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Time to Let Go of Genghis Kahn

Time to Let Go of Genghis Kahn

Earlier this month, Ginger Withee lead the Standing in the Light® Gathering with her channeled teaching called “Healing 3D Reality: It is all about the Energy.” One of the suggestions in the teaching is that it is time for us to let go of our stories.

Ginger explains what she means by stories. “In the third dimension, our situations and experiences can only be explained by our stories, our history, in this lifetime.  We can become invested in our stories as our identity: ‘I’m this way because my mother is this way. I have that issue because that event happened to me.’ The lower self can become attached to certain stories to justify holding onto our unhealed aspects or to reinforce a certain reality that feels comfortable.”

What are the old stories in our lives or in our culture that we hold onto that no longer serve us? Ginger asked us to take a couple minutes to determine what stories we need to let go of in order to no longer be in the drama of the 3D Reality.

I immediately heard that I allow myself to be sucked back into the drama of 3D Reality when other people have a different understanding of the 3D Reality facts than I do or don’t remember the facts as I remember them.

I realized that just the evening before the Gathering, I went to a dinner party at a friend’s house. After dinner, I walked into the kitchen where two other dinner guests were discussing current news events. One friend was stating his opinion that some of the government activities we see in the outer world right now are the worst, most violent government activities ever. Without being invited into the conversation, I said, “What about Genghis Khan?” My friend said, “He isn’t alive right now.” To which I replied, “Neither are the 40 million people he killed.” Yep, there’s me not being pulled into, but jumping with both feet into the drama of the 3D Reality…and, if we are honest about it, a pretty low frequency of 3D drama.

You can fact check me if you want. Forty million is the number bandied about by most resources as the number of people who died under the leadership of Genghis Khan. Most of these people were from China and modern-day Iran. At the turn of the thirteenth century, that is approximately 10% of the world population. And, as Kris Duffy use to say, “that and 25 cents will buy you a cup of coffee.”

What was gained by my interruption and my 3D facts? Did it change my friend’s mind regarding the horrors he is seeing currently? No. Did it raise my vibration so that I can help with the conflicts my friend is seeing currently? No.

What it allowed me to do is to worry about the situation for the rest of the evening and into the next day until Ginger prompted us to figure out what keeps bringing us back into the drama of 3D Reality. As soon as I checked with guidance and heard that 3D facts are keeping my frequency low, I laughed and knew that I needed to clear on “being right.” Do I want to be “right” in the 3D Reality? Or do I want to be detached and at peace in the 4D/ 5D realities?

Do I want to postulate that there were people and times equally or more violent in the history of Mother Earth and her humans than now? How is that conversation helping me or Mother Earth or her humans, now? I don’t think it is. If it is, if I was guided that somehow these facts would help bring humans together, to know ourselves a One, to know ourselves as Source, I believe I would be guided to mention it. But, somehow, I don’t think that will be the piece of information that helps move humanity to Heaven on Earth.

Having the 3D Reality facts, histories and stories, whether they are from previous centuries and other peoples’ experiences, or whether they are from my own incarnation at this time, if they are keeping my frequency low, then they no longer serve me. Time to let them go.

Gratitude to Alter Hau Degen with for the accompanying image.

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  1. Joyce Fletcher

    I pray for what is in my highest good and then per-sue what l sense/feel l am guided to do. If it’s not in my highest good, or my timing is off, it won’t manifest. I am in assisted living which recently became a memory care facility. I am 75 and my roommate is 43– she was classified as having dementia. I don’t know when it happened and may have been trauma induced. Presently, l am here to learn from her. She says that she loves me and that she will never forget me. Does anyone gain from being labeled?


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