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Answering the Call to Service: A Divine Revolution

Answering the Call to Service: A Divine Revolution

The following are several excerpts from the channeled teaching to be given on Saturday, November 4th:
The Christ has always taught that our number one priority is our spiritual evolution and that is still true. For one, we can only ever be responsible for our own evolution. We are never responsible for another’s creations. Our “job” is to learn what we came here to learn and heal what still needs to be healed of the illusion of separation we carry within us. And two, as we ourselves raise our frequency, that is already a powerful way to be of service in the sense that the brighter our light shines, the easier it is for others to truly see their own divine light and move forward in their own healing.

I recently read about a study that asked one group of people to do an individual act of service for a person in a second group. Both groups, the givers and receivers, rated their level of satisfaction afterward and the givers all gave higher ratings. We know this intellectually, that it feels good to help others, but do we really understand why? Knowing the why helps us to not miss that call when it comes and also to consciously seek it out because we realize that it’s about so much more than just a kind word or a call to a friend in need. It feels so good because we’re being our true divine selves in those moments. We are knowing ourselves as pure love with no limitations on the amount that we have to give. We are knowing ourselves as One with the receiver so that we don’t see it as giving a little of ourselves away, but as a unified act of both giving and receiving with the other person, who is also an aspect of our greater divine self.

There is a quote from the Buddha: “If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path.” You cannot shine your light to assist someone else without also benefiting just as much from that same light. You cannot shine the light along the path so that only one person sees it and no one else. It’s impossible! Divine Service is about serving the greater good, but you are each also part of the greater good. When you serve others, you are also serving yourself and your own spiritual evolution. You are expanding your consciousness beyond your immediate self to include others as part of you, part of your expanded divine self.

When you answer the call to service, you are answering your own Soul’s desire to expand your consciousness, to know yourself as Love and to be in Oneness with All That Is. When we truly see it that way, then how could we ever be too tired or too busy or too insignificant for Love?

This class will be taught in Fort Collins, CO on November 4 at 1pm and will be recorded. For more information on attending the class or purchasing the recording, contact .

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