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Festival of Inner Light

Festival of Inner Light

Many traditions include some version of a festival of lights around this time of year. We are going into the darkest season, so there is a natural desire to balance that out with more light. This season is also a time of quiet and going within, into the creation void, so it’s also a great time to see where we can reflect more of our inner Light out in the world. Are you willing to let your true Light shine?

For many, the answer is an emphatic “yes” until the realization surfaces that shining our Light more brightly may also highlight our shadows. Fear comes up that others will see our darkness, or even that we will see our own darkness more clearly, and we start to pull back within. Yet, that is also the gift of shining our Light – to more easily identify that which is still unhealed within us, that which is still in the illusion of separation. So, it may feel safer to hold back, but that also holds us back from our greatest healing.

Our Divine Light is of Source, the One Source, the source of what we believe is our light and also our dark. They are One. It is only in the illusion that we see them as separate. In order to fully actualize our healing light, we must acknowledge that this is the same creative power that created our belief in our dark. It is the same creative source.

This season we invite you to celebrate your own festival of lights- to truly honor your inner Light. Allow your Light to shine and if you also see your dark, let go of the judgments and hold gratitude for the opportunity to see all that much more clearly in order to allow healing. This is not about excusing or glossing over that which is out of alignment within ourselves, what we might call our dark, but about forgiving our self-judgment, owning our responsibility for creating it and beginning the healing process.

So, are you willing to let your true Light shine, unconditionally? Take a deep breath and take a moment to ask this question sincerely. Make a commitment to let your Light shine and feel the freedom of releasing yourself from all expectations of where that will lead you. May your inner Light shine with radiance and joy!

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To Live a Life in Each Moment

To Live a Life in Each Moment

One of my spiritual teachers, Kris Duffy, used to tell a parable she learned from a Native American tradition. It went something like this: Every morning, a man would wake and ask Great Spirit, “Is today a good day to die?” and every morning he would hear “No” and then go about his daily routine, living his life as usual. One morning, he awoke and asked, “Is today a good day to die?” and he heard, “Yes.” The man went about his daily routine, living his life as usual, and then he died.

That’s how she would tell the story, in just that kind of spartan language. And I remember that I really didn’t like that story the first few times I heard it! It seemed so stark to me. I wanted more. Intellectually, I believed that I understood the point of the parable but I didn’t fully know what it meant from a place of true wisdom.

One day, I was inspired to ask the same question of myself and I heard, “Yes.” Now, my Soul didn’t literally mean that it was a day for me to die. To me, that “yes” meant that I was in a place of peace and balance and if I did leave this physical life in that moment, I would do so with ease and a sense of completion. That’s when I understood the deeper truth of that parable for me. My desire to hear some profound revelation the man experienced before he died or some great deed that he did came from the energy of incompletion and lack. The man in the parable didn’t need to do anything special on that day because he had no regrets and no unfinished business. He had lived a life that was aligned with his divine purpose, in sync with All That Is, so when it was time for him to leave his earthly life, he was already in perfect surrender.

Viewed from this perspective, asking this question of ourselves can be empowering rather than deflating. It can be used as an internal barometer to check in with your own energy field. Are you in balance? Are you at ease? Are you living in your divine purpose? If not, you can ask your Soul what you may still be holding onto and what you need to do in that moment to shift your energy and come back into alignment.

By living in a way that keeps us in divine peace and surrender at all times then any change in our lives becomes a simple transition into another phase. It becomes just another experience. May you find that perfect balance within!

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Our Peaceful Transition of Power

Our Peaceful Transition of Power

There has been a lot discussion of a peaceful transition of power with elections coming in November and a Supreme Court nomination currently underway. We are being gifted with many mirrors in the outer world with potential shifts in third dimensional power and the various ways people are reacting to these events. But have you asked yourself if you’re ready to welcome your personal peaceful transition of power within?

We are seeing reflected in the outer world the battle of wills that we are experiencing on the inner: the struggle of the lower self/ ego against what it perceives as power/control over itself. We hear many of the same justifications that the lower self uses: “But I only acted this way because they did that first,” or “I was only righting a wrong,” or “We had to protect ourselves.” Our lower selves are masters of justifications for acting in ways that serve ourselves or our small group without having the greater perspective of the full effects of those actions. Those reasons always come from fear of some kind. It might be fear that others will get the upper hand, that we won’t get our needs met, that our way of life is being threatened, but it is always fear.

So how do we create a peaceful transition within ourselves from third dimensional power and control to fifth dimensional power for the highest good of all? The answer is simple but not always easy: Surrender. We must heal our own fears and let go of our attachments to outcomes in order to fully surrender the old power paradigm, just as the caterpillar surrenders fully in order to emerge from its chrysalis in a completely new form.

If we have not yet made that transition of power within ourselves, we will continue to see and experience that power struggle in the outer world. If we have made a transition to a higher frequency power of wisdom and unconditional love, then it won’t matter what others choose to create or who holds which office. We will be creating from Divine Power. As we teach in Standing in the Light®, it’s not the what, it’s the why. Shift your focus from what is happening in the outer world to why you are perceiving it with judgment and fear. And then commit to letting go and healing.

Allow yourself to fully surrender to the inner peace and joy of your divine power within. Free yourself from the fear and worry of outcomes and live in the unconditional love of knowing that all is well and all is divine. This seemingly contentious and chaotic process we’re experiencing is helping all of us to heal and evolve. We can be stressed and anxious and push back with resistance, or we can relax and surrender, trusting in our own divine wisdom to guide us through this breakdown for breakthrough to a new paradigm of heaven on earth.

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Right On Target

Right On Target

I am endlessly fascinated by the messages and mirrors that I receive from my Soul. Sometimes lessons come to us in ways that we may find frustrating, sometimes joyful and sometimes humorous. Each of those energies have the potential to get our attention if we allow them, free of judgment. Recently, I had a very humorous message from my Soul about the importance of being in alignment that most definitely got my attention!

I was out walking on a trail and was about to take a route branching off in another direction when I got a nudge to continue on the main trail. I kept walking, enjoying the sunlight and the sounds of the birds caw-ing nearby. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind stirred the air and I felt a light splat. I looked down and saw that a bird had relieved himself down the front of my top. The first thought that popped into my head was “Right on the mark!” If I’d been a second earlier or later, there would have been no impact. If the gust of wind that had just kicked up had been a little bit softer, there would have been no impact. If I hadn’t stayed on the main trail, it wouldn’t have happened. There were probably innumerable factors that went into the timing of this noteworthy event!

As I headed home, I realized that every one of our creations is a result of this same precise mix of timing, actions and intent. Much of it seems ordinary and familiar, so we don’t always take note or we feel like nothing is really happening. But we are always creating this actively! There is always dynamic change in progress, though it may not be in our conscious awareness yet. Our energies are shifting and changing from moment to moment, lining up for the next creation and the next and the next.

The key is to continue to be aware and conscious of how you are resonating and be responsive when your energy shifts out of alignment with the divine plan of Love and Light. Is it time to take a pause in the stillness? Did you miss an action step? Are you allowing your thoughts to pull you out of your center? There is nothing we can do in the outer world to change our experience unless we first create a change in our energetic alignment within. Ask yourself: What can I do right in this moment to bring myself back on target?

image courtesy of MasterTux on Pixabay

Divine Self Love: A Path to Unity and Oneness

Divine Self Love: A Path to Unity and Oneness

In our recent July class exploring Divine Self Love, Rebecca Cribelli shared her insight into giving and receiving love when she was feeding her cat, Primrose. She felt her deep connection with Prim and felt great joy in being able to show her love for Prim by caring for her. That simple act of service was both a gift to Prim and a gift to herself. In that moment, Rebecca had the realization that this unconditional love and joy in giving is what Source feels for all of us, as aspects of All That Is. She was tapping into the unlimited love that Source has for Source. If only we could allow ourselves to feel that same great love!

We’ve all heard how important it is for those in long-term caregiver roles to make sure that they are taking care of themselves. It is sometimes hard to give to yourself when you’re helping someone who seems to be in much greater need, but it is equally important, like the advice in the airplane safety guidelines to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist others with theirs. It feels selfish on the surface, especially if you are with someone who may genuinely need special help to get their mask on. And intellectually we understand the logic: if you pass out from lack of oxygen then you really cannot be of any assistance to anyone else and also could end up requiring others to now spend energy assisting you. But still we feel that filling ourselves up first is selfish because we’ve been told so many times that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

But when you start to look at acts of self-love, from the perspective of Unity, you understand that loving yourself is loving all. It is only selfish when the intention is to take control, take over or take from others. That’s not Divine Love in any form: it’s fear. It is fear from a belief in lack and limitation. But self-love from the divine perspective is all-inclusive, not exclusive. In those moments of self-care, you may be focusing on that aspect of Oneness that is you, but if you are holding the awareness and the intention that you are part of the One, then what you do to support yourself becomes something that ultimately benefits everyone. You are keeping the infinity flow open and balanced, being both the giver and receiver. It is not more blessed to give than to receive: it is essential to allow both.

That infinity flow of giving and receiving must always be in balance. In our Eminent Reiki™ circles, we spend time receiving the Reiki energy and then sharing it long-distance with others. In some circles, we choose an ascended master to send energy to and then take a moment to receive from that master. At New Moon ceremonies, we have a time to be in the circle to receive energetic support for our personal manifestations and we also spend time giving to others and to the planet. We do this to honor the principle of keeping that infinite flow in motion with the understanding that whether you’re receiving or giving, it is always a universal act of self-love and love for all.

*This blog contains excerpts from a class taught in July 18, 2020. If you are interested in purchasing the full recording, contact us at our Standing the Light contact page

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