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Back to Basics

Are you wondering how to move through the issues you are facing or do you feel stuck, currently? Many of us are feeling this way. Finding the specific block and being willing to release that energy is how we clear it. But, what do we do if we can’t tap into the specific issue? I don’t necessarily need a new technique, I need to go back to the basics. I need to tap into the higher frequency energies to transmute the lower frequencies I am experiencing. If I am not able to identify a specific resonance to help with the situation, I rely on the three resonances of Love, Wisdom and Power. Allowing in and holding these resonances are what I refer to when I say I go back to the basics.

In Standing in the Light®, we are guided that Love, Wisdom and Power are the sacred trinity of energy. We teach that the three energies of Love, Wisdom, and Power can be represented as an equilateral triangle that is the sacred building block of spiritual evolution and the foundation for all the higher frequency resonances. If you like to visualize the equilateral triangle, you can place Love at the top corner, Wisdom at the right corner, and Power at the left corner. This will help to remind us that all these energies need to be in balance because each of them is defined in relation to the others. These are the definitions we use for Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

Divine Love is the right use of will through Divine Wisdom and Divine Power for the Highest Good of All.

Divine Wisdom is the right use of will through Divine Love and Divine Power for the Highest Good of All.

Divine Power is the right use of will through Divine Love and Divine Wisdom for the Highest Good of All.

We go on to state that “5th Dimensional Love, Divine Love without conditions or judgments, can only be expressed with the Divine Wisdom to know what is best (what is in the highest good of all). One cannot use Divine Power, the expression of Divine Love, without the knowledge of both Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. Once one knows Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, one can understand the use of Divine Power and that Divine Power is always part of the expression of Divine Love and Wisdom.”

It is important for us to work with the energies of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power as a solid foundation to mastering the illusion and living in the peace and grace of knowing ourselves as Source.

If you are already working with Love, Wisdom and Power, you might want to add three more complementary energies. Our friend and teacher, Marsha Hankins, using the Star of David as the representation, channeled through the additional energies of Compassion, Forgiveness and Understanding to complement Love, Wisdom and Power. You can see a visual representation with this image of the resonances associated with the points of the six-sided star. (Thank you to Dara Lawyer for created this visual aid for us!)

It is not a coincidence that the energy directly across from Love is Forgiveness, or that Compassion is across from Power, or, finally, that Understanding is across from Wisdom. As Marsha reminds us, we must be unconditional forgiveness before we can be unconditional love. We must have understanding before we can act with wisdom. We must have compassion to use our 5th-dimensional power instead of our 3rd-dimensional power. Working with these energies will help us move forward in our spiritual evolution and help us move through any challenges we perceive.

Suggestions for Usage:

The first suggestion for using this Star of David with the six associated resonances / energies listed on it is to ask your soul which of these energies you may want to focus on as needing more attention, more clearing or more awareness in order to allow all six of the energies to become more activated and more evolved. Because Love, Wisdom and Power need to be in balance in an equilateral triangle, ask if your understanding or willingness to hold one of these energies is holding you back from being as evolved as you could be. Then, ask to clear that block, and see if that allows all the energies to become stronger.

Second, look at the energies across from each other and ask your soul if there is some information or “Ah Ha’s” that might come from that relationship. For instance, will you be able to hold more power when you seek to hold more compassion.

Third, try using the Star of David as a symbol imbued with Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Divine Wisdom, Divine Forgiveness, Divine Power and Divine Understanding. You can hold the image in your mind’s eye and use it to send these six energies to yourself, to others, to the country and planet. You can place the symbol and six energies in your hands like you would Reiki symbols and help send the energy that way. You can print out the image (again, thanks to Dara) and hang it on your mirror, wall, and corkboard, to remind you have these wonderful energies and raise your frequency every time you see it. Or ask your soul how you would get the most out of using the symbol and resonances. The choice is yours.

Allow the balance of these energies to move you forward in your mastery of your experiences and your mastery of the illusion.

May you know yourself as Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Power and Understanding. Namaste.


  1. Marsha

    Thank you for sharing this Star of David concept. It has helped me greatly over the years and I hope it will help others transform in this year of Christ Consciousness. 2020 holds so much potential for the evolution of humanity. Let us all use that energy as best we can.

  2. Lori

    I agree, Marsha. I also loved you sharing that today was palindrome day… 02-02 of 2020! Great for remembering the 20th Mayan Glyph of the Ahau and Christ Consciousness!

  3. Amy

    Lori –

    Thank you so much for this blog post – and thank you to the other people who helped build the concept of the two equilateral triangles and the visual.

    I’ve read and appreciated a number of articles you’ve written over the years, but your voice speaks to me most clearly in this article. I can be a bit of a skeptic at times, but the innate correctness and beauty of all that you say here is almost impossible to deny. And, more importantly, the ideas bring me such comfort and inspiration.

    Thank you, again.

  4. Lori

    Amy, thank you. I am looking forward to spending time in community with you this summer. Love, Lori


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