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To Live a Life in Each Moment

To Live a Life in Each Moment

One of my spiritual teachers, Kris Duffy, used to tell a parable she learned from a Native American tradition. It went something like this: Every morning, a man would wake and ask Great Spirit, “Is today a good day to die?” and every morning he would hear “No” and then go about his daily routine, living his life as usual. One morning, he awoke and asked, “Is today a good day to die?” and he heard, “Yes.” The man went about his daily routine, living his life as usual, and then he died.

That’s how she would tell the story, in just that kind of spartan language. And I remember that I really didn’t like that story the first few times I heard it! It seemed so stark to me. I wanted more. Intellectually, I believed that I understood the point of the parable but I didn’t fully know what it meant from a place of true wisdom.

One day, I was inspired to ask the same question of myself and I heard, “Yes.” Now, my Soul didn’t literally mean that it was a day for me to die. To me, that “yes” meant that I was in a place of peace and balance and if I did leave this physical life in that moment, I would do so with ease and a sense of completion. That’s when I understood the deeper truth of that parable for me. My desire to hear some profound revelation the man experienced before he died or some great deed that he did came from the energy of incompletion and lack. The man in the parable didn’t need to do anything special on that day because he had no regrets and no unfinished business. He had lived a life that was aligned with his divine purpose, in sync with All That Is, so when it was time for him to leave his earthly life, he was already in perfect surrender.

Viewed from this perspective, asking this question of ourselves can be empowering rather than deflating. It can be used as an internal barometer to check in with your own energy field. Are you in balance? Are you at ease? Are you living in your divine purpose? If not, you can ask your Soul what you may still be holding onto and what you need to do in that moment to shift your energy and come back into alignment.

By living in a way that keeps us in divine peace and surrender at all times then any change in our lives becomes a simple transition into another phase. It becomes just another experience. May you find that perfect balance within!

Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

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