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The Many Forms of Self Love

The Many Forms of Self Love

There are many forms that our self-expression of divine qualities can take. A healer could work with healing the physical bodies of animals or humans, focus on healing the planet by promoting sustainable practices or heal organizations by offering insights on how companies can better serve both their clients and their own employees. These are all forms of healing. A visionary could create uplifting poetry with words of wisdom, channel spiritual visions of what is possible in our future or imagine new inventions and devices that offer us the opportunity to connect with each more directly other across the globe. In that same spirit, acts of self-love can take many forms, as well. It’s more than just bubble baths!

A courageous act of self love for one person might mean standing up for themselves and setting clear boundaries in their relationships. An appropriate act of self love for another person might be to focus on giving to others unconditionally. Self love can mean supporting your physical body with the nutrition and exercise that it desires for the best health. Self love can mean creating a comfortable home environment by giving yourself a clean, pleasing place to relax and live in. And self love might mean contributing to your own financial health by not making impulse buys or committing to a regular savings plan to support you. When done with the spirit of giving generously to yourself, and not with the intention of taking or withholding from others, these can all be ways of showing deep love.

We invite you to make July your personal month of Divine Self Love. Start with a meditation with your Soul on which areas of your life where you have already been making choices from self love. Honor yourself for where you are choosing love! Next, ask your Soul to help you identify one or two key areas where you have not been expressing your love for yourself. Then, ask for a plan of action from your Soul that is a perfect match for your needs. Which activities will most support you in healing your blocks to self love?

As spiritual beings moving into our spiritual mastery, our vision is to come into full and complete, unconditional Self Love: love with no expectations and no conditions. But, as human beings, we are still works in progress. Don’t allow yourself to feel daunted by the bigness of this vision for your love. This is why we recommended choosing one or two specific areas where you can truly focus on and commit to practicing the next level of Self Love. Remember, loving yourself is not a goal post and there is no sign that says, “Congratulations! You now love yourself!” It is a process and a practice because it is a consciousness, and there is no finish line for a level of consciousness. Be gentle with yourself and choose to love yourself right where you are.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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