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Healing the Energies of War: Within and Without

Healing the Energies of War: Within and Without

As we are seeing in the outer world, there are many places on the planet right now where there is a call to resolve and heal old, deep conflicts. Whether it’s physical war between two groups or nations or power wars between political groups, there is a great deal of battle energy erupting in the outer world. While it can be upsetting to watch others in fear, pain and struggle, we also know that lasting healing comes from within. Whenever we are feeling triggered or affected by the mirrors in the outer, we are also being presented with the opportunity to heal those matching vibrations within ourselves. So, in order to help bring peace to the world, we must be willing to hold peace within ourselves.

We can be at war within ourselves in many different ways. War energy doesn’t always look like two nations battling with weaponry. But the core energy we are still holding within stems from the same root of separation and fear. Our little will may be resistant to surrendering to Divine Will. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies may still be operating in separation from each other. We might not physically be battling someone in our lives but might be battling them through words or even in our thoughts and emotions. We might also be battling ourselves through negative self-talk and actions of self-sabotage.

We may find ourselves looking out at the world and saying, “Why do they continue to act in this way? Why can’t they take steps toward compromise and healing?” We can find our answers by asking, “Why am I still unable to forgive my brother? How can I be at peace with my ex-wife? When will I stop putting myself down?” The answer to why there is still war on the planet lies in the answer to why we are still at war in our own lives and within ourselves.

Here is an exercise you might try in meditation to start the healing process. Ask your soul where you are holding conflict or battle energy within yourself that most needs healing at this time. Now expand with the resonances, the feeling states, of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom, Divine Power and Divine Peace. Allow your entire energy field to be filled. Holding the first 3 foundational resonances in balance creates a state of peace within.

Now ask your soul for a situation, event or group in the 3rd dimensional world that most needs this healing energy of Divine Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace. Expand your energy field, while still holding these resonances, to include that situation, event or group. Feel the Divine Peace flowing outward to include this group or region. Continue expanding with that energy until it feels complete. Give gratitude for the opportunity to both heal within and be of service.

In the divine realms, energy is energy. The energy of war between two people is the same as between millions of citizens in two nations. Whenever we start the healing process within ourselves, we are supporting everyone in that healing. Be gentle with yourself and others. And be at peace.

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