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Being Our Divine Authority

Being Our Divine Authority

Do you see yourself as a rule follower or a rule breaker? My personality self in this lifetime has tended to be a rule-follower. I did not believe I had significant issues with authority, until recently. As I was working to heal my perceptions of abuses of power in the outer world, I realized that understanding and stepping into Divine Power goes hand-in-hand with respecting and surrendering to Divine Authority. We cannot be in true Divine Power if we are not also operating in Divine Authority.

Even as Lightworkers, our lower selves sometimes want to skip steps. We may find ourselves trying to jump from feeling at the effect of 3rd dimensional authority and directly into what we perceive as the freedom of recognizing no authority at all. But both of these perspectives are rooted in separation. Denying authority is not healing our issues with it. Whether we find ourselves fighting against authority, following authority without question or denying any authority altogether, we are dealing with aspects of the same unhealed issue of viewing power and authority as an outside force.

Healing our issues with authority requires expanding our understanding of Divine Authority to include All That Is. In our humility and respect for the collective will of Source, we simultaneously surrender to the authority of Source and act as the authority of Source. In the 3rd dimension, those two energies may appear to be separate but in the higher frequencies of the divine realms, they are one and the same. When we know ourselves as One, there can be no power and authority over or under. When we know ourselves as One, then our inner power and authority are One.

Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay

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