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At STANDING IN THE LIGHT®, we love to get student feedback. Here are some of the stories students have chosen to share. You too can share your story about your experience by sending us an email with your story and a photo. We look forward to hearing from you!

Myron L Des Jarlais

Severe Fibromyalgia has been my constant companion for over 20 years. I have tried endless drugs to relieve my pain and found Savella helped, my next step was meditation. After reading 5 books on the subject, i meditated for one and one half hours daily for six months seeing pretty swirling colors but nothing else. After reading Marsha Hankins book “Awaken to Ascension, I e-mailed her a thank you for answering many of my questions but I needed a Vulcan mind meld from her. She called me and put me in touch with Lori Rock one of the current head co-teachers of the Standing in the Light® Programs. I am disabled so Lori Rock agreed to teach me over Skype.

After completing levels 1 and 2, I found myself calmer, more in touch with my soul and enjoying life. I still have pain but between the drug Savella and SITL, my pain is reduced by half. I push myself hard daily to become better physically, mentally and spiritually. I have a background in science and medicine and was taught this metaphysical stuff wasn’t real. WOW, were they WRONG!


Vivian from Boulder Colorado

For many years I have been working to find more meaning in my life and to heal past issues. Using the IAC techniques and tools has been a powerful way to access my personal guidance and identify solutions. I really like the fact that this program shows me how to look at my own life, rather than giving me a “one-size fits all” spiritual answer that tells me what I should do or believe. I highly recommend these courses to anyone who wants to create more joy and ease in his/her life.

Tawa R.

Tawa R. -Fort Collins

In the last decade I have tried everything under the sun to heal myself of chronic migraines. I have always believed theoretically that I could heal myself completely, but I never knew quite how to access that healing. I believe that we truly create reality and create the material world we live in, however until the IAC classes I often couldn’t figure out how to participate in that creation process in an empowered way. Within days of completing the final IAC class, along with a myriad of other benefits, I experienced 5 migraine free days in a row. It had been over 5 years since I had experienced that many pain free days.

Greg V.

Greg V. - Fort Collins

Up until I took the IAC course, I’d been reading and learning all sorts of techniques for spiritual development – when I came across the IAC classes, it perfectly tied everything all together.  It was easy to understand, made tons of sense, and was aligned with so many of the other books and courses I’d learned up until then.  You could tell throughout the classes that the content came from a Higher Source and was taught with the concepts of Love and Oneness.  I also love that it taught me specific tools to aid in my development and ascension…tools I still use everyday.

Chris A.

Chris Aldworth photo

Following the teachings learned from the course, ‘Standing In The Light” has enabled me to have a clearer connection to my own spiritual guidance and has opened doors to manifesting new opportunities in my life for spiritual as well as material advancements.  I am forever grateful to the teachers of these enlightened concepts.

Lisa Gabby and CJ

Lisa, Gabby & CJ

My children and I, ages 13 and 18, have recently taken the first course of the Standing in the Light (SITL) program and it has changed our lives forever. SITL took us to a new level of understanding our lives on a spiritual level. The program was very well designed and taught with love, ease, and care. The facilitator made sure each person had a full understanding of what was going on before moving on. It is amazing to know the power we possess and ultimately the power we have over our own lives. I hope you will give yourself the gift of getting to know yourself in the intimate and empowering way we are all meant to remember.

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