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Freedom to Love

Freedom to Love

As we celebrate our many wonderful freedoms on this July holiday, there is one basic freedom that many of us are still denying ourselves and others. Are you allowing yourself the very special and ultimate freedom to love?

As Lightworkers, we know that we are all Love and that in the eyes of the God/Goddess there is no one, no thing, no event which is more or lesser in deserving to know that divine Love. This is easier to state in generalities, but may sometimes challenge us in the specifics. We may say we are all Love, but when that politician speaks hatred or bigotry, does it feel uncomfortable to declare out loud an unconditional love for that person? We say we are all Love, but is there a hesitation to suggest that we pour love toward that world leader even as he attacks his own people? We want to Be the Love, to truly feel that Divine Love within us, yet we may still carry judgments about when it is okay to love and how others might react. Those judgments can cause us to act with anger and conflict instead of the love we are.

There are some very enlightening and inspired debates that have been going on in our nation about the right to love- who it is okay to love and how it is acceptable to express that love, both for others and love for ourselves. These are important questions and each conversation helps to lift the layers of shame and guilt that we have built around the very simple and natural act of loving. We are in the process of remembering how to be Love.

So, in this season of celebrating freedom, ask yourself if you are truly allowing your own freedom to love. To express the love that we are without conditions or limitations of any kind is our birthright, our very nature, but only we can choose to fully allow that freedom for ourselves.

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