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What Gifts Do You Have to Offer?

What Gifts Do You Have to Offer?

At this time of year, different traditions and cultures extol the virtue of giving and receiving gifts. Now that we have moved into the New Year, many observe the Feast of the Epiphany, which traditionally is celebrated as the moment when the Three Kings or Wise Men came bearing gifts to honor the birth of Jesus. Each brought valuable presents to show their adoration and love: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

Fast forward a few millennia, Spirit is asking us what gifts we have to offer, not to Jesus per se, but to the energy of Love? What innate abilities, proclivities and gifts do we have to offer each other as Love? How can we show our adoration and love for each other? How can we show our adoration and love for ourselves?

Take the time to remember what matters most to you and what talents you have that can move that energy forward in the world, even if that movement is “simply” sending and receiving energy in your meditation practice. Your gifts don’t need to be material and they don’t need to be what others would consider a gift. Your gifts and talents are needed to help Mother Earth and Humanity at this time. But, most importantly, your gifts and talents are needed for yourself.

Shake off any insecurities or lack of confidence that you don’t possess all that you need to help yourself to evolve. You possess all that you need to remember who you are. Look for it. Embrace it. Give yourself the gift of your conscious intention and self-love. As you embrace your own self-love, your gift for each other will flow easily and your adoration will surely show you as the wise one you are.

Gratitude to Natalja Dauilchenko from for the image above.

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