months to sail completely around the globe. Tracy formed the crew because she had a passion to race across the ocean and none of the male crews wanted a woman on board.  They were young and relatively inexperienced, racing on a second-hand boat.  Male members of the press took bets on whether they would even last out the first leg of the race.  Others were patronizingly surprised the first time they won one of those legs.

Their path to the race was even longer than the race itself, and they ran into many obstacles finding an affordable boat, painstakingly restoring it themselves and spending 2 years canvassing hundreds of businesses to get the necessary sponsorships.  But what comes through in their story is that they persevered and held alive their dream of racing no matter what.  Closer and closer to the race date, things began to come together as funding finally came through and some final changes to the crew were made to create a solid, well-oiled team.  They had built a momentum with their unwavering belief in themselves, and once it got traction, their support continued to grow.

Though they didn’t win the race, they did finish first in their size division for two legs of the journey and inspired thousands who rooted for them and acknowledged the enormity of what they accomplished against such odds and with so little initial support.  Their successes had a huge impact for many women in sports to follow.

This story is a beautiful example of Divine Self Belief.  When you know in your heart that it will be so for the highest good of all, then universal forces, or Source consciousness, are in alignment to support that vision beyond your wildest imagination.  This kind of belief comes from within and takes us beyond our perceived limitations to create miracles.  I have a mat inside my door that I can read as I walk out into the world and it reminds me that “all things are possible if you believe…” (quoted from a translation of Mark 9:23).

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An Open Invitation

An Open Invitation

I have been reflecting recently on the fullness and the miracle of the human experience and what it means to be an conscious spiritual being having a human experience.  How do we hold that balance within ourselves of celebrating all the uniqueness and sensory aspects of human life while still maintaining our expanded perspective as one aspect of an entire universe?  How do we heal our rejection of the parts of human life that we dislike or even fear and move deeper into understanding them and eventually to truly celebrating them?

I am guided to share this poem by the Sufi poet Rumi called “The Guest House”.

This being human is a guest house.

Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

Some momentary awareness comes

As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!

Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,

Who violently sweep your house

Empty of its furniture,

Still, treat each guest honorably.

He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

Meet them at the door laughing,

And invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,

Because each has been sent

As a guide from beyond.

I have been focusing on making this my practice, to be grateful for whoever comes to the door and to invite them in wholeheartedly, even if I don’t think I know them.  Because a stranger, or a strange experience, is simply a place where we haven’t recognized our Oneness, yet.  Some day, they will all be my great companions in Unity once I know them for who they truly are- all aspects of the divine.  Ask your Soul to help you see what kind of guest house you are being.  Is there an area in your life where you feel comfortable throwing open the door?  Are there still areas where you are hesitant or fearful of being that inviting guest house to new experiences?  Ask to start clearing those limitations and begin to make a practice of welcoming those new visitors as dear friends because that is what they are.


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This Year: Just Do It

This Year: Just Do It

As the calendar clicks over to another year, many are once again making a personal list for what they want to accomplish, experience, create.  Crafting your vision is an essential step in manifesting, but it’s important not to get stuck in that phase, forever visualizing and not taking the steps.  If you’re one of those who find themselves tripped up by taking your first steps toward creating something, consider a temporary shift in focus and just start doing it.  Just take one step forward.

I’m not talking about letting go of your Soul’s vision completely and rushing into frantic action.  I’m suggesting that you might re-evaluate your balance between the visioning stage and the action phase.  The truth is that our vision, our divine plan, is fluid and is constantly shifting and re-adjusting as we shift and change.  You may not be able to see the entire creation with everything in place from start to finish.  The vision itself is created in the process of doing.  So just do it.

Once you have your general vision from your Soul, ask for your action steps.  Allow yourself to really embrace those action steps, free of fear that you don’t have all of the steps yet or that you might somehow “mess up” your creation.  You won’t.  Step forward with confidence and joy.  We are still physical beings in a physical world and an integral part of our manifestations still involve physical aspects.  The physical parts aren’t the sole aspects of our creations, but they’re still equally valuable parts as are the emotional, mental and spiritual components.  Give each aspect the attention they’re due in order to keep that divine balance.

So, check with your Soul for your vision and go for it.  Then, take a breath and check back in with your Soul to re-evaluate where you are and get your updated vision.  In doing your action steps, you may very well have discovered more pieces to your vision or started identifying any blocks you need to heal in order to fully manifest it.  Be okay with a stumble here or there while you expand your understanding of your Soul’s vision and get increasing clarity.  The divine plan is a living, breathing unfolding of evolution, not some prophecy written on stone tablets.  Spend the time you need in the stillness and silence, then allow yourself the time you need to get moving forward!


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Faith, Trust and Surrender: 3 Keys to Transcending the Illusion

Faith, Trust and Surrender: 3 Keys to Transcending the Illusion

The illusion is the false perception of ourselves as separate: separate within ourselves, separate from others, separate from God/Goddess/Source.  Faith, Trust and Surrender are key resonances to coming back into Unity and Oneness.

Divine Faith is that deep inner knowingness free of the need for any validation or outer world proof of what you know.  Divine Trust is the belief in your inner divine self. In Divine Surrender, we move beyond the limited ego-self perspective and step more fully into Oneness.  Surrender is not giving up anything but becoming everything.

If I don’t have faith in what I can’t physically see and verify, if I can’t trust what I know within even if the outer world seems to reflect something different to me, then I am still in the illusion.  If I can’t trust in my Soul as another aspect of my own consciousness rather than something outside myself with a separate agenda and power over me, then I am still creating from the lower self and I am still in the illusion.  If I am unwilling to surrender my identity of separateness out of a need to maintain control, then I am holding on to the illusion.

These three energies have the potential to greatly uplift us into the remembrance of ourselves as fully expanded, multi-dimensional beings.  When we truly know ourselves as All That Is and we function as Source, then possibilities for our creations truly are limitless.  But this is not a pie-in-the-sky magic potion.  We must be willing to do the work.  We must be willing to identify the subconscious beliefs that are blocking us from remembering the truth of who we are.  We must be willing to acknowledge where we are still in denial of ourselves as creators and still blaming someone or something outside ourselves for what we dislike or fear.  We must have Faith in ourselves as divine beings, have Trust in our ability to fully manifest that divinity and Surrender to our greater Divine Will.


Today’s blog features excerpts from the recent class titled “Faith, Trust and Surrender: 3 Keys to Transcending the Illusion”, originally taught on November 16, 2019.  For details on how to purchase the recording, contact

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