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Getting Unstuck: The Inspiration to Move Forward, Again! by Lori Rock

Do you feel stuck in some area of your life? If you do, this book is perfect for you.

We all get stuck from time to time. To get unstuck, we have to find out what we need to do differently. Lori Rock can help you discover what is stopping you from getting where you want to go and help you learn how to create the life you want to live.

In this book, she shares her personal experience of being stuck and gives you the steps to start moving forward again and create a more joyful and fulfilling life.

She explains:

  • Why you get stuck.
  • What blocks your motivation to get moving.
  • What you can change in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual routines to create change.
  • How to get started today crafting the new you

eBook available on Amazon. Click here.

Divine Justice: Healing Through Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness by Marsha Hankins

What is the difference between what we know as justice on earth and Divine Justice? How does Divine Justice work? Can it work?

As spiritual beings, we long for reunification and Oneness with All That Is. We want to know ourselves as divine. But are we ready to step fully into love, compassion, and forgiveness to let go of the concept of punishment—not only for others but most importantly for ourselves?

We have not yet recreated heaven on earth. We have not yet mastered “as above, so below.” We need to protect society from those who would harm others. But the punishments in the systems we use now do not work to stop crime. Wanting to get even doesn’t help us move into Oneness. So, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

You must first come into understanding to find the compassion that allows you to forgive. If you want to heal yourself and bring more light to humankind, this book will give you one of the essential steps. Learn how to make the shift from worldly justice to Divine Justice and find lasting peace.

eBook available on Amazon. Click here.

The Strength and Peace of Divine Humility: Knowing True Contentment by Lori Rock

Every spiritual path tells you to be humble, but many people are confused by what that means. Does it make you strong or does it make you weak?

Humility is “the state of being humble” while humiliation is “feeling a painful loss of pride, self-respect, or dignity.” Being humble is about being and feeling modest. It is free of vanity, egotism, arrogance, boastfulness, or great pretenses. None of these words imply that you have no strength or power. But mastering humility is not always easy.

Let Lori teach you:

  • How humility gives you strength
  • The 8 key beliefs for mastering humility
  • How to share this gift with the world
  • And, how to find peace in the truth of who you are

eBook available on Amazon. Click here.

3 Cosmic Events You Don’t Have to Understand Astrology to Use by Marsha Hankins

You are part of a powerful universe. Knowing how to tap into and use the energy of our solar system can help you create the life you want to live and move forward in your spiritual evolution.

You do not have to be well versed in astrology to make use of many of the energies of the cosmos. Marsha Hankins explains the energy and power of eclipses, meteor showers, and comets. Every year, each person on the planet is exposed to and effected by these cosmic energies. Yet, very few people are aware of their significance and how to use them to heal, manifest, and grow.

Once you understand why these three events are important and how to use their energy to support you, you only need to spend a few minutes online collecting the dates for the coming year, mark your calendar, and commit to a manifesting practice that works for you. The universe is designed to empower you. Embrace what the heavens have to offer with a simple and easy process that anyone can use.

eBook available on Amazon. Click here.

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