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Divine Responsibility

Divine Responsibility

What is your first reaction when someone brings up the topic of being responsible?  Most would say that, yes, being responsible it a good thing.  It is something we definitely all should do.  But it can also conjure up feelings of drudgery, unpleasant tasks and even feelings of resentment or blame.  In the world of the illusion, responsibility is a very different energy than it is in the spiritual realms.

In the illusion, responsibility feels like a duty or even a burden. It can feel isolating when we take on sole responsibility for the outcome, and then we may blame ourselves for not doing a better job or blame others for not doing theirs.  This frequency of responsibility often comes with a strong dose of self-judgment and it can cause a knee-jerk reaction of not wanting to take any responsibility at all.  If we look at the outer world, the kinds of things that many people are saying through social and traditional media reflect this finger-pointing that someone else must be responsible with little willingness to  reflect on each of our individual responsibility in helping create the situation.

True Divine Responsibility is uplifting, supportive and freeing.  Divine Responsibility comes from knowing ourselves as part of the whole, part of a greater community.  Divine Responsibility is being able (and willing) to respond with our whole selves in any situation. In Divine Responsibility, we are each committed to play our part, our unique role for the benefit of the group.  The focus becomes “What can I do?” rather than “What did you do?”  We can trust in the Divine Wisdom of the whole and let go of the need to control other people’s choices. We can focus on what we can each offer and do it with the joy of loving service for the greater good, rather than tallying up a list of who did what.

We are each responsible for our choices and our experiences.  We are not responsible for others’ choices or experiences.  But knowing that we are all connected, all One, why wouldn’t we want to support the best choices for everyone?  Why wouldn’t we each do our best to support the whole rather than tearing it down with blame and judgment?

Let yourself choose Divine Responsibility and feel the Love of a gift freely given.  Give your time and resources when and where you’re guided, without strings or resentment, and you will feel that energy coming back to you exponentially.   Choose to be able to respond in every moment and you will begin to know yourself as unlimited Source.



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  1. Lori Rock

    Very timely wisdom. Thank you.


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