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Being the Spiritual Warrior

Being the Spiritual Warrior

Have you noticed how much things have been changing in our outer world, shifting quickly and often unexpectedly? We can see it in our elections; one candidate is ahead in this poll and the next week something is said or revealed and the other candidate is ahead in another poll. There are unexpected twists and turns all around us in financial markets, global politics, etc. How do we, as spiritual beings, navigate all of this transition?

Many spiritual teachers have used the example of the ocean to describe our consciousness. At the surface, there can potentially be a lot of turmoil with waves crashing and water spray flinging out in every direction. But the deeper you go, the calmer the water until resting at the ocean floor it is quiet and still. We are learning, each in our own way, to hold that consciousness of the calm ocean floor even as the waves do their powerful dance in the outer, visible world.

As events around the world seem to heat up and become more contentious, keep your eye on the prize of what you know to be true within. Make a commitment to yourself to continue to see the ocean calm even as you are looking out at a stormy sea. Some days, you may need to remind yourself of this truth every few moments. Some days, it will be easy and smooth sailing. But it will take your focus and determination until the experience is as natural as breathing.

Many New Age books talk about spiritual warriors. The word “warrior” has many third dimensional connotations, but a warrior in the spiritual sense is simply someone who is fully in touch with his inner power. The warrior has the perseverance to hold the vision of Divine Truth regardless of the chaos playing out in the physical world. She will follow through and act on that Divine Truth no matter what.

The spiritual warrior is an inner warrior. There are no flashy action sequences of battle. The training regimen of the spiritual warrior is the quiet, consistent practice of holding the consciousness of our divine reality even as the illusion that we see appears to tell us differently. It is time to answer the call, to come together in our hearts and be the spiritual warriors we came to be.

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    Thanks for this powerful reminder Ginger!


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