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The Illusion

il•lu•sion n., something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

We are existing inside the illusion of a third dimensional world. What we perceive as real is not and what we perceive as unreal probably is. Whether one listens to the masters of the ancient mystery schools or to the science of today’s quantum mechanics, one will be presented with the facts to show that the physical world is not really here. What appears to be solid is simply a collection of spinning atoms. These atoms are made of sub-atomic particles spinning so fast that they appear to be solid, just like the blades of a quickly spinning fan appear to be a solid circle. Sub-atomic particles break down into even smaller pieces of energy until nothing solid exists.

Everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat to the bodies we inhabit is pure energy brought into form for the experience of learning more about creation and the unlimited possibilities of God. This 3-D illusion of life exists throughout the universe. Anything in solid form is not really there. We just perceive it to be there and therefore find ourselves swept away in the illusion of a 3-D reality.

The fear of accepting the physical as an illusion is that we do not remember ourselves as The God/Goddess. The universe outside of The Experimental Zone also exists in the “illusion” of a physical world, but those beings outside of The Experiment experience their physical reality in alignment with The God/Goddess/All That Is and Divine Will. It is only inside The Experiment that beings experience a duality of wills and the perception of separation from God. It is this false impression of who we are that creates humanity’s limitations and fears of the invisible realms.

Remembering who we are as The God/Goddess All That Is and reclaiming our power to create miracles and be masters of the illusion is part of the fun of waking up. But, it is not the reason for awakening. The reason for awakening is to regain the experience of ourselves as God and know the joy and beauty of the Love that we are. Yes, the physical world is an illusion but it is not the illusion we need to resolve. We need to resolve the illusion that we are separate from The God/Goddess and resolve the duality between Divine Will and the little will of man. When we do that, the illusion of the physical world will resolve itself and we will know the full power of who we are.

Just as with any optical illusion where one is not quite sure what one is seeing, the world around us can shift and change with our intentions. What we choose to see is probably what we will see until we choose to see the world differently. It is always our choice to believe or not to believe. The choice to move away from our Light into the Experiment of Duality created a split in human consciousness and the illusion of separation. When one heals this illusion within oneself, everything else will fall into place.

Believe in the illusion and duality will persist. Choose to see the world differently and mastery of the illusion, and Oneness, will be yours again.