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Be Like Ted Lasso

Be Like Ted Lasso

Many of you may have seen or heard about the Apple TV® show Ted Lasso that has created such a huge buzz. It’s a creative and well-written show so it’s easy to see why it has won multiple awards, but have you figured out the deeper reason for its widespread popularity?

I’ve only just started watching the series and am greatly enjoying it. The story immediately drew me in. If you don’t know the premise, Ted Lasso is a folksy American football coach from Kansas played by Jason Sudekis who is hired to coach a British soccer team (also called football in England). His sunny nature, casual style and lack of experience with British football makes him an instant laughing-stock among the team and fans. But Lasso has a secret weapon: his heart-centered approach to leadership begins to chip away at their walls to win them over, which in turn starts to help them work better as a team in order to be more successful on and off the field (or “pitch” as they call it).

In the same way that the character Ted Lasso helps others to reach down and bring out their best selves, the entire show holds the energy of breaking down walls with an uplifting theme and humor. As we’ve all experienced, it’s much harder to hold ourselves apart and focus only on ourselves when we are laughing and opening our hearts.
Ted Lasso doesn’t have a complicated plan for success- he quite simply cares and takes the time to get to know each person he meets, most especially the ones who hold him at a distance or even are actively hostile. This warm and direct style disarms people and helps them to help themselves be their best. He doesn’t aggressively push them to change or give authoritative directives for how to change. He simply holds the door open to their own hearts and invites them to step through. The rest is up to them.

We all have a Ted Lasso inside of us waiting to come out and connect with others. We all have a Ted Lasso inside of us who sees the best in everyone and everything. It doesn’t require a complicated life philosophy or set of practices. It only requires heart. And that is definitely something we all have inside of us.

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