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Divine Compassion and Divine Power

Divine Compassion and Divine Power

In a February blog entry, entitled Back to Basics, we discussed the resonances that Marsha Hankins channeled in association with the points of the Star of David. They are from top going clockwise: Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Forgiveness, Power and Understanding.

It is not a coincidence that the energy directly across from Love is Forgiveness, or that Compassion is across from Power, or, finally, that Understanding is across from Wisdom. As Marsha reminded us, “we must be unconditional forgiveness before we can be unconditional love.  We must have understanding before we can act with wisdom.  We must have compassion to use our 5th-dimensional power instead of our 3rd-dimensional power.”

We are being encouraged to open up to more self-reflection on the two resonances of Divine Compassion and Divine Power. Ask your Soul what blocks you from holding more Divine Compassion and leading you to more Divine Power.

Here are some questions to ponder! As always, these are just ideas to help you start a dialog with your Soul / Source that you are.

  • Do we equate our being compassionate with others needing to be rescued?
  • Do we believe that we will become a victim if we show compassion?
  • Do we have a belief that 3D Power is the only power that is real?
  • Do we have the belief that compassion can only be given to the point of forgoing our power?
  • Do we believe that compassion and power are opposites on the spectrum instead of just the resonances across from each other on the Star of David?
  • Are compassion and power mutually exclusive?
  • Do we believe that we give our power away when we are compassionate?
  • Do we believe that we lose our ability to be compassionate when we stand in our power?
  • Are there other questions that your soul is bringing to your attention?

Karpman Drama Triangle

We have also discussed the need to clear or heal the drama portrayed in the Karpman Drama Triangle. In this theory, humans display destructive behaviors when they are stressed and allow drama to affect their actions and reactions. A human might display the characteristics of being a victim, a persecutor or bully, and a rescuer in a given situation. A human might also assign those characteristics to other people’s reactions to certain situations. None of these three reactions are healthy. These reactions deny that we and others are the creators of our experiences and that we are Source.

We are being encouraged to work with the energies of Divine Compassion and Divine Power to help pull us out of the habit of believing we or others are victims, persecutors or rescuers.

Work with the energies of Divine Compassion and Divine Power to remember who you truly are and to be willing to no longer alternate between the corners of the drama triangle.



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