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Just Take One Action Step Today!

Just Take One Action Step Today!

Is there one action step today that you can take that will help you clear through blocks or resistance to moving forward in your life? There was for me today. I am so excited to tell you that I took the step and feel much freer. Taking that step was liberating!  So you might ask, what life altering, life affirming, and block-eliminating action did I take? I pinned something on Pinterest! Yes, that’s right, this Luddite joined the 21st Century and pinned something on Pinterest! Not only did I pin something on Pinterest, but I first had to convert the Eminent Reiki™ flyer that I pinned from PDF to JPEG! Wow! I am feeling quite a bit like a pioneer!

I have been putting off setting up my Pinterest account for almost 6 months. Finally, today, when I had a great flyer from two wonderful Eminent Reiki™ teachers discussing their upcoming classes I could not come up with any good excuse for delaying any more. I asked the font of all knowledge (the internet search engine!) how to convert a PDF to something that could be pinned…and I was off to the races.

It is hard to overstate how excited I am to now be able to pin other flyers, other classes, quotes, blog entries (like this one) and other fun and interesting things on this form of social media.

I was allowing my fears of new technology to get in the way of communicating with the masses…ok, I only have one follower so far, but hopefully that will change soon! If you like, you can be my next follower!

The real gift here is that by facing what may seem like a small fear, I have released some block to moving forward and have given myself a day filled with joy! We meta-physicians sometimes think that our only way to resolve a block it to meditate on it, recognize the issue and resolve it through energy work or breathing in a higher frequency like Love, Bliss or Self Forgiveness. That is usually my self-prescribed cure, as well. But many times, the final line of the prescription is to make the change, take the action in the “real” world to prove to ourselves that the fear no longer controls us. Instead, now, we are guided by the highest plan for ourselves and the willingness to move onto that path more and more.

What action step can you take today that will help you move through a fear of yours and allow you to move further into your service and give you a day filled with joy? Take it! Make your own day!

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