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Giving and Receiving Light Energy

Giving and Receiving Light Energy

At this time of year, many cultures emphasize giving and receiving gifts. Marsha, Ginger and I have written various blog entries over the years to add our take on this universal custom. This year with a similar theme, I will approach it from a different way. Instead of writing about the benefits of giving and receiving, I am being guided to help you EXPERIENCE the benefits of giving and receiving Light Energy.

Specifically, look at the accompanying image by one of my favorite creators on the website, Gerd Altmann. This image is a set of hands handing a ball of Light Energy to another set of hands. In my meditation this morning, I used this image to feel, understand and experience myself handing myself all the energy that I need. Let’s see if this meditation works for you too.

  • First, get into a comfortable position – seated, lying down, dancing or walking in nature – anything that helps you get into a meditative mood.
  • Start to take cleansing breathes. Really allow deep inhalation and slow exhalation to help calm and relax yourself. Allow however long it takes to become peaceful and in the flow. If this is the only step you are able to do, it will be beneficial in and of itself!
  • Start to visualize the ball of Light Energy to fill your heart. Slowly expand it to your entire torso, then your legs, arms and head. If it feels good, continue to expand this Light Energy as guided. Again, if you only make it through to this step, you will feel the benefit.
  • When you are ready, visualize this powerful image of you handing yourself a ball of Light Energy. Maybe start to play catch with the ball of Light Energy flowing back and forth between the multiple aspects of yourself. Feel yourself within the Light Energy, merging with the Light Energy, knowing that all aspects of you are Light Energy.
  • Give and receive this gift of Light Energy from yourself to yourself. Know that you are worthy to receive and give because You Are Source, You Are Light Energy.
  • Be willing to spend as much “time” in this space as feels right to you.
  • When you are ready, gently close your practice in any way that feels appropriate to you – bowing to your own inner wisdom and yourself as Light Energy.
  • Be willing to come back to this feeling anytime even when you are not specifically doing a full meditation. If you become stressed or worried, bring this Light Energy, this feeling and/or this beautiful image back to you in order to raise your vibration and remember who you truly are. You Are Light Energy. You Are Source.

With profound gratitude to the creative energy of Gerd Altmann, may you experience yourself as Light Energy, always.

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