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Festival of Inner Light

Festival of Inner Light

Many traditions include some version of a festival of lights around this time of year. We are going into the darkest season, so there is a natural desire to balance that out with more light. This season is also a time of quiet and going within, into the creation void, so it’s also a great time to see where we can reflect more of our inner Light out in the world. Are you willing to let your true Light shine?

For many, the answer is an emphatic “yes” until the realization surfaces that shining our Light more brightly may also highlight our shadows. Fear comes up that others will see our darkness, or even that we will see our own darkness more clearly, and we start to pull back within. Yet, that is also the gift of shining our Light – to more easily identify that which is still unhealed within us, that which is still in the illusion of separation. So, it may feel safer to hold back, but that also holds us back from our greatest healing.

Our Divine Light is of Source, the One Source, the source of what we believe is our light and also our dark. They are One. It is only in the illusion that we see them as separate. In order to fully actualize our healing light, we must acknowledge that this is the same creative power that created our belief in our dark. It is the same creative source.

This season we invite you to celebrate your own festival of lights- to truly honor your inner Light. Allow your Light to shine and if you also see your dark, let go of the judgments and hold gratitude for the opportunity to see all that much more clearly in order to allow healing. This is not about excusing or glossing over that which is out of alignment within ourselves, what we might call our dark, but about forgiving our self-judgment, owning our responsibility for creating it and beginning the healing process.

So, are you willing to let your true Light shine, unconditionally? Take a deep breath and take a moment to ask this question sincerely. Make a commitment to let your Light shine and feel the freedom of releasing yourself from all expectations of where that will lead you. May your inner Light shine with radiance and joy!

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