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Keep Pedaling

Keep Pedaling

Recently, while walking on an open space trail, a young family on bicycles turned onto the trail just ahead of me. They immediately turned up a short, steep hill. The parents and the older child made it fine. The younger child, trailing behind, didn’t have enough muscle power to make it easily up the hill. She was a little mite, probably about 4 years old, wearing brightly colored, striped tights on short legs. Her little legs kept pumping furiously as she gradually slowed down. Finally, she began to chant encouragement to herself in a small, sing-song voice, “Keep pedaling, keep moving, keep pedaling, keep going, keep pedaling…” and she made it over the hill to join her waiting family.

Sometimes, the simplest reminders can be quite powerful. Keep pedaling. Keep moving. Just keep going and you’ll continue to move forward. Each pump of the pedal, each small step takes us further down the trail and closer to our destination. It doesn’t have to be done with great fanfare or all at once. Slow and steady still wins the race.

So, when you find yourself feeling a little weary or weighed down, remember that little girl, who found a way to just keep going, one pump at a time. We are all that little girl sometimes, not quite sure if we’ll make it over the hill, not quite sure of our own power. But we’ll never make it if we get off the bicycle and sit down. There is a magical alchemy that happens when we hold a clear and conscious intention and simply keep moving forward. We may just ourselves accomplishing seemingly difficult or even impossible things.

There are a lot of challenges coming up for many in these changing times. But we’ll all get where we’re going. Keep pedaling, everyone, and enjoy the ride!

photo courtesy of Pixabay

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