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What Do You Know For Sure?

What Do You Know For Sure?

I was prompted to ask myself the question “What do you know for sure?” while watching Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday”. This is a question she frequently likes to ask her guests. Unsurprisingly, the answers are often simple and quite similar in their essence but always profound. If you ask this of yourself at different times, you may hear variations on the theme, depending on what is being highlighted in your life and what you most need to remember at that time. But, when you ask with a genuinely open heart, you will always hear Divine Truth and you will hear exactly what is perfect for that moment.

What do I know for sure? When I asked this of my Soul this time, the answer came that we are all created out of Love and that same Love is from the one Source which is the essence of who we all are. In that moment, I knew it to be absolute divine truth, but I also realized that I do not always fully experience this. I was reminded that while I do know it to be true on one level, I don’t always believe it to be true on other levels and therefore do not always see it out-pictured in my world. But that experience is my creation, not the world’s. When I allow the outer world to distract me from what I know, my mind fills the vacuum by falling back into old habits of belief in separation and judgment. The moment I quiet my mind and re-connect with my inner truth, what I know for sure, I bring my vibration back into alignment with my divine self.

Re-connect with what you know for sure and allow that truth to anchor you permanently in divine reality. Hold yourself firmly to that anchor, especially in times of stress and fear when the “false evidence appearing real” is starting to pull you out of alignment, and use that anchor as your unshakeable touchstone and guidepost for your actions and words. Your response to “What do I know for sure?” is one of the most powerful statements in the universe because to answer it is not just to believe it but to know and vibrate that truth through your whole being. That statement becomes your creation.

image courtesy of Gerd Altman on Pixabay

Modulating Divine Will?

Modulating Divine Will?

Recently, I thought of a line from the 2007 movie, Charlie Wilson’s War. The movie is based on a true story of United States Representative from Texas, Charlie Wilson, played by Tom Hanks, who wants to help the Afghan freedom fighters against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. Wilson is able to get congressional funding for the CIA to operate covertly in Afghanistan with the help of other countries in the region against the Soviets. An unlikely ally to Wilson is a Texas socialite, Joanne Herring, played by Julia Roberts, who believes it is her Christian duty to help the Afghans. In the movie, Herring is trying to raise awareness for the Afghan plight with her wealthy friends by framing the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets as a religious issue instead of a military issue.

At one point in the movie, Wilson asks Herring to dial back the religious rhetoric because, in a covert war, the US needs to have plausible deniability that it is not funding the operation. Otherwise, a covert war becomes an overt war and that isn’t what the parties want. Herring’s rejoinder is “I can’t modulate God’s Will.” Wilson replies, “you can try.”

Remembering this got me thinking about all the times I am trying to modulate Divine Will and why I might try doing that. The answer, for me, seems to come back to the combination of fear and lack of trust.

I don’t have enough trust in the highest plan for me and my role in the highest plan for all. I want to negotiate with Source in order for the highest plan to be more acceptable to me from a 3D standpoint. I am trying to control the outcome to make it easier, more gentle, less painful, etc. It is not that I truly believe that the highest plan for me is to be in pain, but instead of surrendering to the Divine Will, I am hedging my bets. Hedging my bets is going to put me in resistance.  We all know the old saying “resistance equals pain”. The resistance will prolong me being in the illusion. If I want to see through the illusion and end the experiment in duality, I need to stop negotiating with my Soul / with me as Source.

No Negotiation. Yes Creation.

As long as I am negotiating, I am in fear. (I originally typed – “as long as I am negotiating from a position of fear” – and then I realized that as long as I am negotiating, I am in fear. Full stop. No question about it. Negotiating equals fear.)

However, we need to not confuse setting intentions and creating with negotiating. The goal is to be in co-creation with our Souls – our higher frequency aspects of Source.

Remember, “It is not the what, it is the why.” If our why for trying to create something is fear and negotiating, that is not coming from a high frequency and what we manifest will take on that lower frequency energy. That is exactly the opposite of what we are trying to do.

If we are setting intentions and co-creating with our Souls to manifest the highest possible version of the plan, the highest good of all, without judgement and without hedging our bets, then “the why” is a high frequency motive.

Negotiating with our Souls – low frequency creation. Creating with our Souls – high frequency creation. Creating with our Souls requires that we be in alignment and clear communication with our Souls.

Recommendation: Five Steps to Manifesting

How do we come into alignment and clear communication with our Souls? The recommendation from the Christ is as it has always been: The five steps to manifesting.

  1. Connect and align with your Soul
  2. Receive your Soul’s vision
  3. Release the blocks to manifesting the vision
  4. Resonate the vision
  5. Take action steps

These are the five steps to miracles, to knowing yourself as Source, and to Ascension.

Obviously, this is a reiterative process. Lather, rinse, repeat. If you are having trouble with connecting and being aligned, then try to see what the blocks are to being connected and aligned. Maybe as part of the resonance step, before you are able to connect and align with your Soul, you are guided to perform an energy healing modality on yourself or seek help from someone else. Healing modalities are high frequency resonances. The key is to keep trying with one step or another even if you aren’t able to take the steps in the recommended order all the time.

If you need to clear first, then clear first. If you need to bring in resonances first to lower resistance, then bring in resonances.

Following the steps as listed is the most efficient way to create. However, effectiveness is all about practicing, not giving up and finding a way to raise your frequency even if it is allowing in small slivers of light until you are willing to allow in more light more often.

Don’t give up. Don’t negotiate. Clear fear. Set intentions and create. Trust as though you have never had any reason to doubt. Trust because YOU ARE SOURCE.

Gratitude to Dan Fador with for the beautiful image.


To Be Human Is Divine

To Be Human Is Divine

Recently, while struggling to let go of some old patterns I’ve been holding for a long time, I heard my wise self asking me, “Are you willing to allow yourself to be human?” In that moment, I realized that I had become too focused on who I wanted to be and was not honoring the brilliance of who I am now.

As Lightworkers, we may find ourselves focused so much on remembering our divinity that we forget to honor and celebrate our humanity. Humans are unique expressions of Source. Human nature is fully divine, though we may each be in different stages of living that truth. Celebrating our uniqueness as humans is part of honoring and celebrating our divinity.

To the ancient Egyptians, the word “hu” was the original creation word and “man” is the physical form of that creation. To be human is, in the universal sense that transcends gender, to be a god-man, a creator being of Source. Our divinity expresses in our human creations. While humor is divine, laughter and tears are uniquely human. Beauty may be a cosmic force but admiring the brilliant colors in a sunset is a human activity. Love is truly universal, but a soft touch or a warm hug are very human experiences.

While it is still our path to continue healing those parts of our humanity which are in separation, it is also our path to enjoy this very unique experience of being human while we’re here on this Earth. Parts of our humanity may still be rooted in the illusion but they are also our keys to remembering ourselves as Source if we can freely embrace and understand them more deeply. It may be time to take a moment and ask yourself: Am I allowing myself to be human?

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Reconciliation: An Aspect of Divine Forgiveness

Reconciliation: An Aspect of Divine Forgiveness

Spirit is urging us to work with the energy of reconciliation. Reconciliation includes bringing issues into agreement and harmony, to settle disputes or to forgive.

Setting these intentions are useful in the third dimensional world. One only needs watch the news to see mirrors as to what needs to be reconciled. Working toward agreement, harmony and forgiveness within our families, our societies, within the body of humankind and with Mother Earth are steps in the direction of Oneness. You may be guided to take action steps toward reconciliation in the outer world.

As with most issues, the first step to be in reconciliation with the third dimensional world is to be in reconciliation with ourselves. What do we need to examine within ourselves to come into reconciliation with the highest plan and with the number one priority of our own evolution?

Is our multidimensional self not fully aligned? Are there disputes between the will of the ego self and the will of ourselves as source that we need to reconcile? Is our mental body fighting with our physical body or emotional body? Is there a lack of alignment or agreement as to what the highest plan is?

If you are having trouble seeing the highest plan for yourself or the action items to help manifest the highest plan, you may be guided to work with the Star of David and the resonances associated with it that Marsha Hankins channeled. We discuss recommendations for using this tool in the Feb 2020 blog entry Back to Basics – Standing in the Light (

The resonances associated with the Star of David are Love, Wisdom, Power, Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding. Raising our frequencies with these resonances will help us to reconcile what might be out of alignment and what we need to forgive ourselves and others.

Working with these resonances and with divine truth will help us be willing to reconcile within ourselves and to reconcile the false beliefs we still hold. This will help us reconcile ourselves to the knowledge of ourselves as Source.

May We Know Ourselves as Source.


In Remembrance

In Remembrance

As Memorial Day approaches, I’ve been thinking on how I can expand the ways I’m holding the energy of remembrance with gratitude. This time of year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on all who have gone before me and created something in the world from which I’ve benefitted. That might include military personnel or social activists or parents or spiritual masters. It might include all who have contributed to expanding Light for the planet (and the universe!) in their unique way.

If you’re guided, you might take time in your next meditation to send thanks to those who have contributed in unseen but potentially powerful ways to your wellbeing and evolution. We have all heard of the butterfly effect, that the smallest action anywhere on the planet can create great change for us all because we are all connected as aspects of Source. As Lightworkers, we hold the intention to be guided by what serves the highest good of all. But it’s also important to acknowledge with gratitude that same intention in others. These acts of remembrance unite us by strengthening our awareness of our oneness.

When we send healing energy to others, we are doing our part in service to those who will likely never know of our intentions. When we give thanks for those who have given to us in service in so many unseen ways, we are completing the circle and keeping Source energy flowing. We can use this national holiday as a reminder to honor all who have given service to the planet and to the universe, but the good news is that we don’t need to wait for a date on the calendar to live from this consciousness every day.

With deep gratitude to each of you for your unique acts of quiet service.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Cheez-It x Pandora

Cheez-It x Pandora

We have long talked about the benefits of higher frequency resonances. In Standing in the Light®, we teach that resonances are one of the three R’s to manifesting consciously. Just as a refresher, the first R is Receive the Vision, the second R is to Release any blocks to manifesting the vision and the third R is to Resonate the vision – to bring in the energy or resonance of what you are trying to manifest.

Looks like scientists are experimenting with resonances in a fun way. Here is an article in an online magazine called Thrillist by Megan Schaltegger on the MSN platform describing an experiment performed by Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland. Cheez-It ‘Sonically-Aged’ Its New Crackers to R&B Music (

In a study conducted by Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland, researchers found that aging cheese to hip-hop music can “strengthen taste and smell.” Which, naturally, inspired the brand to give the attempt a go.


There’s just something about scream-singing ’90s R&B that heals the soul. And apparently, it also intensifies the flavor. Cheez-It has “sonically-aged” its new crackers to a Pandora-curated playlist with hip-hop’s most iconic players.


“After six months in the making, we’re thrilled to finally share this absurdly delicious collaboration with our fans,” Senior Marketing Director Erin Storm said in a press release. “Our innovations team is always exploring new ways to bring more unique experiences to our fans, and Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio is the perfect way to provide our dedicated fans with a truly first-of-its-kind snack while celebrating the joy music brings.”


The Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers, which will be sold exclusively via Cheez-It’s online shop beginning May 26 at 12 pm EST, were aged to a quality mix of A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, The Roots, Beastie Boys, and Snoop Dogg for six and a half months. The entire playlist will be released along with the crackers later this month so that you can experience the same tunes as your snack.


“This collaboration is the perfect mix of my favorite things: hip-hop music, wild innovation and Cheez-It,” SiriusXM radio host Sway Calloway said in the release. “Hip-hop has influenced many lives, so I’m looking forward to seeing if fans can taste the effect of the most beloved genre of music in the world on these crackers.”

I love everything about this story. It is fun and frivolous at a time when fun and frivolity seem in short supply. I love that we get to see the effect of resonances on cheese.

If resonances affect cheese, what can they do for you? What are you listening to these days? What are you surrounding yourself in? Is it raising your frequency or sapping your energy? Take a look at what you are soaking in 24/7. If you need to make some changes, do it. If you are honoring yourself with positive energy, keep it up. Just remember the power of resonances to help you heal and help you manifest.

Hope this entry wasn’t too cheesy.


Gratitude to Chiplanay with for the image.