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A Year of Hope

A Year of Hope

What is in store for you for 2020? This last Sunday, the Denver Post Comics had two strips that addressed the New Year and whether it would be happy. Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis was not hopeful, but was funny. Luann by Greg Evans was gloomy. Maybe I should just stick with reading the news instead of the comics!

After reading the comics, I asked myself what is in store for me in 2020? Do I need to buy into the energy that others around me believe their 2020 will look like or can I choose what I plan to create for myself in 2020? If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know the answer, as well as I do. I choose to create my own experiences. I can choose to let the polarization of the social and political worlds have power over me, or I can stand in my power and choose a different path for myself. I choose a path of hope.

What good does it for me to choose something other than hope? If I choose hope and don’t quite manifest hope in every moment of 2020, I will at least have created it more often than if I hadn’t tried for hope in the first place. If I don’t choose hope, and choose instead cynicism, do I get extra points at the end of 2020 because I created lower frequency outcomes and predicted well? If that is the goal of the game, to create lower frequency outcomes, then I don’t want to play that game. It doesn’t matter that others play that game or that they may entice me to play with them. I am the master of my experiences. I can be in the world but not limited by it. I can be in the world but I don’t have to give my power or sense of self over to others who have a different agenda than I want for myself. I don’t need to judge others for what they believe but I don’t have to give credence to their desire to be right, either. I can stand in my power, follow my path and be happy, joyful and hopeful regardless of what others what me to believe. The outlook for 2020 is bright.

What do you choose for yourself for 2020?

Thanks to Daniel Reche and for this image.

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