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Goddess Consciousness: A State of Being within Yourself

Goddess Consciousness: A State of Being within Yourself

Twenty years ago, I started what felt like a new path for me. I met Kris Duffy in Boulder, Colorado, took her I AM SOURCE™ classes and was hooked. I began private sessions with Kris to help me navigate my path and to learn more about the teachings that spoke to me more than any other belief system ever had. I AM SOURCE™ gave me insights to things I had heard before but never quite understood or believed was possible.

In one of my early sessions with Kris, she asked me to ask my inner guidance for a percentage of how much I believed in the essence of God and the essence of Goddess. I don’t remember the exact percentages, but I think the God percentage was around 80% and the Goddess was hovering at 0%. Obviously, I had blocks and false beliefs as to what Goddess is.

I set my intention to clear the false beliefs – some of which were that Goddess was  a Disney evil queen, a less important being to her male counterpoint or a nonexistent being altogether. Clearly all false beliefs!

I needed the awareness that the patriarchal system that I lived in was not the only option, was not my only truth. More false beliefs I needed to heal. I needed the cosmic and internal awarness of the very first line in the John Lennon song, Woman. Before he starts to sing, Lennon speaks the words, “for the other half of the sky.” I had to know and integrate my self-value, regardless of my gender, to know myself as Goddess Consciousness.

Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines Consciousness this way: the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself.

In Standing in the Light® – the successor program to I AM SOURCE™ – we teach that everything in creation needs both feminine energy and masculine energy in order to manifest. It is no different for ourselves and our evolution. We need to own, integrate, blend and become both God Consciousness and Goddess Consciousness in order to truly know ourselves as Source.

If you do not yet feel yourself as Source, you may want to ask questions regarding your belief and experience as Goddess Consciousness and God Consciousness. Here are some questions to prompt you.

  1. How much do you believe in God Consciousness and in Goddess Consciousness?
  2. If not yet 100% each, what are the blocks or false beliefs that keep you from having the inner awareness of yourself as God and Goddess.
  3. Is one or the other consciousness easier for you to believe or experience? If so, why is that?
  4. Are there societal, cultural, physical or religious reasons that are clouding your experience of Goddess Consciousness and God Consciousness?
  5. Is judgment blocking you from Goddess Consciousness and God Consciousness?

Allow yourself to take these and any other questions to your meditation practice and start the dialogue with your inner God and Goddess. Each is ready to help you become the full expression of yourself as Source.

May you have full inner awareness of yourself as Source.

Thanks to Enrique Meseguer with for the above image.

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