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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Go ahead, admit to us what you have been binge watching or reading while you have been following the safer-at-home guidelines during the Corona Virus outbreak. I will come clean to let you know that I am a serial romance novel reader. I enjoy the whimsical ones, the ones with metaphysical and magical aspects, the comedy ones and even the ones that have mysteries to solve or tragedies to put right. I learn about human interaction and psyche and topics I would never have thought to read about any other way. I once had an interesting conversation with a rugby player on an airplane flight only because I had learned some rugby rules from a series about the New Zealand National team, the All Blacks, called Escape to New Zealand by Rosalind James.

No matter the subject matter, the tone, the tragic events or the level of romance, they always have a happily ever after ending. That is what keeps me coming back. This is not to say that I only read romance novels or novels that have happily ever after as their main focus, but when I want to relax and improve my mood, I will choose a romance novel every time.

While elevation of my mood is the main reason that romance novels are my go-to feel good reading, I realize that they are a good metaphor for my relationship with the experiment in duality. I volunteered to join this experiment of believing myself separate from Source. Why would I do that? Masochism, self-loathing, ignorance? No, I joined the experiment because I thought the story would be interesting and I knew there would be a happily ever after when all was said and done.

The journey and what I learn from the journey is what I want to experience because at the end of the experiment we all remember who we are, we remember why we joined the experiment and we remember that love and joy are our birthrights, no matter what. No matter what we have done, what we failed to do, what power we took or gave away, the ending is the same. We remember we are not separate from Source. We remember that WE ARE SOURCE. Everything else is just the interesting narrative that we experience as we meander toward our definitive happily ever after.


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