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Being the Witness Self

Being the Witness Self

Like many these days, I’ve been working on finding the balance between remaining detached while being fully present with what’s happening in our world. Many ancient spiritual traditions teach a version of how to be in our witness self, being in the world but not of it. This means being fully grounded, aware and participating in this world but not coming from the fears, false beliefs or entanglements of the lower self/ ego. It means to remain balanced, detached and coming from unconditional love. It does not mean to stand aside and look the other way as if you have no connection to what is happening in the world. How do we remain fully present in a world with increasing levels of anger, blame and violence surfacing which may feel uncomfortable or even painful?

One step is to keep yourself tuned into Divine Truth to help keep you resonating with higher frequencies and not get pulled into the lower frequency energies of anger in some of our current political and social debates. The debates themselves can be a great tool for self-evaluation and making change, but how we approach those debates, with resentment and suspicion or with respect and openness, is key to the results we will see.
Marsha Hankins recently wrote some useful suggestions for seeing clearly through untruth and biased opinion in her blog titled Do You Know When You’re Being Manipulated? We don’t have to invalidate someone else’s feelings or perspective in order to validate our truth and remain in alignment with our divine self. We do have a responsibility to discern the accuracy of information we might use to guide our actions or inform the kinds of questions we’re asking our Soul for our own clearing.

Another step is to welcome all experiences, including the controversy and chaos, for the healing they bring. How can we heal our darkness, our separation, unless we allow ourselves to bring it to the surface? You can’t truly clean out an old closet if you aren’t willing to pull everything out and look at it. At first, the big piles of stuff that we had hidden might feel overwhelming, but this process of weeding out what no longer serves us is essential for our individual and collective healing. Lori Rock wrote a blog in December on The Mastery of Gratitude which reminds us of the value of gratitude for growth opportunities in all of our experiences, including the unpleasant and uncomfortable ones.

In order to navigate these sometimes muddy waters of change and evolution, we will need to be vigilant with how our own energy is vibrating and whether we are remaining in alignment with our truth within. But the rewards are exponential. Imagine living in this world and seeing the divinity in everything, the opportunity for growth in every situation, the ability to connect on all levels with all beings! This is the heaven on earth that spiritual masters have taught for ages.

Being in the witness self is not a passive state, but one of active, loving engagement. And if we still have judgments or attachments holding us out of balance, then it will take some clearing work on our part. But we are ready for it and now is certainly the time. Make a commitment to take a pause and look at what triggers your emotions or bias the moment it comes to your awareness. Before you emphatically nod or shake your head, look within for the deeper truth. Ask your Soul to help you understand all of the perspectives involved. Even pausing for a few moments in your day to tune in and ask for clarity can go a long way to raising your consciousness and helping you to heal.

We can be part of a great spiritual transformation or we can see our world as being torn apart. Which version do you choose to witness?

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    Thank you for this Ginger

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    Great guide! Thank you for this article with its many reminders. Exudes so much Peace..


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