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Do You Love the Breakdown Enough to Allow It?

Do You Love the Breakdown Enough to Allow It?

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t get off the wheel of dharma until you love it so much that you no longer want to leave”? Recently, I’ve been shown certain attachments to what I believe is the ideal order of things, including how the illusion is “supposed to” come to completion in a way that is safe and gentle for everyone. My soul has been reminding me that third-dimensional order comes from the need to protect oneself and to feel personally comfortable and safe. Divine Order supports our spiritual evolution and ascension. From the limitations of the lower self’s perspective, the breakdown can sometimes seem messy and unorganized or even dangerously chaotic. From the divine perspective, it is perfectly…. well, divine.

When we judge any aspect of the breakdown process, we are blocking ourselves from healing the illusion within. Judgment or fear of how the breakdown will happen or when it will be complete or how it will affect us personally are all signs that we are still holding onto the illusion. These blocks may come to our awareness as a desire to stop or slow down the breakdown or to speed up and finish. It’s sometimes easier to identify our fears when we’re trying to put on the brakes. But resistance may also come to our awareness as a false excitement for the breakdown to hurry up and be done. Why is the lower self in such a rush? This may be a helpful question to take to your soul. The desire to fast-forward may be the lower self’s resistance to allowing true, lasting change within by skipping over what feels like the tougher pieces of surrender.

As Lightworkers, we are committed to healing and being of service, which is wonderful. But, we may also find ourselves getting a little impatient about “what we’re here to do” and overlook the opportunities in the breakdown itself. Everything is happening in divine order, and we are collectively co-creating the breakdown for our highest good in perfect divine timing. If we feel the need to hurry the process, we’re resisting the messages and mirrors that will guide us to what we still need to heal. Our very attachments to how or when the breakdown happens blocks us from fully allowing the breakdown to complete and, therefore, allowing our healing. Whatever is happening now truly is what we’re here to do, no matter how messy or chaotic or uncomfortable it may seem. Love the breakdown enough to allow it to unfold and allow yourself to heal.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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