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Last Broadcast: Good Night and Good Luck

Last Broadcast: Good Night and Good Luck

On this lovely Sunday morning, the last day of May, I watched CBS Face the Nation for the last time as hosted by Bob Schieffer. Known as a reporter that most people seem to trust for news and his seemingly non-judgmental attitude, Schieffer is just one of some highly recognized names that have signed off their television programs or are going to sign off over the course of 2014 and 2015.  Others who have signed off are David Letterman after 23 years, Stephen Colbert after 9 years, Jay Leno after 22 years (slightly interrupted) and soon, Jon Stewart after 17 years. Besides, Colbert who will be taking over Letterman’s slot on NBC, they all seemed to be going into different directions, not necessarily just going into retirement.

I was trying to figure out energetically why all these long-time running hosts were leaving their shows and did it have an energetic meaning (or was a sign of our times) that we could all look at for our own lives. I will allow the media and entertainment pundits to determine the link for our television viewing audience. But, for the energetics of it, well, this is what came to me.

We all need to be prepared for change and the next steps on our path of evolution and self-growth, regardless of what we are leaving behind or moving toward.

What most of these television people have in common when asked why they are / were leaving was that “it was time”. All were still at the top of their game, not in fear of being canceled by the networks, and yet they were feeling like it was time for a change for themselves and for the next generation of reporters and/or comedians to take up the mantel. Again, Colbert may be the exception here, but even he is probably ready for a change from his “fake” entertainment persona to his “real” entertainment persona.

None of these people seem to be worried that they are leaving their audiences without capable replacements. That may be the biggest lesson we can all take from what they are modeling for us. Evolve yourself and be willing to allow others to evolve and grow into their next position. I heard one commentator said that the comedian set to take over the Daily Show from Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, would not be able to fill Stewart’s shoes. The commentator’s partner said that 17 years ago, Jon Stewart would not have been able to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes. That may be the whole point to this conversation; the need to trust and surrender when it is time to make a change even when the success of that change and the success of what is left behind is not guaranteed.

For the rest of us, is it time to look at what we have been doing for 10, 20, 30 years to see if it is working for us? Are we at the top of our game, and yet, it is time for our game to change? If we aren’t at the top of our game, what has been working for us and what hasn’t been working for us? Have we been kidding ourselves that we have been working our plan, but we haven’t really. Maybe we are more stuck then we realized and need to “phone a friend” for help. Or is everything in good order, and our only need is to allow and detach that those people ready to fill the gap in the path when we change our focus are really ready, even if they aren’t at the place we are now.

Regardless, taking the next step in our own evolution may come at a time when there is or isn’t someone ready to take our place. That should only be our concern, until we are guided that it is no longer our concern. If others are unwilling to take up the mantel, it does no more good for us to mourn that then it does to stay holding the mantel far too long after it is no longer ours to hold.

Since it seems like the energies all around us are helping us take the opportunity to determine what needs to be changed, what we need to leave or what we need to take on as our next challenge, let us all be willing to perform the proper introspection and then be willing to take the appropriate action steps to say “farewell”, if necessary, and say “hello” to the next chapter or book in our lives. In the words of another great reporter, Edward R Murrow, “Good Night and Good Luck”.

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  1. marsha

    Delightful. We have been speaking of change and more change for years, but sometimes it is challenging to accept that nothing is ever going to be the same. It can also be challenging to accept that this is a good thing, but it is. Evolution is upon us and it is grand.


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