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Faith, Trust and Surrender: 3 Keys to Transcending the Illusion

Faith, Trust and Surrender: 3 Keys to Transcending the Illusion

The illusion is the false perception of ourselves as separate: separate within ourselves, separate from others, separate from God/Goddess/Source.  Faith, Trust and Surrender are key resonances to coming back into Unity and Oneness.

Divine Faith is that deep inner knowingness free of the need for any validation or outer world proof of what you know.  Divine Trust is the belief in your inner divine self. In Divine Surrender, we move beyond the limited ego-self perspective and step more fully into Oneness.  Surrender is not giving up anything but becoming everything.

If I don’t have faith in what I can’t physically see and verify, if I can’t trust what I know within even if the outer world seems to reflect something different to me, then I am still in the illusion.  If I can’t trust in my Soul as another aspect of my own consciousness rather than something outside myself with a separate agenda and power over me, then I am still creating from the lower self and I am still in the illusion.  If I am unwilling to surrender my identity of separateness out of a need to maintain control, then I am holding on to the illusion.

These three energies have the potential to greatly uplift us into the remembrance of ourselves as fully expanded, multi-dimensional beings.  When we truly know ourselves as All That Is and we function as Source, then possibilities for our creations truly are limitless.  But this is not a pie-in-the-sky magic potion.  We must be willing to do the work.  We must be willing to identify the subconscious beliefs that are blocking us from remembering the truth of who we are.  We must be willing to acknowledge where we are still in denial of ourselves as creators and still blaming someone or something outside ourselves for what we dislike or fear.  We must have Faith in ourselves as divine beings, have Trust in our ability to fully manifest that divinity and Surrender to our greater Divine Will.


Today’s blog features excerpts from the recent class titled “Faith, Trust and Surrender: 3 Keys to Transcending the Illusion”, originally taught on November 16, 2019.  For details on how to purchase the recording, contact

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