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Grace and Gratitude – Two Ideas Whose Time Has Come!

Grace and Gratitude – Two Ideas Whose Time Has Come!

Many of us on a deliberate spiritual path work every day with the resonances or states of being like Peace, Love, Wisdom and Compassion. These are wonderful energies to bring in and allow ourselves to feel and become. I sometimes find that I don’t allow these resonances to take hold as much as I could because I don’t feel worthy. Maybe I am beating myself up for my acts of commission, like being sharper in my retorts with a loved one or being flat out belligerent or mean-spirited. Maybe I am beating myself up for my acts of omission, like not showing kindness to others nor kindness to myself in my self-care. I may also beat myself up for intellectually knowing that I am One with All, but not quite being evolved enough to hold that Oneness 100% of the time. My belief in my lack of worthiness makes it difficult to hold Peace, Love, Wisdom and Compassion.

Enter Grace and Gratitude! When I am feeling less than 100% of the aspect of the Divine that I AM, when I allow the human self-talk to get in the way of my spiritual self-talk, I turn to the healing energies of Grace and Gratitude.

Grace is the intellectual knowingness and then the feeling state that we are part of the Divine, part of The Source of ALL THAT IS and nothing can change or deny that Spiritual Truth. All That Is is truly All There Is…so there isn’t any way we can be from outside of it or any way to be cast outside of it because of our actions. There is no way to be outside of the whole of existence. We can only be a part of the whole. We may have beliefs that we are abandoned, cast out or beyond the whole, but those are just our human self-talk and false beliefs.

In the Protestant Tradition of Christianity, Grace, God’s Grace is what saves humans. Regardless of whether you are Protestant, Christian or religious at all, allow yourself to play around with and feel Divine Grace, the Grace of the Source of All That Is. Feel, even if it is just for a fleeting moment or if it is for hours on end, what it feels like to know you do not need to Do Anything or Be a certain way in order to feel, understand and hold the powerful energy and knowingness that your birthright is the Peace, Ease and Flow of knowing you are part of Source, no matter what. You are Divine, no matter what. You are Divine regardless of your unaccomplished to do list. Your list of self-failures and self-judgments are only your own judgments not that of Source, Your True Divine Self. Source, who simultaneously created us and is us, sees all the negative evaluations that we have for ourselves as what they truly are: simple experiences and opportunities to learn.

Try this exercise. Start to breathe in the energy of Grace until you are completely filled with it. Or allow yourself to find Grace in your heart and let the feeling grow until it encompasses you and your whole field without reservation. Feel yourself as entitled to and with the self-given right of Divine Grace.

As you feel and work with the energy of Grace, you will start to feel more gratitude for everything in your life. You will feel more gratitude for the simple things in life like viewing the full moon, having hot water at your fingertips, having good food to eat or a friend to share the moon, hot water and good meal with! As you hold more Grace, you will also start to feel more Gratitude for the experiences and opportunities to grow which before looked to you like obstacles or pain. Remember the wise saying of “Change your belief and you change your destiny.” If you can change, even just slightly, how you look at a situation, you can change the attitude at which you address the situation which will shift the energy to more positive, more loving approach. This will help the outcome to be more loving, as well. This, in turn, will allow you to feel more Gratitude.

As I find more Grace, I feel more Gratitude, which allows me to believe more easily that Grace is my birthright, for which I am grateful. It is a Blessed Circle of energy that allows for more and more energy!

I find that working with the energies of Grace and Gratitude in unison creates shifts of energies and attitudes that really help me to feel the Self-Worth and the Self-Value that my Inner Voice continues to urge me is My True Self, My Divine Self. After a while of filling with Grace and Gratitude, I get tired of arguing with that Inner Voice that I am less than the precious Child of God that the rest of Creation knows that I am, just like the rest of Creation knows that you are, too.

Know and feel Divine Grace. Know and feel Divine Gratitude. Know and feel yourself as Source, a part of All That Is.


  1. Marsha

    Thanks for the personal insights. I know we are all working on worthiness even when we don’t want to admit it !

  2. Rebecca

    Thanks Lori! This was great!! And very helpful.


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