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It’s Okay to Feel Stuck… Really!

It’s Okay to Feel Stuck… Really!

Like many people these days, you might be feeling a little (or a lot) stuck. Globally, we’ve been in a phase of deep review of old beliefs, old patterns, old paradigms. This can sometimes feel like a tedious, even painful, process. Yet, it’s truly necessary for new life, new patterns, new creations. This global pandemic is giving us, collectively and individually, the opportunity to re-evaluate many aspects of our lives, culture and institutions. It can bring up fear, resistance, anger, blame, judgment and even violence or abuses of power. We may feel like we’ve been staring at these issues so intently that we’re ready to just be done with it, but if we’re still not seeing significant outer change in our situation then feelings of doubt and confusion may come bubbling up. So, we might be feeling stuck right about now.

And it’s okay to feel stuck. Really. Our natural instinct is to struggle against feeling stuck by reaching for the nearest action or “solution” just so the lower self/ego can feel a little bit more in control again. We may even understand intellectually that what we’re doing is just a band-aid that will have no real, lasting effect, but we reach for the temporary relief anyway.

What if you give yourself permission just to allow your stuckness? I don’t mean to just sit in your living room perpetually doing nothing. I mean, taking time each day to be quiet with yourself, including the scared, stuck parts, and allow them to just be without trying to fix or change or solve them. Just be present with those emotions. Breathe them in, really get in touch with all the emotions underneath the stuckness, then breathe out with release. Then breathe them in again. And so on. Allow what comes.

I’m not suggesting that this is a magic formula which will instantly stop the feelings of being stuck. You might feel stuck for a while. And, your particular situation may require some form of more immediate response in the outer world. Of course, you should do what you need to take care of immediate needs. But, instead of taking blind action to get it over with and then burying the emotions so that you can feel “done with it”, try staying conscious of those continuing feelings of confusion and ambiguity. Wherever we bring our awareness, our consciousness, we bring healing and light. This way, we help to release the emotional charge of fear and judgment as we open ourselves to deeper understanding. When we remain present and conscious, even in times of self-doubt, we activate our own inner creativity and discover inspiration for moving forward in ways we weren’t even able to imagine previously.

So, commit to remaining open and accepting even when you don’t immediately see the way forward. Take an action step when you need to but stay receptive to new directions and course changes as the way becomes clearer. Allow the feelings of being stuck to teach you and guide you rather than trying to get rid of them. Being stuck may seem like a weak and helpless place to be, but when we let go of resistance we find great power and potential within. Our emotional blocks can be useful teachers if we allow ourselves to be still and listen.

Try the following e-book for more insights about working through feelings of being stuck:
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