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Divine Self Love: A Path to Unity and Oneness

Divine Self Love: A Path to Unity and Oneness

In our recent July class exploring Divine Self Love, Rebecca Cribelli shared her insight into giving and receiving love when she was feeding her cat, Primrose. She felt her deep connection with Prim and felt great joy in being able to show her love for Prim by caring for her. That simple act of service was both a gift to Prim and a gift to herself. In that moment, Rebecca had the realization that this unconditional love and joy in giving is what Source feels for all of us, as aspects of All That Is. She was tapping into the unlimited love that Source has for Source. If only we could allow ourselves to feel that same great love!

We’ve all heard how important it is for those in long-term caregiver roles to make sure that they are taking care of themselves. It is sometimes hard to give to yourself when you’re helping someone who seems to be in much greater need, but it is equally important, like the advice in the airplane safety guidelines to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist others with theirs. It feels selfish on the surface, especially if you are with someone who may genuinely need special help to get their mask on. And intellectually we understand the logic: if you pass out from lack of oxygen then you really cannot be of any assistance to anyone else and also could end up requiring others to now spend energy assisting you. But still we feel that filling ourselves up first is selfish because we’ve been told so many times that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

But when you start to look at acts of self-love, from the perspective of Unity, you understand that loving yourself is loving all. It is only selfish when the intention is to take control, take over or take from others. That’s not Divine Love in any form: it’s fear. It is fear from a belief in lack and limitation. But self-love from the divine perspective is all-inclusive, not exclusive. In those moments of self-care, you may be focusing on that aspect of Oneness that is you, but if you are holding the awareness and the intention that you are part of the One, then what you do to support yourself becomes something that ultimately benefits everyone. You are keeping the infinity flow open and balanced, being both the giver and receiver. It is not more blessed to give than to receive: it is essential to allow both.

That infinity flow of giving and receiving must always be in balance. In our Eminent Reiki™ circles, we spend time receiving the Reiki energy and then sharing it long-distance with others. In some circles, we choose an ascended master to send energy to and then take a moment to receive from that master. At New Moon ceremonies, we have a time to be in the circle to receive energetic support for our personal manifestations and we also spend time giving to others and to the planet. We do this to honor the principle of keeping that infinite flow in motion with the understanding that whether you’re receiving or giving, it is always a universal act of self-love and love for all.

*This blog contains excerpts from a class taught in July 18, 2020. If you are interested in purchasing the full recording, contact us at our Standing the Light contact page

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