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Divine Justice: Striving for Higher Ground

Divine Justice: Striving for Higher Ground

Watching the news lately has made me wonder whether our justice system is working to bring us toward the light or helping to keep us where we are. Does Divine Justice look anything like human justice?

The concept of justice from the viewpoint of the Spiritual Hierarchy is totally opposite from the concept of justice to humans. The concepts of justice between different human societies, which can be markedly different based on social mores and tradition, are actually closer to each other than they are from the concept of Divine Justice. Divine Justice embodies the idea that condemnation heals nothing.

The actions taken in steps toward Divine Justice are all about bringing the situation back into alignment with love. If any part of the situation is not reflecting love, then it isn’t in Divine Justice. If any part of the situation is about punishment, reprisal, guilt or shame, then it is not a reflection of Divine Justice.

The symbol for justice in the United States is Lady Justice, a woman wearing a blindfold holding scales to ensure balance between the parties involved without prejudice to external circumstances like race, creed, gender, wealth. This might ensure human justice or even Old Testament justice of “eye for an eye”, having to pay for your actions, having to pay for your sins. But, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the balance of bringing a situation back into alignment with the highest good of all.

Even in our human vernacular we have the expression that two wrongs don’t make a right. Two wrongs may make the scales of Lady Justice be in balance, but it doesn’t necessarily bring in and help hold Divine Love within the hearts of all concerned. Most likely, human justice is going to allow for, if not encourage, score keeping and the likelihood of keeping the wound open, never allowing it to heal.

For a visual representation of Divine Justice, look to the infinity symbol. It is balanced, but in the never ending aspects of it, each loop informs the next loop and is the result of the inputs into it. This is a better representation of Divine Justice because there is no concept of trying to get even with another. When you realize that all inputs into your energy expand you and flow out of you to expand the next energy, you do not feel the need to seek to be “made whole” because all is part of the whole already.

From the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the concept of outward looking human justice is OK. The Spiritual Hierarchy is not judging the human justice system as being bad. The Hierarchy knows that this is the action of the society based on its level of evolution or based on the level of darkness it is still holding. There is no judgment, just a discerning wisdom that the human justice system isn’t in alignment with the highest good of all. It is the aim of the Spiritual Hierarchy to plant seeds of change for the way humans view justice and to help hold the space for that change. With the discernment that the more we focus the light on this action, being out of alignment with Divine Love and Divine Justice, the more apt we are to heal it sooner as opposed to later.


  1. Chris

    Hi Lori, Very profound!!! love and light

  2. Jessica C

    Ms. Lori,

    Word. 🙂




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