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Be Still and Know

Be Still and Know

Are you listing your New Year’s resolutions? Like many people, we can sometimes get caught up in what we want to change, do or accomplish in the world when we are making those lists. We look out at our lives focusing on what we believe should be different rather than honoring what Is. Have you considered making your New Year’s resolution into a resolve to simply Be?

The Earth is quiet this time of year, sleeping and preparing for new growth. Let yourself be still and quiet within, as well. Take this time to rest and prepare internally. January 1st doesn’t need to start off with a bang and a list of closets to clean or workouts to begin. You will not be behind any schedule if you don’t spring into busy-ness right away. Let yourself be still for a while longer and breathe in the beauty and silence of winter. Let the Peace and Joy from the holiday season settle into your being so that you can experience it even when life starts to gear into action. Give yourself the gift of feeling that Hope for the new year so deeply that it is with you all year round.

True change comes from within and not because a calendar tells us it is time to do this or that. Be in sync with your own divine timing and the rhythms of the Earth. When it is time to take action for change, you will know and be ready because you took the time to truly feel the change at the level of your divine self, within. Let yourself enjoy the Peace of this season a while longer. Take time to just breathe, to laugh, to relax and enjoy. Be still and know.

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