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Our Peaceful Transition of Power

Our Peaceful Transition of Power

There has been a lot discussion of a peaceful transition of power with elections coming in November and a Supreme Court nomination currently underway. We are being gifted with many mirrors in the outer world with potential shifts in third dimensional power and the various ways people are reacting to these events. But have you asked yourself if you’re ready to welcome your personal peaceful transition of power within?

We are seeing reflected in the outer world the battle of wills that we are experiencing on the inner: the struggle of the lower self/ ego against what it perceives as power/control over itself. We hear many of the same justifications that the lower self uses: “But I only acted this way because they did that first,” or “I was only righting a wrong,” or “We had to protect ourselves.” Our lower selves are masters of justifications for acting in ways that serve ourselves or our small group without having the greater perspective of the full effects of those actions. Those reasons always come from fear of some kind. It might be fear that others will get the upper hand, that we won’t get our needs met, that our way of life is being threatened, but it is always fear.

So how do we create a peaceful transition within ourselves from third dimensional power and control to fifth dimensional power for the highest good of all? The answer is simple but not always easy: Surrender. We must heal our own fears and let go of our attachments to outcomes in order to fully surrender the old power paradigm, just as the caterpillar surrenders fully in order to emerge from its chrysalis in a completely new form.

If we have not yet made that transition of power within ourselves, we will continue to see and experience that power struggle in the outer world. If we have made a transition to a higher frequency power of wisdom and unconditional love, then it won’t matter what others choose to create or who holds which office. We will be creating from Divine Power. As we teach in Standing in the Light®, it’s not the what, it’s the why. Shift your focus from what is happening in the outer world to why you are perceiving it with judgment and fear. And then commit to letting go and healing.

Allow yourself to fully surrender to the inner peace and joy of your divine power within. Free yourself from the fear and worry of outcomes and live in the unconditional love of knowing that all is well and all is divine. This seemingly contentious and chaotic process we’re experiencing is helping all of us to heal and evolve. We can be stressed and anxious and push back with resistance, or we can relax and surrender, trusting in our own divine wisdom to guide us through this breakdown for breakthrough to a new paradigm of heaven on earth.

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  1. Lori Rock

    Wonderful reminder, Ginger. Thank you.


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