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The Majesty of Nature

The Majesty of Nature

Three weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii will definitely allow a person many opportunities to enjoy the majesty of nature.

I recently spent three weeks in Hawaii after the birth of our newest granddaughter, Lore. Many of you sent healing energy to Lore and her parents, Cara and Art, when a complication during the birthing process required Lore to be flown from the Big Island to Oahu for a week and a half at a neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in Honolulu. All of us are grateful for your thoughtful and consistent healing intentions.

The day I was originally scheduled to fly to Hawaii was the day Lore was approved to fly back to her home island, as well. Picking up Cara, Art and Lore at the airport was very special for me. I had the joy and privilege to spend the next three weeks in helper and grandmother mode. I made more omelets for Cara and Art than I have for myself in the past year. Because I do not have biological children of my own, I held, fed and changed Lore more in 3 weeks than every before in this lifetime. All of these experiences touched my heart. I felt the emotions well up in me as they dropped me off at the airport for my flight back to Colorado.

When I took a little time to determine if I needed to cut cords of attachment with the humans, I realized I just needed to acknowledge the majesty of the natural world that is Hawaii. While helping my human family recover from 11 days in hospital and the normal recovery of the birthing process, I was able to enjoy the beauty and bounty of staying on a coffee farm on the Kona coast. The view from the lanai is majestic and healing as evident in the accompanying image to this blog entry. Although this was the most colorful of the sunsets, I enjoyed all of them while I was there.

On the 10-acre coffee farm, not only are there coffee plants, but there are also banana, mango, macadamia nut, lime, avocado and grapefruit trees. I enjoyed walking through all of these plants daily as I was also the chief dog walker while I was there. Although, I did have to practice my Indiana Jones moves to not walk into the abundant and ever present spider webs between all these trees.

A 20-minute drive down winding roads from a 1000-foot elevation to the ocean allowed for a quick swim from the volcanic beach where tourist and locals enjoy the famed sanctuary where the ancients sought refuge from their enemies. The healing powers of the area has been well known for millennia.

As predicted, I did enjoy the bounty of the sea with multiple meals of the famed Hawaiian dish of poke: raw fish with seaweed. Poke was my first meal on this trip waiting to pick up everyone at the airport and it was my last meal, waiting to board my flight home.

The majesty of nature helped me as I helped others. I am striving to keep that high frequency energy of the majesty of nature in my daily life back here in Colorado. So far, so good.


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