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Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy: Balancing Who We Truly Are

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy: Balancing Who We Truly Are

Many in our world believe that there is a war between men and women. Many look to a glass ceiling or the gap between pay for jobs traditionally held by women v. jobs traditionally held by men to support this supposition. There has even been a resurgence of discussion regarding whether women who do not work outside the home are truly working, although this has been motivated partially by politics.

Most are failing to realize that the so-called war between the sexes is not really about men v. women or the value of male jobs v. female jobs, or even male workers v. female workers. Those are just the outer world reflections of what is going on within each of us. It is really about the struggle we all have to balance the male and female aspects within ourselves.

All of Creation is meant to be in balance between the male attributes and the female attributes. All of Creation requires both male and female attributes to be healthy, whole and to create. Even if you look at the act of conception and birth of human life, both the man and the woman each add to that co-creation in masculine and feminine ways.

One might look at the man’s contribution, the sperm, as being wholly masculine and the woman carrying the child as wholly female, but look closer. Before the man can contribute the sperm to the act of creation through ejaculation, he must first create, hold and nurture the sperm in his testicles. Holding and nurturing is a feminine act. The act of ejaculating is a masculine act. The man is both nurture oriented and action oriented.

Now look at the woman’s contribution. The woman receives the sperm and combines it with the egg in fertilization. She holds and nurtures the baby for nine months. Then, in a very masculine and action oriented way, she births the baby in what many consider the most womanly action she can take. The sequence of giving birth is 100% action packed and there are millions of home videos that will attest to this.

It is time to recognize that we all have masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves and it is definitely time to bring them back into balance.

In western societies, both men and women have been out of equilibrium with respect to their feminine and masculine attributes for millennia. Most of us have been swinging too far to the masculine side and are constantly in the “doing” mode v. the “being” mode. In our society, we believe that “doing” and “accomplishing” are more important than “being” and “receiving”. That masculine attributes are more valuable than feminine attributes. That isn’t so. They are equally valuable and necessary.

When I was in Corporate America (and Corporate Europe, for that matter) I was a project manager. I don’t believe anyone, me included, would have called for a project to have the masculine and feminine aspects in balance. That would not have been the terms we used. What we would have expected was for a project to be both efficient and effective. Those words are different labels for feminine and masculine.

Efficiency is the corporate word to describe Divine Feminine Energy. The Divine Feminine Energy informs the vision, informs the end state, and informs the level of the plan for which one is striving. Effectiveness is the word to describe Divine Masculine Energy. Divine Masculine Energy informs the action steps and whether they are taken and finished in a timely manner.

If you have too much feminine energy without the balance of masculine energy, you have a wonderful plan, a beautiful vision, but you get nothing done. If you have too much masculine energy without the balance of feminine energy, you are unguided munitions. We have all heard the old saying, “I am lost, but I am making good time.” This is too much masculine action without the balance of the feminine vision.

We need to realize that to come back into balance, to be able to create all that our souls’ desire for us and to remember who we truly are, we need both an efficient plan and an effective execution of that plan. We need to balance the Divine Feminine Energy and the Divine Masculine Energy to remember who we truly are.

Divine Justice: Striving for Higher Ground

Divine Justice: Striving for Higher Ground

Watching the news lately has made me wonder whether our justice system is working to bring us toward the light or helping to keep us where we are. Does Divine Justice look anything like human justice?

The concept of justice from the viewpoint of the Spiritual Hierarchy is totally opposite from the concept of justice to humans. The concepts of justice between different human societies, which can be markedly different based on social mores and tradition, are actually closer to each other than they are from the concept of Divine Justice. Divine Justice embodies the idea that condemnation heals nothing.

The actions taken in steps toward Divine Justice are all about bringing the situation back into alignment with love. If any part of the situation is not reflecting love, then it isn’t in Divine Justice. If any part of the situation is about punishment, reprisal, guilt or shame, then it is not a reflection of Divine Justice.

The symbol for justice in the United States is Lady Justice, a woman wearing a blindfold holding scales to ensure balance between the parties involved without prejudice to external circumstances like race, creed, gender, wealth. This might ensure human justice or even Old Testament justice of “eye for an eye”, having to pay for your actions, having to pay for your sins. But, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the balance of bringing a situation back into alignment with the highest good of all.

Even in our human vernacular we have the expression that two wrongs don’t make a right. Two wrongs may make the scales of Lady Justice be in balance, but it doesn’t necessarily bring in and help hold Divine Love within the hearts of all concerned. Most likely, human justice is going to allow for, if not encourage, score keeping and the likelihood of keeping the wound open, never allowing it to heal.

For a visual representation of Divine Justice, look to the infinity symbol. It is balanced, but in the never ending aspects of it, each loop informs the next loop and is the result of the inputs into it. This is a better representation of Divine Justice because there is no concept of trying to get even with another. When you realize that all inputs into your energy expand you and flow out of you to expand the next energy, you do not feel the need to seek to be “made whole” because all is part of the whole already.

From the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the concept of outward looking human justice is OK. The Spiritual Hierarchy is not judging the human justice system as being bad. The Hierarchy knows that this is the action of the society based on its level of evolution or based on the level of darkness it is still holding. There is no judgment, just a discerning wisdom that the human justice system isn’t in alignment with the highest good of all. It is the aim of the Spiritual Hierarchy to plant seeds of change for the way humans view justice and to help hold the space for that change. With the discernment that the more we focus the light on this action, being out of alignment with Divine Love and Divine Justice, the more apt we are to heal it sooner as opposed to later.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Hi All, Here are some ideas to lessen acute stress. These ideas and others are discussed more in both the I AM CREATOR® workshops and Eminent Reiki™ workshops being taught this spring and summer.


Suggestions to Lessen Acute Stress

These are ideas to help when you are in the middle of a very stressful situation. They can be done at other times of the day, too, as part of an inwardly focused practice.

1. Breathe with intention. Take three deep breathes. a. Set your intention to breathe in Life, Light, Joy, Happiness, whatever good vibration works for you. (You can set this intention at the beginning of the day…”Every time I breathe in today, I will breathe in Perfect Health”, etc.) b. Set the intention to breathe out negativity, stress, manic thoughts, etc. every time you breathe out.

2. Ask your inner self / higher self / God-self to help you let go of the emotional and mental reasons and causes that you are feeling stress. Your inner self (the space you go to when you are quiet) knows how to do this. These reasons and causes may be fear, anger, resentment, hatred, anxiety, lack of abundance, jealousy, envy, etc. It is time to let these negative vibrations go.

3. Start breathing in the good vibration that is the counter to the reason of the stress. For example: If you have fear, breathe in Love. If you have jealousy, breathe in Abundance or Self Love (you can’t be jealous of someone else if you truly love yourself in a healthy way.) If you have anxiety, breathe in Ease and Flow of Energy or Movement. The sky is the limit!! If you can’t think of anything, breathe in Light to counteract the darkness of stress.

4. Repeat as necessary!

5. Consider longer term suggestions to lessen chronic stress and improve your health so that acute stress happens less and less often. These include items your parents have told you for years! Eat a healthier diet; get plenty of sleep and reasonable exercise especially outdoor activities to reconnect to Mother Earth. Also consider taking a class or treat yourself to private energy sessions to help you move through the issues that are creating the stress.

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