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The Attitude of Gratitude in Reverse!

The Attitude of Gratitude in Reverse!

Marsha Hankins, Guest Blogger, writes: 

Hi Everyone! 

I don’t know whether to call this a sneak preview or a spoiler alert. Maybe it is simply a head start. 

I just finished my August article for Sibyl magazine, and Spirit and I felt this topic is too important to let you wait another month. How well do you receive gratitude? Do you just give, or are you also willing to receive? 

This is actually a very big question. Sometimes, in an effort to remain humble, we neglect to recognize that we do deserve a round of gratitude.

This does not make us arrogant or self-centered. It makes us masterful.

We need a balance of giving and receiving in every area of divinity to be fully in our light. 

Gratitude for self is also an important aspect of self-love. Feelings of unworthiness or undeservingness not only block our ability to receive gratitude, they block our ability to love ourselves. 

This is obviously important in our 3-D world because the people around us are mirrors of ourselves. Our ability to graciously accept a compliment or a thank-you is an indication of our levels of self-love and self-esteem.

But, receiving gratitude is absolutely critical in our relationship with the God/Goddess. 

The issue of receiving gratitude from the God/Goddess first came up for me several years ago. I have been consciously paying attention to my willingness to receive, but we all know that lessons are repeated until learned. We also know that the higher in frequency we go, the more subtle the lessons. 

A few weeks ago I finished a “spiritual” project that I was guided to do and sent out my thank you letters to everyone who had helped. My attention kept coming back to the thank you letters. It took a few minutes for me to realize that I was not allowing the experience of receiving gratitude.  The God/Goddess were trying to give me a big thank you and I was ignoring Them. Shame on me. 

You each have a spiritual practice that you follow. In your next meditation, in your own way, ask to receive gratitude from the God/Goddess (or Spirit or Source) for who you are and all you have done. Truly allow yourself to surrender to receiving the love and joy of Their praise. Be masterful. Be the pure love and pure joy of receiving Divine Gratitude. Be the God/Goddess that you are.

You will get a refresher on receiving gratitude when the article comes out next month. Until then, practice! 

With Love and Gratitude,



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