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2017: The Year to Move Into My Mastery

2017: The Year to Move Into My Mastery

Wow! 2016 was some kind of year! As I reflect on it, I had some great moments as well as some times that I am glad are over. Regardless of the experiences – whether it was something good like publishing my first two electronic books or something less fun like visiting family and friends in the hospital, I know that I learned a tremendous amount about who I am. With 2016 in the history books, I ask myself what I want 2017 to look like. I could say that I would like to publish a few more electronic books and visit fewer people in the hospital, but that would be the specific outcomes.

My true intentions are best summed up by a friend of mine, Marlane Mowitz, “to be more balanced and to continue to move into my mastery.”

What does it mean to be more balanced and to move into my mastery? The obvious answers are to be more balanced in my relationship with others, with nature, with my exercise regime, and with my diet! I want to be more balanced between my inner work and my outer service. I want to balance the masculine and feminine energies within me and to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs and aspects within me.

Being balanced in all these different ways will help me to move more and more into my mastery.  When I say “my mastery” I mean the ability to handle whatever situation I encounter with grace and aplomb. In the past, sarcasm was one of my closest friends. Thus, moving into mastery to know when to use humor as a helpful trait not a harmful one would be wonderful. Moving into mastery to know when to be silent and when to speak up would be a good goal. Moving into mastery to be in harmony and balance with life as it comes will mean that 2017 will be successful no matter whether I write any electronic books or accomplish other “new years’ resolutions”. 2017 will be successful because I will continue to grow as the authentic being that I truly am.

What will being more balanced and moving further into your mastery look like?


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  1. Chris

    Hi, Thank you for your wisdom- hope I can implement it into my life this coming year. Love and light, Chris


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